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Rhymney Valley Echoes


Rhymney Valley Echoes [By "RECOBDEB."] I attended the Mynyddislwyn Council last lVeek because I heard that something would be (aid in reference to the Rhymney Valley sew- erage scheme. Something was said but not very much. A letter from Mr Frank T James {Clerk to the Gellygaer Council) was read, ask- ing what action the Mynyddislwyn Council, proposed to take in regard to that scheme. The reply which the Clerk was instrucied to send was that Mynyddislwyn Council weio •> aitipg for a conference of all the interested a norities on the Monmouthshire side on the report of another engineer. I heard, however, other things which only tended to confirm ray impression (an impression shared by many more) that it is a great pity that the Rhymney Valley as a whole is not con- stituted into one authority. I have heard the Bedwellty Council bitterly complain of the sel- fish policy pursued by Gellygaer, but at Myny ddislwyn I heard a similar complaint—just .as bitterly made— against Bedwellty It was in respect to their selfishness in regard to supply- Ing-or unwillingness to supply-a portion of the Mynyddislwyn area with water. And, truly, Mynyddislwyn seems to be hard pressed for water. Risca is not disposed to meet them ex- cept on terms which Mynyddislwyn cannot ac- cept, and Bedwellty, in regard to the Black- wood frontier, is an unwilling "Parkus." And to, Mynyddislwyn is forced at one point to re- IOlve to supply about 60 houses with unfiltered water from a rill. Were the Rhymney Valley constituted into one authority, all the parts of it would be equally served, but, as it is, all the authorities follow an exclusive policy of their own. and if a neighbouring authority wants anything, the one able to supply it seeks to make a profit, or offers it on prohibitive terms. Scarcely a more isolated and selfish policy could be pursued be- tween two nations foreign to each other and whose frontiers were co-terminous. than the petty farthing shop policy which animates and dominates the various Councils of the Rhymney Valley Some of the members would be the better for a year or two's travel to broaden their visions. It is strange, but it has not seemed to have ever dawned on the Local Government Board that if it made it a part of its policy to lacili- tate the easing of the burdens of the rate- payers in matters of local taxation, it would, by so doing, strengthen them for bearing greater ones. when necessary, in regard to imperial taxation, ahould times of storm and stress arise. As the laxe Mr. Evan Thomas said: "The Rhymney Valley is one community," and if the Supreme powers could be persuaded to take that view, and end the parcelling out of it into ■ Sphere of influence, and resolve the half-dozen Councils, which now nag and bite at each other, into one Rhymney Valley Council, it would be a relief to the public in the burdens they have to bear, and end many of the dreary and chao- tio muddles which now arise. Mr. W. S. Nash, of Fleur-de-Lis, chairman of the Mynyddislwyn Council, is one of the greatest enthusiasts in educational matters in the Valley, and in the matter of statistics re- lating to the Monmouthshire side, I doubt if he has his equal on 1 the School Managers Board. Here is a man who takes a thorough delight in local ad-ninistrative work, and who, if he stood for the unified interests of the whole Valley, would be capable of pursuing a policy that would be for the lasting benefit and comfort of its future large population. As things stand, he is a good man lost for the many in order to took after the few, and thus talents and enthu- siasm worthy of a larger sphere of action are narrowed down, cramped and dwarfed in order to care for Mynyddislwyn alone. The election day was ideal for the work in band. The sun shone as if sharing the ardent hopes of the candidates: and the wind blew as if it knew the real value of promises, and so treated them accordingly, and the dust fairly blinded people as if to prevent them voting with their eyes open. But one should expect dust at election times. The results of several of the Council elections have come as a surprise. At Caerphilly, Mr. Joseph Howells, an able and experienced man, has lost his seat by four votes, his successor beincr Mr. C Stuart Roodfellow, a popular BO- licitor, whilst at Nelson Mr. Thomas Evans has given place to Mr. J. Rowland Leigh Thomas. In Gellygaer, Mr. T. J. Williams has lost his teat to the forces of re-action and partly, it is possible, to the fact that he stood for the repre- sensation of a section rather than the whole of the oomimmity. Mr. T. C. Jones, who retired, was an able and promising member, who stoop manfully for equity in everything, and was ani- mated by no form of prejudice. One may re- rret the decision which led him to vacate his Seat, for had he stood, his return was certain. Had he contested the election it looks as if the Council would have then had two schoolmasters, and this, in time, might have led to all tne Schoolmasters of the parish seeding Council h^n- ours. This would possibly have kindled £ houprhts in the public mind as to the results the schools. Gellygaer needs to go forward and not back- ward. Mr Horace J. Davies was at the bottom Of the poll. He has been in Bareoed a very abort time, but he was the only man who de- lerveda; different verdict, for he was the only man who really fought the election on public Principles. » The Labour party have lost two seats. I do Oot rejoice over that-for some reasons I really fegret it. I would like that Party to make itself One with the generaJ oublic on general public Matters. I am sure that they and the public would be gainers bv it. The Labour members generally are a fine-set of men on all the Coun- tils I am acquainted with, and so far as the Gellygaer Council is concerned, without Mr. Walter Lewis, 1vIr, W. Hammonds, and Mr. R. Davies, nearlv half its vigour would be lost. The result of this election should be a rallying tall to the forces of progress.




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