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Bargoed Chamber of Trade.I



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Mynyddislwyn District Council.


Mynyddislwyn District Council. RATES GOING UP. A meeting of the Mynyddislwyn District Council was held at the offices, Pontllanfraith, on Thursday night. Mr. W. Nash presided, and there were also present, Messrs. 0. Harries (vice-chairman), Faloon, J. A. Thomas, D. Treasure, Dl. Jenkins, H. B. Starey, Rees Mor- gan, W. Walters, Boothman, with the Clerk (Mr. T. C. Griffiths), and the Surveyor (Mr. W. E. Edwards). Mr. W. S. Nash reported on the result of the conference which took place on the previous Monday between the representatives of the Mynyddislwyn and Risca Councils in reference to the Risca Water Bill. Much time, he said, was spent in discussing this matter. He felt, having regard to the inadequacy and useless- ness of the Mynyddislwyn reservoir, that they should have power to take over the water mains, and have the monopoly of supplying their own district. Risca declined to sanction such ah arrangement, and would only bargain to allow Mynyddislwyn to pay pro rata— in regard to which a certain clause was proposed for insertion in the Bill, which their Clerk could not advise the Mynyddislwyn Council to accept. The Risca representatives, moreover, stated that if ever the Mynyddislwyn Council went for & Provisional Order to purchase the water undertaking in their district they must pay a proportion for the reservoir. That reser- voir was useless, and would never be of use to the district. Their lack of water was be- coming to a very serious matter, and a repetition of the experience they had last summer would be most distastrous as, since then, hundreds more houses had been erected Unless, there- fore, Risca could promise to meet them in the way they had asked, excluding them from the necessity to purchase a useless reservoir, he moved that the Council oppose the promotion of the Risca Bill in Parliament. This was agreed to, and £100 included in the estimates for the half-year for that purpose. A letter was read from Mr. Frank T. James (Clerk to the Gellygaer District Council) asking what action the Council proposed to take in re gard to the sewerage scheme for the Rhymney Valley submitted by the Gellygaer District Council. The Clerk was instructed to reply to the effect that the Mynyddislwyn Council, were waiting for a conference of all the authorities interested, on the Monmouthshire side, to con- sider Mr. Lanthom's scheme for a main trunk sewer. The Council considered the estimates for the ensuing half-year, and the collector (Mr. Lewis) stated that the assessable value of the district for general district rate was £19,209 12s.—The Chairman stated that in 1904 the assessable value was only £6.678, so that it had about trebled in five years.—The estimated expendi- ture for the half-year was submitted by the Clerk, amounting to £2,013 12s. 6d., but a. fur- ther sum of £100 to provide for opposing the Risca Water Board was added to that amount. —The Chairman: This will mean a 2s. rate. What will the poor rate be?—Mr. Lewis: 2s. 2d. —The Chairman: And there is the Western Valleys sewerage rate, 6d., which will bring the total rates to 4s. 8d., and I have no doubt the poor rate wiU increase. A rate of 9s. 4d. is a serious thing.—Mr. M. Walters: We are help- less; and the people must know that we are so.—The Chairman Could not the overseers do with a 2s. rate? — I don't think so.—The Chairman It is very serious.—Mr. M. Walters We must face it.—Mr. 0. Harries: I see the rates are goinrr up in other districts.—Mr. Wal- ters Our education rate in the county has gone up l^d.—The Chairman: With no proba- bility of reduction. The rateable value is rapidly increasing, but the expenditure keeps pace with it.—It was resolved to make a general district rate of 2s., and 6d. for sewerage, for the Sir. howy, and a 2s. rate for Fleur-de-lis.



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