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---.-+-------Romantic Wedding…

Theatre Royal, Merthyr.



¡Merthyr Cwmreigyddion.

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Merthyr Siaucjliterhouses.


Merthyr Territorials. !

Abergavenny Easter TuesdayI…



,po- "_U" Dowlais Catholic Schools Grievances. CAMPAIGN COMMENCED IN MERTHYR. A meeting of Dowlais Catholics was held in the Young Men's Society's Rocnij at Merthyr, in connection with the agitation for better treat- ment for the schoolsi The visitors met with a cordial reception by its members. Mr. Cl: Bemaseono was vote to the chair, and Mr. P Mansfield explained the object, of the meeting at some length. He mentioned several cases of aile;ed injustice to tho schools. One teacher, he said, had to take charge of 60 children, and anyone could readily understand such a large number of children could not pos- sibiy have full attention given them by 011" per-on. He then proposed that a. large, pub demon (ration should be organised, and a pro miuent Trades Unionist iny-ifed tQ speak, on thoir--behalf Mr- Wilson stated that a meeung. of the Xatiooal, .Union -of Teachcrs was. held on gat. u'rday'ev'enhig last, and i:, was resolved to tAke up a case at once and fight the Council. Ho offered as a '-uggesticii to Mr. Keir Hardio, J1.P.. that if ho wan bringing in a. "Sweating Bill," he should include the tcachers of nen- provicled schools. Mr. J. Caughlin caid he endorsed the senti- ments of the previous speaker*, and welcomed the idea cf a raonsire demonstration of disap proval Some time ago. the Labour Party were given a chance, when a considerable num- ber of Catholics voted for a Labour candidate at a recent bye-elcct'on, but nothing was given in return for that support. He could net per- suade himself otherwise than that antangonum i to the Catholic religion v%s the only explana tion for their ac*ron. He did not seek for need- less expenditure; he only asked that their money should be spoilt on their schools. He called upon all to bind, themselves together and demand fair play and liberty of thought, and claim tho ri«?ht to worship at the altar of their la th., together with their children. Mr. D. Hennessey. Merthyr. supported, and .i-'f-ested that the voters' lists be obtained and that a registration committee be formed, in or- der to organize a strong and vigorous opposi- tion fit the time of elect-ions to those who op- posed them in the time cf need. He was in full n'mp.01thy with the movement,, [1Ild he was sure .'he Merthyr Catholics would assist in every pos- j sible way. Dr. Brennan expressed himself a being fully in sympathy with tho movement. They shoyhi !j,1j work for justice, Hnd continue th a¡;:it:1Jion with unabated visrour.—MES'R;. Donovan, Ciif- ford, and O'Brien assured the visitors of the full support of the Mcrthvr Catholic electors WIITI the time came to exerci-^ their votes.—A working committee v:a. formed, and thpir firet meeting would be he'd in the Dowlais Catholic Assemb1^ (ooms. t


Dog Show at Merthyr Vale.

-_._-_.-r.,L MERTHYR VALE.


Unitarian Conference.

Attempted Suicide at Brynmawr.


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,m „ w11'"".....-Brynmawr…