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=: 1 77 '-í- Mo Virqinia ■ccui. a^u&L +■ #J L/O^^vjrv /L. ^ou/ihiccit/umt? ■■•( jos^3- 20r~6a ,to; ,¡ sir.. cO tt'-° \.e,s\. 't\'t s 0 cnes cv ofi \\ø e,e,e, -( B ot the, 1°'1' Ct. \J\ Å't/A't. ''t\)., 't\}\J ''0 t\\o., t\ A, I JRMEY-ARCHER 3-SPEED CYCLES < may rchased from the mallufa ctzirtrsofthefollowingfamoits' Cicles, Ij| of whom stock special Sturney-Archer 3-Sfeed Models. f| Bradbury, Centaur, Calcott, Chase, Coventry Eagle, M Challenge, Coventry Royal, Chater-Lea,Enfield, Elswick, H Lothwell, Humber, Lea-Francis, Mead, Monopole, gf t, Premier, Olympic, Robin Hood, Raleigh, Rudge- M 'orth, R. and P., Riley, Beau-Ideal, Singer, Sparkbrook, U vvift,' Star, Triumph, Unity, Victoria,, Wcarside. M ITTlJfMFY-ARCHEIi and you will make sure of getting B the mine original 3-sfred gear instead of a cheap imitation. 1 Stin-mey Archer Gears Ltd., Ijr Nottingham* manufacturersFitted by all | §| eS sT^ J ) l1i 1J IJf |8 i TJ da c local cycle 11 IP* cyit" ^HiUjnr Easy." _u.n_h 4 THE ALL S1EEL BICYCLE That carries an ever- lasting Guarante" i| 100,003 Miles and Still Perfect. Ij| iliHt Mr H. RYDER, who has ridden his Raleigh Cycle this long distance gj&g tfM» since 2906, is one of our satisfied customers. He describes the Raleigh as "s. wonderful piccc of machinery. S@!& May «e send you "THE BOOK OF THE RALEIGH." B.|M It describes the All Steel Cycle in detail. mA W. P. CRABBE & Co., 52, Glebefsnd-street, Mertliyr /Mm j* F,NE»uwn Terr#ce'Rhymnay- PICT0N & MORRIS, Dowlais. T. PR0S8ER, IM V-. "^smssum ■ aawaMKB^ foNE BOTTLE RELIEVES | I W™ T** iT^i E5 I fs Avoid the Vans*™ Of I i r r nn Y 1 U isnTp»ratme,"a STARVATION treatment I W™ T** iT^i E5 I fs Avoid the Vans*™ Of I i r r nn Y 1 U isnTp»ratme,"a f? SLrT1.|. y I, %&&*> S fkmrn ^Smrfr Save Expense, risk, and THE NEW DISCOVERY. Suffering. MIXTURE 2/9. Positively Cure's Dyspepsia,. Gastnti^Stomach CaUrrab, and Ulcerated Stomach. Used at Castles, Mission!3i^°^rt{s^ Oure^foflndig^'011' Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Headache, TABLETS, lOid., 1/li, removes that Giddy, Swimming, and Falling Sensation. Liver and Nerve Complaints. Speedm re Gentleman from Pontvpool writes, January 29th, raj ft Letters as follow daily bottle of Eerbylo. Glad to say I feel much bettor g 3 1909-—"Enclosed please, find lor rnriner g 1 after taking first Chemists- any Chemist or Stores; or direct from the Proprietors, » S Sold bv Messrs. BOOTb, uasn c,oemisis, » jr Road, Swansea i BRITISH MEDICINE Co., Laboratory 70 Walter J KURIT! KURITI! ill! Wh, be a martyr and suffer so from INDIGESTION accompanied by its long train of Stomach and Liver Disorders, Heartburn, Flatulence, Flush- ing, Feeling of Fulness and Pain after eating, j Loss of Appetite, Energy and Interest ii Business, Irritability and Depression, Consti-, patiort, Piles, and ugiy Blotches on the Skin II whcit KURIT fets the bottom of the evil, and by clearing v the system of all its impurities makes YOUR LIFE WORTH LIVING It has worked wonders in cases of the worst type, when scores 01 other remedies and doctors have failed. < SPRING MEDICINE, it excels all other.. IN BOTTLES-114, 2/6, 4/6, and 11/ post free. Write for Free sample, enclosing 3d. in stamps. If your Chemist hasn't it in stock write to p S. HILL & Co., SOLE PROPRIETORS, t 19, Melrose Avenue, Wimbledon Park, LONDON, S.Wf SIGNS OF SPRING. The human frame so delicately sensitive to ex- ternal influences 1.B especially so at this period of kbe year. A feeling of heaviness; of temporary torpitude; objection to sustained mental effort nervous irritabilily biliou3 headache, a feeling of tickneas and sometimes depression; rheumatic headache, &c., are symptomatic of the arrival of Spring. KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS are a prompt and effective remedy for these ills as they strengthen the nerves, give tone to the liver {Jjjd kidneys, and stimulate the digestive functions, thousands praise thi* ever popular remedy—so f11! you. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in 7Ad.t 8yHd., and 2s. 9d. boxes. ^.IJOCAL AGSNTS Wills, Chemist, Merthyr; ~VaQ3, PowlaiB Jones, Troedyrhiw. SERVANTS can easily be obtained by uaa 0f a Sm*ll Want Ad. in these r"'um"». State your requirements, and wjii toe 8Mre to gfet suited at onee» 25 YEARS' SUCCESS -THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY, GRASSHOPPER OINTMENT and PILL. \J. (No Bought or Manufactured Testimonials*) TRY IT IF j P A YOU y BAD HAVE LEG a poisoned H,md. Abscess, TLt our, Piles. Glan- v ins Bunions. Rinevtorm, ot- Diseased Hone, I can cu e you I do not say perhaps, but 1 will. Because ^hPrs have failed it is no reason I sncukl. Vou may have attended Hospitals and been told you must £ ?ihmit to amputation, bu t do not. Send me 2s. 3d., f hen j will post you a Box of Ointment and a Bos Pills. Can also be obtained of Chemists for ?f lid. each. or. if possible, call and see me,— ALBERT. Albert House, 73, Farrmgdon Street. London. B.C.


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