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IThe Northern Union Game.I


The Northern Union Game. I MERTHYR 1'INI) THEIR FEET Merthyr received a visit from Trcherbert last Sat- .daY,J he, matell )(jing in connection with the Welsh League, Owing to late atrival of the.isi- tor.s, it was five ^o'clock before the game started. It was very early apparent that the home men were I the superior side and playing down the siope. tliey 'Wer6 qtiickly ^ttalking". From a scriitn'mage on the line Rees, who had not played for several weeks, started a))assins round which ended in Smith scor- ing, Harrison, Harrb, and Ponty Thomas having a hand in the movement. Merthyr kept up the pressure, and from another scrummage on the line W. 1). Thomas burst over. This was followed hy a very tricky try by Bees, who soon afterwards passed out to Harris, who dropped a smart goal. Following this Treherliertr gained a footing in Mcrthyr's Quarter, and Fitz- gerald was only tackled from behind a few yards from the line. Trcherbert kept Alertbyr penned in their own quarters for a time, but at length Paddi- 1 son kicked well down the field, and D. B. Davies, following liP, scored between the goalposts, Rees placing the goal. Trehcrbert were expected to do better with, the slope in their favour but it was a lone time before j they could make any jmnression. Merthyr Vere weakened by Harrison having to leave with a dam- I aged knee, and then Paddison was out for a time: owing to an in.jnrv to his head,, two forwards being ] drawn out to fiij the vacancies Paddison was able to, resume, but Harrison did not come back. For off-side Merthyr were penalised, and FitzgeraJd dropped a goal for the visitors, t'owmeadow took advantage of a mistake by tlanford, and scored in the left corner. Treherberf, rallipd, and from a mark at the centre Fitzgerald dropped another-goal. Just before the finish Hanford scored a.try. Merthyr thus winning by two goals, live tries (19 points) to Treherbcrt two goals one try (7 points). EDBW VALE'S RUNAWAY VICTORY. I Barry visited Ebbw Vale with a weak team, and as the Valians were at full strength the game was of a one-sided character. The Monmouthshire team showed their superiority in the first half, Burgriam, Chick Jenkins (twice), Llewellyn (twice), and Smith scoring tries and Shiglo Thomas kicking a penalty goal, the team leading at the interval b.\ 22 clear points. The second halt was a replica of the first, Eustace, Higgins and Llewellyn (twice) scor- ing for Ebbw Vale, Bustace and Llewellyn's tries being converted. Barry lwei little conception of the game, and were hopelessly outclassed from the start. The play of the Valians was about the most brilliant of the season the combination being per- fect. It is not possible to single anyone out for special mention, for all did well. The final score was Ebbw Vale, four goals, ten tries (38 points); Barry, nil. MERTHYR BOW THE KNEE TO EDDW VALE. The last match of tho Ebbw Vale season ended in brilliant fashion as far as Ebbw Vale was con- cerned, when they achieved their object by inflicting such a defeat upon their friendly rivals from Mer- thyr. The Valians were fairly confident that they would be successful, but did not dare to hope that, the score would assume such respectable dimensions. would be successful, but did not dare to hope that, the score would assume such respectable dimensions. When the rivalry is so keen, the score, as a rule, is on the small side "so that 19 points to 2 was a surprise to both sides. -)10 The win was as decisive as the scoro indicates, and there was not the'slightest suspicion of fluki- ness about any of the points scored. The game was splendidly contested, and will rank among the. best of the season, which is saving a great deal. It was fought out in a creditable sportsmanlike spirit* although there was no lack of energy or vigour among the players Tho Ebbw Vale forwards, de- spite the fact that they were without. Foley and Saunders, were in magnificent form. So well did they scrummage that for three parts of the game they were able to obtain possession and control affairs in the front without the aid of Burgham, who played outside as an extra three-quarter. Griff John, Hitchings and Eustace were the pick. At half-back, Ebbw Vale held a commanding head Shiglo Thomas, who improves by leaps and bounds in each match, was very active, and his short, sharp passes to Higgins led up to nearly all the scoring. The play of the three-quarter line was superb, every man did the right thing at, the right time. If was to single out any two for special mention it would be Smith and Jenkins, but we must not leave out th wonderful speed of Lleweliyn, who was yards fastei than any maUOIl cither side. He scored three mag-nificent tries by means of his sprinting powers. Harvey, for trickiness, and Burg- ham for strength in defence and attack, com- pleted as fine a three-quarter line as could be seen in local football. Dai Davies excelled himself as cus- tocian. and was mainlv responsible for the break- down of tho Merthvr forwards. His fielding was clean and sure, and" his judgment would have done credit to a field marshal. Merthyr lacked the sting they showed earlier in 1 the season, and there was staleness discerible among the forwards especially- They tired oadly, towards the close and were not particuliir iji Jtdoj/t- ing any tactics to spare their wind on several oc- casions. D. Davies and Beavan were the most noticeable in the front rank. Rhys Rhys and "Ponty" Thomas bcin" the best of the backs, who never rose above the "ordinary. Paddison did not shine at full-back and compared badly with Dai Davies. The result of the game makes it. positive that Ebbw Vale hold the Welsh professional champion- ship for the first time. ABERDARE LOSE AGAIN. Aberdare entertained Mid-Rhondda. on Good Fri- day, in a Welsh League fixture, and once more were on the losing side, being beaten by one goal, four tries (14 points) to nil. There were very few spectators present when Mid-Rbondda started oper- ations, and for a time play was of a poor character. However, Mid-Rhondda. took play to the home 25. where G. Mathews secured and dropped a goal. 1. Jones received from Mathews and scored a try, which he failed to convert. Mid-Rhondda were now having the better of the argument, and kept Aber- dare on the defensive, and after a smart movement by the visiting halves J. N* Jones received 'join dare on the defensive and after a smart movement by the visiting halves J. N* Jones received 'join Wrentmoro and crossed with a try, which remained J unconverted. Aberdare resumed operations, and Mathews sent play well into the Aberdare half, where they tried to break through but Gordon Thomas relieved, and the home forwards made a splendid dash up the Aberdare resumed operations, and Mathews sent play well into the Aberdare half, where they tried to break through but Gordon Thomas relieved, and the home forwards made a splendid dash up the field. Griffiths the visiting back, picked up and sent back to the centre, where Edwards increased the lead for Mid-Rhondda with a good try. Mathews failed to convert. Save an occasional hurst by the homesters, Mid-Rhondda were doing all the press- ing, and after give-and-take play Edwards scored another unconverted try. MERTHYR DRAW WITH SALFGRD. Salford, with the "great Lomas," visited Merthyr. on Tuesday, and a large crowd was attracted to College Field. Merthyr faced the gradient in the first half, and what wind there was further lavoured the visitors. The opening few minutes were taken ip by both sets of backs engagln m. huge unt- ing. Merthyr shared honours in this direction, and smart following up by Will Bevan gave them their first real advantage territorially. Cowmcadow^ con- tributed a strong burst that was followed with a. cross punt. Salford's line was in danger, but Wes- ley cut across from the left wing and saved. A mce round of passing by the Salford backs left lx>mas_ in possession, but he was brought low ■'>' lonty iho- mas not a moment too soon. The opening score came from a drop goal by Wes- ley. and Lomas and Curzon scored a try,ea^hj T1,5 crack centre's clever work was much applauded and he cork-screwed his way throngh balf-a-dqzeu of the home team. The lead gained by the visitors was far greater than they had deserved on the actual run of the game. The visitors made but a short stay in the home half directly after the restart, for the Merthyrians set to work with a will, and eventually Rees Rees soored a characteristic try from a scrummage a few yards from the line, and Syd James kicked the goal. Merthyr persisted in attack and keen play obtained within live yards of their opponents' line. -yd James crossed over with what appeared to be v fair try. but it was disallowed. Lomas was great .1 defence, but he wa.s splendidly beaten by Ionty •'liomas who initiated the movement that led up to j Merthyr equalising. Vaughan took the ball in "aitling style at. top speed, and skirting the tnch- iine beat the defence. The scores were now even, and keen play followed without any addition being made. THE WELSH CHAMPIONS AT ABERDARE. A meagre crowd lined the ropes at the Aberdare enclosure on Tuesday on the occasion of the match between Ebbw Vale and Aberdare The Danans came early into prominence when Gordon Thomas dropped a goal for them. The visitors, who had been put to play against a stiff wind. were unable to put on their best, but they succeeded in equalise ing before the interval through Dai Davies. In the second portion Aberdare, after having scored a try through Thomas, fell off in form, and as the re- sult of laxity on their part, the visitors put on four tries through Eustace, Jenkins, and Riggins (2). There was nothing extraordinary in the game on the whole, and at times both sides exhibited faulty passing. The play of Gordon Thomas, the Dare back, was a noteworthy feature of the game. In- juries to players were frequent, especially on the visitors' side. The most serious of, all was to ew- ellyn, who, as the result of being tackled by Whittle, wrenched his foot and had to be carried from the field. In the end Ebbw Vale won by 14 points to 5 points. Merthyr Amateur Rugby Notes. [By "Pererin. The Merthyr team visited Pontypridd on Good Friday, and played the return game on Easter Tuesday. The first game ended in a pretty decisive win tor Pontypridd by three tries to nil. but in the return game on Tuesday, Merthyr reversed the verdict, and claimed victory by five pomts to three. Neither team has done anythmg great tins season, and the two games between them during the holi- days showed a great falling off in the quality of play- that used to form a feature of these teams. In both games the play was chieny confined to the forwards and as a consequence the three-quarters had 1 it-tie to do to show up their passing abilities; A few attempts to indulge in passing were made, but there was no rhythm about it., and each attempt broke down very simply. Both clubs have also suf- fered in the matter of attendance, and neither game was well patronised. Merthyr Association Notes, The Merthyr Soccer team have had a fairly tivtsy holiday time, having played Miiford United on Saturday. Barry District on Mondsy, both away, while on Easter Tuesday they were at home to Swansea United. The games with Miiford and Barry were both drawn, with scores of three each and one goal each respectively. Swansea were heavily defeated by seven goals to ml. The game with Miiford was a fine open game, and up to the last minute Merthyr held the lead. In the first half Merthyr had much the better of the game, and crossed over with a lead of two goals to nil Too second half was more evenly contested. and aithorgb Hgrthyi; sccrod another r: MU&id ;J-" responded with three goals, drawing level in the lasx minute of the game. It was a splendidly fought out game, and considering the doings of Miiford lately, Merthyr did very well. The spectators were loud in their praise of the Merthyr forward line, while Carrier came in for several ovations from the crowd for his defensive work. On Monday,( Merthyr visited Barry, the game being played in drenching rain. Merthyr opened the scoring, but Barry soon equalised. The game was not such a ood onc as Saturdays, a high wind and a wet ground greatly hampering the movements of both sides. -J! Tuesday's game was the most decisive win Mer- thyr have achieved this season, and had the home team taken matters a little more seriously, they might easily have doubled the score of seven goals to nothing. The weather was uncongenial, a high wind blowing, while there was also a tendency to- wards rain. The ground was, however, in excellent condition, and favoured an open game. With the wind in their favour Merthyr soon opened the scor- ing, and before the interval had scored four goals. Only once during this half did Swansea show any sign of danger, and a little more judgment would have enabled thewv to score. Two men On the Swan- sea side defended well, and although Fisher had some very, severe .tests he did work well in goal. Swansea had.more of the game in the second luiVf, when they had tlie, wiud with them, but fori the greater part of this moiety also they had to de- fend, the net being found three ti mcs- -K- The Merthyr men all played well, but there wis a decided tendency to neglect feeding the left wing, and to over-feed the right wing. This fault was not so apparent in the second half as in the first, and Jacobs made full use of the opportunities given him. Talbot makes a fairly good centre, and a few more games in that. position promise to develop him into a better centre than a left. winger. Merthyr aain try conclusions with Ton Pentre to-morrow (Saturday), and a stern struggle ought to result from the meeting. Ton Pentre are the only South Wales Club (hat have not been defeated by Merthyr. Dowlais Thursdays, who are in the final for the Scudamorc CUP. and will meet Rhymnev at Tre- degar. a fortnight, hence, played an eleven drawn from the Dowlais railway servants on the Penywern Field. Dowlai». on Good Friday morning. A good crowd lined the ropes, and the receipts will go to the Widows and Orphans Fund of the Amalga- mated Siiciefv of Railway Servants. His Worship the Major of Merthyr (Alderman Andrew Wilson), together with the Mayoress, honoured the game with their presence, and the former started the contest, kicking off, amidst lusty cbecring. The "shoppers" demonstrated a superiority in the first half. Whitford, Spencer, and Dudley each notching goals for (heir side. With the chansra of ends the railway representatives, who now appeared to great advantage, had a big share of the plav, hut again failed to score, whilst Gordon Evans added an- other point for the Thursdays. Tredelrar District Kotes. fBy "Old Judge."1 Unfortunately for lirynmawr's excheqner there ¡ was a poor gale at the guarantee match with Talywaiu. The visitors have given good games to several Monmouthshire League teams but they were outclassed, fore and aft, by Brynmawr. Undoubt- edly the feature of the game was the display of Cooper, Brynmawr's inside half, v.'no played a mag- nificent game. The home quartette all played finely, and were superior to the visiting quartette. Gar. non scored two tries, and Jack Roberts, Cooper, and George Davies one each, Bell Evam; and Cooper converted two of the. tries. In the second half Fred Jones (Brynmawr) who assisted Talywain. un- luckily dislocated his elbow, the result of a pure accident. Giles, Brynmawr's full back, nlayed a sound defensive game. For the visitors Coldric-k. Miles, .md Fl.vnn were the most prominent. In the end Brynmawr won by 19 points to nil. end Brynmawr won by 19 points to nil. Abertfare and District Notes. rB. "Wanderer,") ¡ The return match between Aberdare Association and Kingswood Rovers was played at Aberdare. on Saturday, before a large crowd. The previous game resulted in a draw. Play was of a very even na. ture, on Saturday. Early on the home forwards got away, and a pass from Groves to Evan Jones resulted in the latter netting with a nice shot. Al- ternate attacks followed, and both custodians were calied upon on several occasions to clear. Even- tually. B. Woolrock equalized matters. In the second half Aberdare were aggressive, and goals were scored by Evan Jones (3), T. D. Jones (2), and Groves. On Good Friday morning a team consisting chiefly of the Aberaman Thursdays played Aberdare Post- men at the Ynys Field, Aberdare. The teams were composed of the following r—G.P.O.: Goal, Phil- lips; back, Devonald and Treutr Jones, halves, Barnett, Goodwill, and W. Williams; forwards, D. R. Jones, Walker, A. Griffiths. W. A. Thomas, and Evans. Aberarnan: Goal, Billy "Milk": backs, Arthur Read and Dd. Davies: halves. A. Howells, J. H. Jones, and Ben Jones; forwards', D. Hughes, Geo. Richards, Brayshaw, W. Davies, and Dd. E. Davies. The Thursdays ran out winners of a splen- did game by four goals to two. -1' K- At the Windsors' Field, on Saturday afternoon. an encounter took place between the Windsors and the Jubilee Rovers. The Windsors proved to be the better team, a.ud won by four goals to two goals. The Aberaman Wanderers defeated the C. L. Bri. gade at Michael's Field by two goals to one. Cum- ner and Wood scored for the Wanderers, and Owens (from a penalty) for the Brigade. Mountain Ash, on Monday, received a visit from Pontardawe, and gained a narrow verdict. Beere commenced play, and Rapsey failing to find touch. Horsman landed the ball in touch at half-way. Ben- jamin started a round of passing, but Farrow had been run too close to touch and Bryn Thomas pushed him into touch. Rapsey and Davies by short touch finding worked out to half-way, but again smart scrum work by Benjamin and 'o-oper- ation with his captain enabled the "Old Firm" to establish a capital position, but Pontardawe break- ing up quickly, frustrated a move by the home halves. Rough and tumble play succeeded.. 7(0 The re-start was very interesting, and the visi- tors passed prettily along the line, but Thomas was not able to swerve nast Ainsworth. wha hrought man and ball down: A magnificent rush by the home eight, followed by an exciting scrum, gave Benjamin a chance, but tho backs spoiled the op- portunity by getting too close together, and Ger- man kicked too hard, allowing Davies to concede a minor. The home team were now pressing se- vereiy, and following a free for off-sido by Rapsey. the home forwards, led by Bcere and Hill, rushed away, and Beere scored a try, which won the match for the "Old Firm." Mountain Ash gained a very easy victory over Maesteg on Tuesday. This match—a League one- was of vital importance to the "Old Firm," as they must win both matches with Maesteg to secure the cup. Maesteg losing the toss kicked off down the slope. A home forward failed to take clearly, and German was injured in stooping the visitors rush. A return rush led bv Beere and Shepherd, was ended at halfway by the ball screwing into touch, but Benjamin from the ensuing scrummage got away cleverly, and the subsequent passing movement saw Horsman too slow to reach the corner. How. ever, the position so gained was maintained, and a free kick. given for Duckfield being off-side, taken by Thomas, saw Caple and Shepherd up fast, and the former checking the man. Shepherd scored under the posts for J. Thomas to add the extras. Maesteg came away with a rattling rush. and Wyn Jones pluckijy stopped them inside the home 23, where the home forwards, detected handling in the scrummage, were penalised,, and Beere was for- tunate in charging down tue kick, as it would un- doubtedly have yielded a goal The home forwards heeling very cleverly gave the backs chances, and Benjamin and Wyn Jones, setting the threes in mo- tion, Caple and Ainsworth were momentarily baulk-1 ed. but the former again being well served, made a glorious opening, and put Horsman over in the corner. The kick failed. Gunn followed up well for the visitors, but as a side they were individuals. Caple's work at ccntre was really first class, and his taking of the ball at full tilt and running were exciting, but he was unlucky in his transfer The visiting half, Thomas, was responsible for a pretty piece of work and he with a qu'9- and clever punt placed his side in a grand position, but the home forwards, realising danger, wbeeiCd and got to the other 25. J. Thomas restarted, and the homesters taking up the running, Benjamin was almost through, but Davies effected a capital save. Clarke and Gilbert, fed by Duckfield. got through cleverly, but the form- er kicking too hard, allowed J. Thomas to clear. Following severe pressure by the Old Firm" and great defence by Maesteg, Davies kicked recklessly into the open and Benjamin made a clever mark. J. Thomas goaled. Maesteg. helped by three free kicks, cleared their lines, but the whole team seem- ed lethargic, and they resorted to kicking, often- times with poor direction. The home three were well plied with parses, but several times the final transfers ended the movements. Just before time was called a fine opening by Wyn Jones, with the final touches by Caple, let. in ITorsman. for a well-earned try, which Thomas failed to convert. The "Old Firm" thus won by two goals, two tries (14 points) to nil. Rhymnay Valley Rugby League Notes. rBy the "Old As the League championship has now been prac- tically settled (although Aberbargoed still retain hopes of drawing level with Rhyniney) interest in the code is slowly but surely waning. Last Satur- day's senior games did not provide anything in the nature of a surprise, Machen, after their defeat at Rhymney, evidently did not give very serious thought to their remaining fixture^ otherwise they would hardly visit Pontlottyn with only nine men. After much searching six substitutes were found to assist them. Ponty was soon pressing after start- ing, and Sam Jones nearly kicked a penalty goal. Syd Smith next came into prominence for the visi- tors. The nome forwards again pressed the visitors' defence being severely taxed. Sam Jones, following a mark by Tom Williams, nearly dropped a goal. Near the interval he proved more successful, and kicked a good goal. Soon after restarting Bill Davies, the home wing, got across with a fine try, the goal kick failing, Later, Tom Davies crossed for Machen, Berry converting, Near time. Ponty camo again, and added a dropped goal to their score, eventually winnin" by points to five. Aberbargoed met Bargoed at home in a retnrn League engagement, and as the homesters antici- pate catching up with Rhymney much interest was taken in the meeting. From the kick-off Aber com- menced a prolonged siege on the visitors' lines, Eddie Walters, George Thomas, and Chris Wil- liams making superb efforts, but Bargoed met them with a grand defence. Eventually their efforts were rewarded, Syd Griffiths crossing with an uncon- verted try. After resuming. play continued in 'fa- vour of Aberbargoed, ns d Cos Jones added another unconverted try. Despite being on the aggressive during the latter portion of the game, nothing fur- ther tangible was registered, Aberbargoed win- ning a hard fought game. For the winners Griffiths (Carmarthen College) and Eddie Walters were very prominent. • Deri, at home, strengthened their lead in the Junior League in overcoming Abertridwr by eight points to nil. The finish promises to lie very keen between Bedwas and Deri for the championship. The seven Coleman Brothers played a team se. lected from the Blackwood Fifteen, and a very en- tertaining contest was witnessed. The Brothers played cleverly during the first half, but failed to score. Lewis scored for Blackwood. After resuming Lewis added another try. Birch soon following with another point, while later Lewis crossed with his third try, Timms converting. T. Coleman next got possession, and after eluding several players, scored From the drop out, the Colemans kept up the at- tack, and just on the call of time, Jethro scored. The game proved a very good one, the first half be. ing very even. Timms was the best player on the lield. J. Lewis also showed np well with his three tries. Of the Colemans. L. G. was most prominent but Tom, Jelhro, and Will displayed much of their old form. The replay between the Rhymney Valley League and the .Cardiff and Datfi§t plSC4! at Caerphilly. on Monday. Unfortunately very few of Rhymney Valley selected fifteen put in an appear- ance, and substifutes had to be found from Caer- philly. The first half was very evenly contested, and no scone had been registered at the interval. Early in the second half Sam Jones dropped a goal for the Citizens, which finally settled the issue. RHYMNEY VALLEY SENIOR LEAGUE ffABLE. P. W. L. D. Pts Rhymney 12 8 l 3 19 Machen —r~. 12 7 3 2 16 Aberbargoed 11 6 2 3 15 Pontlottyn v. 11 6 4 1 13 Caerphilly 9 4 3 2 10 Fleur-de-lis 11 2 7 1 6 Bargoed 11 0 10 1 G RHYMNEY VALLEY JUNIOR LEAGUE TABLE. Dori 9 5 1 3 13 Bedwas 9 5 0 3 11 Abertridwr 8 3 0 4 in Rhymney Seconds .8 4 1 9 ..Mer.thyr, geconda, 9 2. 4 3 9 Y'lln Scarlets 9; 0 9 0 p Rhymney Valley fit District Association Netep. ,-> ?5y "the New Boy."] After four months of short wintry afternoons with the consequent shortage in gate receipts, the ;arious clubs look forward confidently to the Easter Holi- days to replenish their tiomewinH, impoverished coffers. Further, a long list of outstanding en- gagements is generally worked off to tlia satisfac- tion of the various Leagues, who desire to see their competitions completed. Treharris provided their patrons with their usual Good Frid.iv fixture and as keen anticipations are rife regarding the First Division Championship, no better opposition conid have been provided tlicni than the cup finalists Ton Pentre. Winning the tos". gave Ton an il: mense advantage. Eariy on Bowell (Treharris) was cautioned for rough play, and from the resultant free kick Russell placcdnieely into the Treharris goal, Tom Davies netting splendidly Following this, Parry again nearly defeated Brownliill. Tre- harris now attacked, and Barlow, when well placed, was badly fouled. From,, the resultant free kick, Barlow nearly equalised. Ton retaliated, and Con- nors all but scored. Treharris now improved, but failed to beat Coleman. 011 resuming soino, ex-eilin< exchanges were witnessed. ,'P¡okeLt.. when weil placed, unaccountably missed, Barlow dping ditto the next „ minute.. At this slage Hugh Williams (Treharris) and Johnnie Wflli&ms (Ton Pentre) came to blows, and were given marching orders. About fift-een minutes from time Treharris were awarded a penalty, 'Pickett ;splendldly equalising, a great game resulting in an even draw of one goal each. On the same day Troedyrhiw, with an unblemished record, visited Nelson, Hie largest crowd of the sea- son being in attendance. Early in the game Rich- ards defeated Ilackleton with a fine shot. This success inspired the homesters, who attacked very frequently up to the interval. The second half opened very evenly. Hcarscy drove in a good shot, which Lewis saved with difficulty The subse- quent. play became very exciting, and oftentimes a little tco strenuous. Troedyrhiw, however, failed toO equalise, and thus lost their precious record af- ter playing for seven months without a defeat. On the run of the game a draw would have been a more fitting conclusion. Harry Roberts let his side down on but one occasion, when Nelson scored, llearsey was much in evidence as centre forward. For th« winners Thomas, Bowtn, and Walters nlayed ex- cellently. Nearly every club in the district was engaged last Saturday. In the South Wales League Ton Pentre amply revenged themselves for their 108." of a point at Swansea by defeating the Sw'rnseaites at home by 11 goals to I-prodi,-ious! Mardy, who were going great guns in the same competition, still further strengthened their grip on the championship by defeating Cwmparc on the latter's ground by two clear goals. Merthyr. visiting Miiford, although holding a lead or two goals at the interval, could only manage to divide the goals and noints with the fishermen. In the Western League "Sweet 'Ber- dar" routed Kingswood Rovers to the extent of seven goals to one. Barry, at home, defeated Wel- ton Rovers by three goals to one. < Tn the Rhymney Valley League owing to the In- ter-league match at Dowlais, very few games were down for decision. Abertysswg met Senghenydd at home. and won an interesting encounter by the odd goal in three. Trocdrbiwfiiwch entertained Brithdir. and some exciting exchanges were wit- nessed, the game resulting in a draw of one goal each. Bedlinog Reserves niefc Ystrad Mynach at home, the game resulting in an even draw of two goals each. At Treharris, the final of the Christmas tourna- nwnt excited considerable interest. Treharris Ju- niors aitcl were, the contestants. From a centre by Thomas Barber early scored for the Juniors. Trelewis retaliated, but could not pene- trate the Junior defence. After resuming, the Juniors again attacked, Owen and Thomas increas- ing the lead. Despite these reverses, Trelewis again attacked, and Isaacs scored. The final, however, soon arrived, with the Juniors worthy winners of a well contested encounter. New Tredegar and Cardiff Camerons indulged in a friendly encounter at New Tredegar. a good game resulting. The Camerons, however, proved the bet- ter opportunists, and won by two goals to nil. On Monday, the elect of the Rhymney Valley League met the Newport League representatives at New Tredegar, tv- elements, however, played sad havoc with the gate receipts. With the wind in their favour the homesters were soon attacking, and ere long Bates put on a good point. Inspired hy this success, the home Leaguers became very ag- gressive, but nothing-further was registered up to the interval. After resuming, Newport, put in several good attempts at scoring, but, the home defence prevailed. A quick break away set the home front rank going, and some good interpaasing between KirKham and Watkins enabled the latter to add another ixiint. Restarting, Newport retali- ated, and soon found a weak spot in the home de, fence. Near the end Rhymney Valley initiated an. other strong attack, which led to Kirkham scoring spityJfrfo-, the home Leaguers deservedly winning by C'TW; jid^lfi to one.. ■" # Gilfach met Bedlinog at home, on Monday, the visitors being minus Parsons, their crack enstodian. The opening stages- ruled entirely in favour of the homesters Williams soon testing the netting. Bates doing ditto a second later. Jasper Owen next sinned in the penalty area, Jones converting the resultant kick. The ensuing play except at rare intervals favoured Gilfach, who added abother five goals. The visitors sadly missed Parsons, his sub making but a poor display. Williams, Bates, and Stone were great for Gilfach. The meeting of Ton Pentre and Treharris. on Mon- day, terminated in a fiasco. During the first half Ton scored on two. occasions. Directly after resum- ing, Bowell (Treharris) left the field, presumably owing to the rough weather, and directly after- wards was followed by the whole Treharris team, t.he game coming to an abrupt termination.—"Sweet 'Berdar" visited Mardy, and participated in a pointless draw. 1 New Tredegar Club held a tournament, on Mon- day and Tuesday, nine teams entering. Gilfach awl Pengam Old Boys ran into the final, which will probably be played to-day (Saturday).—Bedlinog Reserves overcame Dowlais Reserves at home by two clear goals. -Sen c;benydd reversed Saturday's verdict at Abertysswg by defeating the latter by two goals to nil. Troedyrhiw succeeded where all others failed, and maintained their three years' ground record, Ash- bury Richwood (Birmingham) being overcome by three goals to nil. their first defeat in thoir Easter tour. Monmouthshire Association Notes. [By "the New Boy."] The Rhymney Valley v. Monmouthshire inter- league match was played on Good Friday at the Penywern Field, Dowlais, and Rhymney Valley were fortunate in winning by the odd goa' in three, as Monmouthshire attacked for fully two-thirds of the game. Early in the first half Parsons tipped a penalty over the bar and saved several other point- blank drives. Kirkham, following a fast breakaway, was responsible lor the homesters' first point, but directly afterwards Brown equalised from a pen- alty. Shortly after resuming Griff Lloyd gave the homesters the winning goal The visitors afterwards rallied, but the stout defence of the home league could not be penetrated. For Rhymney Valley Par- sons covered himself with glory, and Harry Ro- berts, Surridge, and Grainger also defended well. Forward, Kirkham, Lloyd, and Leonard were pro- minent. For Monmouthshire Greenaway and Ham- ilton were best in defence. Forward, Moore and Long were most in evidence.'the former being very unfortunate on several occasions. Blaina visited Abertillery in a friendly encounter, and fielded a strong side, the homesters unfortu- nately lacking several of their regular complement. Following a well-sustained attack, Watkins, one of the homesters, kicked through his own goal, while later Collier added a second goal for tho visitors. who won by two clear goals. As only a point separated Llanhilleth and Ebbw Vale United on the table of merit, the meeting at Llanhilleth, it was expected, would decide the des- tination of the League cup and medals for the pre- sent season. The homesters pressed early, and fol- lowing a severe struggle near the Valians' goal, Jones netted for the homesters. Nettled hy this reverse, United pressed continuously, but Thornc. the home custodian, kept his charge intact up to the interval. After restarting, Thorne again came into prominence with a fine clearance. From a free kick Jones scored his second point. Afterwards Llanhilletb monopolised the attack, and Jones added yet two more goals t'0i his side. who won by four clear goals. Desoite their heavy defeat, Ebbw Vale put up a good fight, and hardly deserved such an ad- verse score. Special mention should be made of Jones, who scored all the winner's goals. His many admirers carried him from the field shoulder high. Cail and Brown were prothineut for the United. fr LEAGUE TABLE. Division I. Goale Pd. W. L. D. for ag'st. Pts. Cwm 13 9 1 3 34 20 19 Caerleon 10 7 1 2 38 11 15 Abertillery 13.. 6 1 6 23 21 13 Ynysddu 11 6 0 5 30 18 12 ElaJDS 13 5 1 7 20 34 11 53rd Battery 12 4 0 8 31 55 8 Ebbw Vale 11 3 2 6 24 36 6 Abergavenny 9 2 2 5 11 15 6 ivision II. UanhiJleth 12 10 2 0 43 7 20 Ebbw Vale C. 11 8, 2 0 19 11 17 £ l»wer,n 11 5 5 1 25 17 11 Dukcstown I..12 5 6 1 20 24 11 Dukes town 0 4 3 2 21 24 10 Newbridge 9 2 7 0 13 32 4 Argoed 12 0 11 l 16 38 1

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