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& e&jwied Theusaacb of people Lave learat how to reduce their expenditure on V C dress without saeHfiikj appearaaces. The secret lies ia the fact that J JffiF they h»*e discovered the ralve of tk< jL I Jolinseit Patent Pr8sess>f Dry Cleaning | v Tkey have their various articles c.' *tire cleaned again »a« again— <K If every time they return looking like new. S[ ? Call at our Iccal branch and see the specimens of garments which hare been 3r 9 dry cleaned. We avoid shrinkage or alteration of shape, whilst reviving the 9L !*» colour and smartness, so that you experience afresh the felicity of wearing 4K new clothes. We clean BLOUSES from 1/3. DRESSES & COSTUMES from 4/9. « J. GLOVES from 2d. GENTLEMEN'S SUITS. 4-/6. TROUSERS, 1/- I Johnson Brothers, I # 101A. HIGH STREET, MERTHYR 8B. TAFF STREET PONTYPRTDD; 49b, COMMERCIAL ST., ABERDARE; 12, ANGEL ST., NEATH. « NA ot -AA-A, 00 1 && ,dL -A.- TOM DIX, BOOT HOTEL MEWS, ABERDARE. NEW FURNITURE VAN Of most modern and approved construction. Adapted for Removing Furniture from Cottage or Mansion by Road, Rail, or Sea. Packed by Experienced Packers. ESTIMATES Free upon applicaiion. TERMS 8TRIOTUY MODERATE FREDERICK D. E. GEORGE IVA T*-M% Canpleto Funeral Furnisher and Funeral Director 7 jttMry Reqtriaite for Funerals of all ciames. Pr oprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearers. Shilliblers, Hoarning Coaches and Broughams. Estimates f or Brick Graves and Price Lists on application. 2A AND 25, SEYMOUR STREET, ABERDARE. To those about to be MARRIED, #'1 THOMAS & Go 's PATTERN WEDDING nmGs. _r 10.' Ha 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 ROUND. MEDIUM. WIDE. EXTRA WIDE. WEDDING RINGS- EVERY SIZE, EVERY WEIGHT, EVERY PRICE. KEEPER RINGS- ALL QUALITIES. — ALL PATTERNS, ALL PRIOES. ENGAGEMENT RINGS—BBST PATTERNS, BEST QUALITY, BEST VALUE. PRIVATE ROOM FOB WEDDING RING CUSTOMERS, and a HANDSOUC WEBBING Panmrr with such Ring. You can have a set of our plated Finger Ring Sizes on application—the only means of correctly MEASURING the size of the fingers-to be obtained only from us. We sell only 22 CARAT. GOVERNMENT STAMPED, WEDDING AINOB. THOMAS & CO., Ring Dealers and Jewetfcrs, Commercial Street, Aberdare. .u. ir YAP iA. iNever forget Vim when ordering household supplies. There are so many ways in which it is useful. p FOR CLENING BRASS. FOR SCRUBBING FLOORS. FOR OAS GQOXERSa FIR tLMSWARE. Packed In handy tin canisters with sifting tops, Vim keeps crisp and | dry, and never wastes. ¡ Va [KRl g SAUCE I ||1 is very nice I with cheese. You try it at I supper tonight FINEST GLASTONBURY Sparkling Cider. Per dozen reputed Pints 4/- „ „ Imperial Half-pints 2/6 SPECIALLY RECOMMENDED. W. DAVIS, Church Street. Ebbw Vale The Aberdare Billposting and Advertising Co., Limited. OFFICES: NEW THEATRE. ABERDARE. Estimates given for Posting the whole of Wales. Lis of Stations arranged in Route ordei.



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