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Merthyr Board of Guardians. REGISTRAR FOR MERTHYR UPPER SUB DISTRICT. ARCHITECT FOR COTTAGE HOMES. PROPOSED RESIDENT MEDICAL OFFICER FOR THE WORKHOUSE. Tho Rev. J. Ilathren Davios presided at th; fortnirhtly meeting of tha Board on Saturday. The Cottage. Homes Committee reported having received the following application-- for the post of architect for the work of pre- paring plans, etc. resting to th-3 proposed erection of Cottage Kernes:—0. P Bevan, "Ex press" Chambers, Merthyr, rate of commi sion -lans, etc., per csnt., quantities, l per cerit.,A. S. CanvMTcn, 1. Glannant-stieet, Abor*- dare, 6 per cent inclusive; A V Churchin, AbT£k\r(>i 6 perc",nt" inclusive; G. P. Davies, plans, -etc., l-j "per per cent E. G H&nt-on, 22, Cardiff-street. Aberdare, 32 per cent m. clusive, P M Howard, Station road. Nelson, 5i per cent Inclusive, Morgan and Elford, 5.1, Canon-street, Aberclare. 5 per ceni, inclusive; Paiitt and King, Bristol. 5 per cent inclusive; T Edmund Rsss, Gernaat, Merthyr, 3 per cent. inclusive, W Beddoo Fte-js. 3, Dumfries-place. Cardiff, plans, etc., 2j- per cent., quantities, 1 per cent. Thomas Roderick, A^hbrook House. Aberdare, 5 per cent inclusive: J. LI. Smith 7, Victoria-square, Aberclar?, 6!- per cent, in- clusive, G. A. Treharne, Station-street, Aber- dare. 6 p-cr csnt. inclusive.—The Committee re- commended that, the names o? Messrs. A. S. Cameron. E. G. I-Tenton. and Thomas Roderick bo submitted to the Board for the final selec- tion.—Mr. J Prowls moved that the voting be open, and thai, the names of those voting b? recorded. At election times they fhouted that they were to be elected to protect th09 rat spay- interests.—Sx-Ald. D. Evans: You do a lot of that.—Mr. Let the ratepayers know I who are studying their interests.—Things fell flat for a moment or two. and Mr. Prowle rc. marked How am I to be treated 1—Rev. J. O'ReHly Turned out (laughter).—Mr. Prowle: Those are Irish tacr.cs.—Upon a division._ it was agreed by 21 votes to 20 that the voting was agreed by 21 votes to 20 that the voting be open, and the result wa. as follows: Roder- ick 25: Kenton, 22; Cameron, 0. Ths fo'iowing applications were received for the position of racri-trar of births and deaths for the Merthyr Upper rendered vacant by the death of Mr. D. T. Morgan:— Fdward Berry man (ZO). clerk to Surveyor of Tax-ss, Market-square Chambers, Merthyr; J. Garfield Beynon (23), clerk in County Court Office, 3, Brunswick-street. Metfchyr; George Dart (42), Workhouse porter, Union Workhou-e: Edwin Davies (45h Workhouse Master's clerk Dane-terrace. Merthyr, C. H. Neweil Evans (38), solicitor's clerk, J. Ttronheu'o"-terrace. Penyda.rren. Merthyr; J. T. E-uw., (39), grocer's c!?rk, 5, Woodland-torrrce, Troedyrhiw, W H. Harries, as-tant overseer. Parochial OffiCES TToncroed. Edward J. Hughes (33), registrar of births and deaths. 18, New Castle-street, Mer- thyr Samuel J. Jones (42), a*-sistant over$e-ar, g, Tudor-street, Merthyr, Sand^ord Jones (45) collector of t..¡¡,xs, Gw»sIodvsrarth, Merthyr; W. D. -Tores (24), clerk Bailirrlas Inn, Mer- thyr; William Lewi" (36), auctioneer's clerk. Brynt.irion, N-e.'sjn; Frank Midd,oton (33), Ab- thorpe, Towce-te>: John L. Morris (34), assist- ant to Clerk to Guardians 5. Newton-terrace. Merthyr: Trevor R. Nash (26), commercial tra- veler, Fernwocd. Merthyr; Thomas PoweM t35). depute superintendent, 2. Wcl linr:tcn-?treet. Merthyr; Arthur Reynold5 (50). pay clerk. 36, Union-terrace, Morthvr. Lbw. ellyn Richards (49) warrant officer. Norman- ten-ace. Merthyr; Frederick (39l. railway ^tationmast.or. Beaufort n: Beaufort: Phillip T. Staubury comn-dioion agent, 15 West, Ebbw Clerk said he had received a letter from the Registrar-Gen- enl ask;»ig the Board, now that the represent ations of the Guard'ans to have the position divided had been dealt with, to fill the vacancy. —It was agreed to reduc* the list to three. Voting was by papar, and the resul* xvas:— Llewellyn Richards, 31; J. L Morris. 25. T. Powell 23: Siford. 10; Bevnon._ Jones, 6: Samuel Jones. 5, Edwin Dav:?s. 4: William T.ewis. 4; F. Berrvimn, 3; T. R. NaJ1 and A. Reynolds, 2 each; W. D..Tone? and N-awell E.¡n:5. one vote each. — Mr. Prowle moved that Mr. Ll. Richards be appointed, but it was agreed to vote on paper —The was: Richards, 15; Morris. 10.— The votinrr (by ballot) resulted a-s follow;: Powell. 25; Richards, 23. Mr. Powell was therefore, declared appo-'nted. The Cha-rman moved '"That the resolution of Hli., Board to appoint a resident assistant medical officer for the Workhcuse be Tescindecl, and t;J&t a whoie-tim-e medical officer be appointed." -2.rr. T. E. Morgan seconded.—Rev. J. O'Reilly thought such an would cost a great deal of money, with no corresponding advantages. The position would cost about £400 a year, and what were they going to get for it?—Mr. Ed. Edwards thought the appointment would bo an expensive one, inasmuch as the med cal officer, if appointed, would deal only with cases in the Workhouse a.nd not in the whole Union. —Mr. Lewis (Gellygaer) supported the Rev. J. O'Reilly, on tho ground that it was probable that the administration of workhouses would be changed.—Mr. Tdria Davie, support-id the motion.—Mr. David Hughes said he sincerely hoped the Board would no' change the present system without knowing whether Boards ot Guardians were to b3 abolished.—Mr. W Hdey said it was Dr. Ward's request that a resident medical officer should bo appointed. Th? poor would be better off if tbey had a medical man resident in the house.—Mr. H Jones said the matter had been und-er consideration for years. Ho did not tirnk the expense would be as large as wa* estimated.-—The Chairman said h s mo- I tion did not intend to dispose of the services of Dr. Ward.—Mr. T. E. Morgan ea d he seconded j the Chairman because he thought it was Dr. Ward's recommendation, but after what the Rev. J. O'Reilly said, he would withdraw.— Mr. .D. Davies (Pant) thereupon seconded the mo- tion.—After further discussion, Mr. J. Prowle moved that the matter be referred to the House Management Committee.—Mr. Greatorex urged that if there had been no neg'ect a change of tho present system was .not nece-sary. — The Clerk advised ths Board to refer the question to committee, in order t.hj.t, all the details mig-ht be gone ifeto, and this was unanimously agreed to. Two letters received from the Local Govern- ment Board with re'erenoe to the proposal of the Guardians to extend the Workhouse build- ings. and also to add two wards to the Work- hou'e Infirmary were referred to tho House Management Committee. Mr. Dd. Evans (Merthyr) again objected to the mode adopted by the Town Council, a.nd a.!so tho Council at Gellye-aer, in appointing overseers, contending- that the maximum num- ber was four.—The Clerk said that as far as he 1 knew the appointments were now in order.— Mr. Evans: I move that do not recognise the overseers appointed by tha Merthyr Cor- oorat-'on.—The proposition was not seconded. and the matter dropport. The Clerk sa'd the Board required to make a call upon the overseers for £ 41,OCO, divided as follows :—Aberdare. £ 12-C03. as compared with in the last bal-year. G-ivgaer £ 35,642; Merthyr. :£10.480 (lass than la-st half vear, explained the Clerk, by reason of Merthyr being a county borough) P»nderyn, Rhicros, £656: Vaynor, £1 036 The in tho last half year was £40.000 end in the cor- responding period last year, -+-

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