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DOWLAIS. J JEREMIAH, Plumber, Gas Fitter, and House Decorator, 5, North-street, Dowlais. Lowest prices compatible with ffood workmanship and materials. A trial solicited. Also open to negotiate for the sale or purchase of property privately. Note the address, 5, North-street, Dowlais. GREAT SHOW OF CLOTHIKG for Winter Wear at W. MORGAN DAVIES, 115. High-street, Dowlais. Boys', loutlis, and Men's Suits in ureal variety. An inspection invited. Hats, Caps, ec, ill the newest siiapes. Ye Housemaids and Wives, why bother your lives In rubbing your tables and chairs? Your strength do not waste, use BAGLEY'S "Y GOREU" pa.s'e, Such labour and worry it spares. By rubbing all day, no> wonder you say l our bodies are reeking with palll; Now take the advice we give without price— Don't, rub without Bagiey's "Y Goreu" again. THE WORKS.—Owing to a dispute, the Sie- men's furnacemen, smelters, etc., are idle, hav- ing ceased work on the expiration of notices tendered by them. It it hoped that a settle- ment will soon be made. PERSONAL.—Mrs. T. Griffiths (daughter of the famous cancer curer, the late Mr John Howells, Gwter Fawr), "hoe cfticacious treatment of skin diseases i, al50 well known, has removed to Maesvii'ynon, The Walk, Merthyr, owing to Mr. T. Uriffiihs's appointment necessitating his residing in a. more convenient centre. A.S.R.S SOIREE.—With the object of aug- menting the Widows' and Orphans' Fund of the Amalgamated Societv of Railway Servants, a social and dance, which woro largely patronised, took place under the auspices of the local branch of the Society at the Dowlais Central School on Good Friday evening. EASTERTIDE.—The highest expectations for a glorious Easter Monday were raised after the fine weather of Good Friday and Saturday. The ■mdden change and heavy rains upset all cal- culations, and created bitter disappointment to hundreds of would-bo excursionists. In the town itself there were no attractions, but the Irish Natiojnal Foresters had a. daneo in the evening at the Central Schools. GWERNI.I.WYN CHAPEL.—The closing meeting of the session in connection with the Mutual Improvement, Society was held on Good Friday evening, when the proceedings took the form of a social evening. Delicacies were provided bv the members of the Society, and afterwards all present indulged in various games, etc. The Society has had- a very successful season, the attendance and interest of the members being retained to the end. PRESENTATION.—On tha eve of breaking up for the Eastertide Holidays, Miss Jane Thomas. of the Dowlais Bovs' School, was presented with a valuable silver tea service, subscribed for by the members of the staff. The presentation was made by the head-teacher (Mr R. G. Price) and complimentary references were made to the faithful and kind services rendered by Miss Thomas during the period she has been con- nected with the school. Mr. R. H. Rees, Car- diff (the late headmaster), who forwarded a handsome contribution towards the gift, wrote in blowing terms of the many good qualities ot Miss Thomas, and his remarks were warmly en- dorsed by the members of the staff, who hold Miss Thomas in very high esteem. DOWLAIS LATHES' CHOIR.—For a first appear- ance in competition the recently-formed Lad-es' Choir, under the oTlductorship of Mr. Wm. Hughes, acquitted themselves excellently at the Abergavenny Eisteddfod on Easter Monday. Altogether five choirs made" an appearance, and the local organ nation gave so admirable a per- formance of the test piece, "Gentle Spring." that they secured the second prize, with 74 points to their credit. How near t.hey came to sharing premier honours with the Troedvrh'w Choir will be better appreciated when it i? mentioned that the winners wero only awarded one point more (75). In congratulating the choir upon their initial success, we trust that further distinctions may be theirs in the near future. EATEn SERVICES .—The usual services were held in all the cthurch of the parish, commenc- ing with a celebration of the Holy Communion at the Parish Church at 6 a.m. There were eleven celebrations altogether, and the congre- gations were very larsrf. The churches had been tastefully decorated, and the singing by the various choirs showed signs of careful train- ing. A beautiful niemoria! alms dish was dedi- cated at St. Luke's. GeilifaeloET, in memory of the lat Mr. David Rees and his wife. Mrs. Eleanor Rees. The sanctuary had also been beautified at the expense of the donors of the alms dish, Mr. D. Daniel Rees and Mrs. Rees. Castle-street. A new bell was also used for the first time, and the choir boys were-robed in cassocks and surplices. The whole of th3 money for these objects had been raided through the efforts of Mr. Daniel Davies. Mr. T. Sims, the hard-working choirmaster, Mr. D. D. Rees, and others. "THE GBNTLE SHEPHKED."—On Good Friday evening a large audience attended Bryn Sion Chapel to hear the performance of the sacred cantata, "The Gentle Shepherd" (Challinor), and the miscellaneous programme which pre- ceded it. The Band of Hope Choir were as- sisted by Miss Annio Rees, sopraao; Miss Tyd- fil Brown, contralto; and Master Arthur P. Hughes, solo pianist and accompanist. The conductor was Mr. P. Davies, who made his debut. He is to be congratulated upen the success which attended his labours in the pre- paration of the work. The book may be said to be one of the best of its kind, the music throughout beinr of a high order without being too difficult, and of a very devotional charac- ter. All tha choruses were sung in a manner that reflected much credit upon all concerned. Miss Rees sang- with her usual ease, and her beautiful voice never failed to please, whilst Miss Brown sang with clear enunciation, beau- tiful expression, and dramatic force. The mis- cellaneous items were:—Duet, "Over the Haw- thorne Hedge" (Glover), Miss Rees and Miss Brown; song, "Lead, kindly Light" (Pughe Evans), Mr. Bateman, who sang in place of Mr. Tom Hughes owing to the latter's depar- ture to London; recit and solo, "With Ver- dure Clad" (Haydn), Miss Rees; song, "My Ships (Barrett), Miss Brown, and solo piano, "Rondo in C Minor" (Beethoven), Master A. P. Hughes. The concert was enjoyed immensely, xhe chair was occupied by Aid. Ifor Abraham. Mr. J. T. Williams was the secretary. COMPETITIVE CONCERT.—A successful competi- tive concert was held in Bethania Schoolroom, Gellifaelog, on Good Friday evening, and many of the scholars took part. The chair was occu- pied by Mr. Evan Thomas, precentor and chief superintendent of the Bethania branch Sunday Schools, who did his work well. The adjudi- cators were:—Music, Mr. D. W. Davies (organ. ist of Bethania); recitations, Mr. T. J. Jones (Darrenog), Penydarren. The concert was opened by Mr. J. Jones, who sang "Bwthyn bach melyn fy nhad," and was loudly applaud- ed. Appended is the list of awardsRecita tion, under 10 years: 1, Maudie Pricc, Gas- TOW; g, A. A. Owens, Brynhyfryd; 3, Doris Thomas, Thomas' Cottages. Solo, under 10 years: 1, Ma.y Thomas, Awelfryn; 2, M. A. Davies, Wyndham-street; 3, Doris Thomas. Recitation, under 20: 1, Mr. P. M. Owens, llrynhyfryd; 2, Miss Jenny Price; 3, Miss M. D. Davies, Wyndham-street. Debate, "P'un ni Athraw neu Ymofynwr sydd fwyaf defnydd;ol I Ysgol Sul" Four parties entered, the prize- winners being Messrs. D. J. Thomas (Dewi), Penydarren, and Evan John Jones. Gellifaelog. Two parties entered the choral contest, "Duw Cariad Yw" (Webber), all the members being from the school. The conductors were Mr. Titus Thomas and Mr. Stephen Thomas respec- tively. The prize was awarded to tho party con- ducted by the latter. During the proceedings, Mr. John Roes delivered an address appealing for greater unity and opportunities for the children to develop and display thir talents. Englynion on the occasion were read by "Dewi" (Penydarren). 'I'IKSEED CoifPOUKD' with warm water is an ex. cellent carglo for sore throat. t

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