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} MERTHYR TOWJ COUNCIL. THE NEW BOROUGH RATE. COUNCILLORS IN A "FOG." A special meeting of the Merthyr Corporation was held on Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of receiving the reports of the various commit- tees dealing with che estimates of revenue and expenditure for the ensuing year, and to mak? tho rates. The Mayor (Aid. Wihon) oresided The reports were fully explained in our last issue. Coun. W. Lewis (Treharris) said he had been reproached for receiving !he estimate of the Education Committee because it did not set out in detail how the money was to spent. H" vr.shed to point out that he was not the chair- man cf the Education Committee o~ the School Management Committee, but he occupied t>- chair whan the estimate was considered, beca- the chairman was not present. — Aid. Enoc Morrell said that it was well known that the bulk of the £ 25.000 called for by the Education Authority was for salaries, and provision was made for automatic increases. He would, he said, like to see Coun. Lewis taks a greater in- terest- ;n educational work in the Borough, as well as finance.-Coun- Isaac Edwards said the full details of the estimate for education were not given. The Borough Controller was to be complimented upon the form in "hlch all the other details were presented, but the fducation accounts left them in the dark.-Ald. Morrell said that the whole of the accounts had b?en gone through by the Controller.—Coun. Wm. Lewis moved that in future all the details of the education estimate be given. Coun. F. S. Simons said he quite agreed with Ald. Morrell, but as the resolution was not a reflection upon anyone, he seconded it. For the last four esti- mates, the same question had been raised. and on two occasions he had moved that the ac. counts should be presented in detail.—The re- solution was carried. Aid. J. M. Berry asked what the cost would be for elementary and secondary education.— ) The Borough Controller said that about L94,600 I would be for elementary, and about £ 1,000 for secondary education. The rate for elementaiy education was Is. lid.—Coun. W Lewis: If it I is above Is. 6d., we are a necessitous district.— The Controller: Y"s. and you get the aid. A discussion took place as to how the rate was made up. and all admitted thev were "in a I fog."—The Controller said that the estimates which the respective comrrdtees had had before them gave 11 the mone-y to be ppent under var- ious heads (these were given in detail in our last issue).—Coun. Dan Thomas said that the Guardians' precept included charge* lor the maintenance of pauper lunatics. and it also an- pTd in the Coroorat.ion estimate.—Coun. F. S. Simons said it looked as if they were going to levy a rate for the maintenance of pauper lunatics twico over, and he would not vote for the making of the rate until the matter had bsen cleared up.—Mr. Gilbert Evans. a?s;stant overseer, said he was informed 'hat the charge was not included in the Board cf Guardians' preoapt.—Coun. F S. S:mons: How is the poor rate ma-Ie up? Mr. Evans: I cannot say (laughter). We only get the nrocept from th<- i Gua rdians.=Coun, Simons: In is absurd to deal with the finances of this Borough in this way. We have passed precept upon orec-int. and no- body can give us information. We do not know what the money includes, and it looks as ¡ though we pay rnoncv twice over. At the last meeting of the Mertlivr Board of Guardians, the Clerk said the rate would be twopence leis. but it looks like being a pe'">nv more.— Coun. Dan Thoma.s sa,d the c;111 of the Guard- ians for th half-year was £ 30 034, as compn-cd with 28.347 in the lazt lipif-veor. The Assistant Overseer oaid the Deputy Clerk to the Guardian? had told him that morning that the amounts for the maintenance of pauper luna tics, and aha tho cost of union offices were not included in the ^uard:ans' estimate. The General Purnoses Committee recommen- ded that the Council levy two halx-yearly gen- eral dict,.ict rates. amountinfr together to 3s. 5d in the Ð for -an;tpi-y pnl liqbtinrr purposes, and to cover the doficiencv on water revenue „ac I count; also that a precept be levied upon the Ovo-s-ers equivalent to a rste of 3s. J d in the P, for the year to include the cost ole-i^nt- ary. secondary and intorTriprliq.te educa- tion. police purooses, and al! other purposes c,.n the Poro,,rb a sum of £1.250 to cover the estimated defie'enev on cemeteries revenue I1CC0'H1t and a lr.iblic lib- rary rate of Id. in the £ .—Tbn was agreed to with but one exception, the 5? .850, the esti- mated detfi^iency on cemetejics. being reduced by one half. It VIA-, agreed to apply for sanction to borrow E12,91,10 for the erection of 63 houses at Peny- wem. The ^fa.yor mentioned that Coun. A. W. I Hc'eon. th» chnirmfin of the Finance Com- I mittee, wAr, seriously indisposed, .}.id, he wa.s sure would be regretted by the Council. He moved that a rote of sympathy be passed and sent to Council!or Hou'son, with the hope that he would have a soeedy recovery to go^d lieulth.-Al, D. W. Jones seconded, and the I resolution vias carried. ¡ A letter was read from Messrs. Candy's ¡ soVcitons askinrr for pavment of balance of aecoani for iho Cftndv filters. In replv to Coun. Lloyd as to whether the fitters were workinr "llt;o.f"t(\1v the Surwvov faid he I was perfectly satisJi-»d. and assured the Connei1 that- had saved tho raiaoayers 515 000 by their "nsta'Mion.—Dr. Duncan: T am also I satisfied. They do cxceM-^nt worl*. A'd. D. W. Jon-'s mentioned that at the rre- sentatron to Cr-lonel. Lew:s the previous Fri- day. the Colonel ore~<ritpd hi: n'ibh bust the of 1\1. :zcpn)bp Tol)n. TP. A., to Cor- uoration. «nd he 'Aid. Jcnes) informal'v- accen- ted it.—The Mayor moved that the Counoi! ) thank the Co'o.e' for fr^nerous "ift. He thought a good pos't-on for it -wou'd b" tn" Council Cha^her — Aid. K. Morrell in second int thp resp't on, said he .cor«-dered Colonel Lewis an ideal man.—The resolution was carried. CoMTorNO' YADtaMd. Sencsra, Squill. T-olu, etc.), for Oouahs. Of Chemists only.

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