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•. ! Aberdarc Bankruptcy Court.


Aberdarc Bankruptcy Court. MONDAY.—Before the Registrar (Mr. Rees Williams). MOUNTAIN ASH REFRESHMENT HOUSE KEEPER. William Jenkins, of 20, High-street, Mountain Ash, attended his first public examination.—In reply to the Official Receiver (Mr. Ellis Owen), debtor said that his gross liabilities were £185, and thoTC expected to rank for dividend £65 Os. bd. the assets amounting to £10, leaving a de- ficiency of JB155 03. 6d. He owed Mr. Henry Eynon, a retired grocer, the sum of £120. but had given him a mortgage on a house which was worth j6120. He (debtor) now worked as a miner. He met with an accident in May last, and since then had been on light employment. In 1904 he commenced business as a refreshment house keeper, but had no mousy at tho time. He obtained credit, and carried on the house for two yean-. At this time he owed some JB40. He sold the business for £38, but the party who bought it became a bankrupt, and consequently he did not receive tho money. He had been in tha tea business, selling during his spare time. On closing the refreshment house, he obtained an administration order, and was made to pay 14s. a month. At that time he owed JS47 8. 9d. He paid twelve instalments, but then the accident came, and since that time he had paid nothing. Th? balance due under the adminis- t.ration order was now included in his liabilities. He could not remember to whom he had sold tea. There was some money outstanding for it. He was a bit of a singer, and sometimes sang at public houKes, etc.—The examination was adjourned. GREENGROCER, BUTCHER, AND FRIED FISH DEALER. John Gough. of 4, Thomas-street, Miskin, a.lso appeared for his first examination. His liabilities amounted to £283 9s. lid.; assets, £46 14s. 7d., leaving a deficiency of £236 15s. 4d.— Debtor said that he had carried on business as a greengrocer. In 1896 he WPS a butcher, and in the same year he became a. bankrupt. He had not obtained his discharge, but nevertheless he had obtained credit. although he told his creditors that he was an undischarged bankrupt. At that time his assets were only £ 12 12-. After his bankruptcy he went, to work as a collier up to 1S04. after which he. started in business as a fried fish dealer, and had saved up some £50. On this business he lost £70 through a fire. A month after he finished the fried fish business, he commenced as a green- grocer, and this was carried on until December 1907. Kesn competition compelled him to sell things cheaper.—The examination was adjourn eq.



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