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EVENTS OF THE WEEK. Poor people are trying to substitute porridge for breM. Within the next few weeks, 365 May meetings will be held in London. The bsatifkation of Joan of Arc took place in St. Peter's. Rome, on Monday. In some places, on Monday, as much as 7ad. was charged for the quartern loaf. Dr. Rigg-, who was twice president of the Wesleyan Conference, died on Saturday. The Turco-Bulgarian Agreement recognising Bulgaria's independence has been signed. The first of a new type of steam-driven taxi- cabs will shortly be seen running in London. King Edward and the Queen sailed from Genoa on Sunday on their Mediterranean cruise. The Local Government Board has approved the extension of Reading Borough boundaries on terms. Dogfish continue to infest the southern and western fisheries in increasing numbers and do much damage. Damage exceeding £ 100,000 was caused by a fire at an extensive whiskey distillery in Bel- fast on Tuesday. St. Pancras Mayoress, on Tuesday, laid the foundation-stone of the borough's third block of industrial dwellings. Mr. Ralph Faber, nephew of Lord Faber, while racing on Saturday, was thrown from his horse and fractured his skull. A mailbag containing several registered let- ters was stolen on Friday night from a train between Crumlin and Newport, Mon. In six outings, the Duchess of Bedford, 6sh- ing in the Tay (Perthshire) has caught thirteen salmon, weighing in the aggregate 2251b. Joan of Arc, represented by Miss Elsie Har- vey. was the prominent feature of Saturday's Suffragette demonstration in the West End. Signor Caruso, on his arrival at Liverpool, on Tuesday, indignantly denied the reports in the American Press that his voice was failing. A warder named Thompson, of Parkhurst Prison, was brutally assaulted by a convict named Wright during breakfast time, on Mon- day. An important conference to dfemand that the taxation of land value should be introduced in the Budget was held at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Saturday. The liner Mauretania (says a Queenstown message) made the passage from New York to Queenstown in four days nineteen hours and twenty-six minutes. Ca,pt. Kincaid-Smith, .the Independent candi- date in the Stratford-on-Avon by-election, is meeting with disappointing experiences in his militarist campaign. Early in May, Wembley Park will be re- opened a3 an entertainment centre. A novel --feature of the to-opening will be the formation of a Territorial standing camp. The Queen has sent a cheque for £ 25 to the Rev. H. C. St&veley, Rector of St. Peters Church, Walpole, near King's Lynn, as a dona- tion to the Church Restoration Fund. The coolness and pluck of a railway brakes- man, James Bates, averted a disaster on the Banbury and Bletchley branch of the London and North-Western Railway, on Monday. In the presence of severaJ thousand people, Thomas Davies, of Hoxton, was drowned in the Lea, on Monday, whilst trying to rescue two comrades clinging to a capsized boat. At Leicester on Saturday, William King, ared 73, was fined £ 5, with £ 3 costs, or a month's imprisonment, for making false repre- sentations when claiming an old-age pension at ^^According to a White Paper just issued, the amount of coal exported from Great Britain during 1908 was 62,547,175 tons. Of this total 10 749,429 tons were at prices exceeding 16s. per ton. I L. and N.W. railwaymen have been informed by the company that the interpretation of the recent conciliation award rests entirely with it- self. The matter will be brought up in the ^In a riot which followed a football match at Glasgow on Saturday, about seventy persons were injured, many of whom were constables, who had been hit with stones and bottles thrown bv the rnob. In the annual report to the Corporation of Mr. J. O'Neill, superintendent of Billingsgate Market, it is stated that 193.821 tons of fish ar- rived there last year, being 19,489 tons more than in 1907. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, the Bill fop the prevention of brawling was intro- duced by the Attorney-General. The debate was adjourned, and it is believed in the Lobby that the BIll is dead. The provisions of Mr. Lloyd George's Patent Act of 1907 were fully made use of last year. British applications for patents increased con- siderably, while those from the United States and Germany declined. Two British battleships have left Malta with oealpd orders, presumably for Asia, Minor, where the warships of other Powers have also n-ono in consequence of the Turkish massacres at and. in the neighbourhood of Adana.. A verdict of "Accidental death" was return- ed on Monday at the inquest upon Mr G._M. Owen locomotive superintendent upon the Bre- con ird Merthyr Railway, who was decapitated cm the line at'Machen on Saturday night. At Messrs. Sotheby's sale-rooms, on Mon- d £ 172 was paid for a fine ring of gold and enamel which is said to have been worn by the Vicar-Genel-I of the Spanish Inquisition, a pas- senger on board one of the ships of the Ar. mada.. A verdict of "Death by misadventure" was at an inqftest held at Sheerness on ^aturdav regarding the death of Private Tones, of H.M.S. "Victorious," who losf his We a fire afc White House Sailors' Home. The Great Central Railway Company have ft special corridor train at the dis- Sof the delegates of the Imperial. Press fwwmce in June for use during their visits to !he various cities served by the Central Company's system. T Mrs Chapman Catt, president of the Inter- national Suffragist Congress to be opened in London next Monday, gives some interesting facts about the movement in America, where the heckling of Ministers and the interruption of public meetings are almost unknown. The Newport magistrates, cn Tuesday, dis- charged George Jones, railway guard, who was charged on suspicion with causing the death of John Smith, known as "Liverpool Jack," a night watchman at Newport Dock extension, on the ground that there was not sufficient evi- dence to send Jones for trial. In the House of Commons on Monday, Mr. Lewis Harcourt introduced the London Elec- tions Bill, which proposes to make London one borough for Parliametary purposes, like Bir- mingham, and so save an elector the loss of his vote on moving from one division to another. Strong Tory opposition is threatened. Addressing a great meeting of Glasgow Lib- erals on Saturday, Mr. Asquith, in a significant speech, foreshadowed the early designing of a new type of warship to out-class and supersede the Dreadnoughts. He condemned as futile and extravagant the policy of panic building, and said the Government had weighed and considered carefully all aspects of the situation, and found no ground for alarm. At Wake-neld Edward Hartshorne. by work- man, WakefioW, was summoned by the Sharls- ton Colliery -Company for making a false state- ment in order to obtain work. The case was brought about under the Servants' Characters Act, 1792. Defendant went to the colliery company and asked for work. denying that he had previously worked for the company, and stating that he had been employed by Messrs. and Pearson, Altofts, both statements being untrue. Defendant, who was ordered to p,tv El fitiq end costs. c-aid lip had told a lie in order to get work, as his children were starv in&.

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