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Ambulance Work at Dowlais. DISTRIBUTION OF CERTIFICATES AND MEDALLIONS. A well-attended public meeting was held on Saturday evening in the Wimborne Hall, Dow- lais, for the purpose of distributing the certifi- cates and medallions of the St. John Arnbulanoe Association, awarded to the membej-s of the "First-aid" Classes, conducted during the last session by Dr. H. Lewrs-Hughes, Llwynwern, and of the Dowlais" Ambula-nce Brigade, formed in connection therewith, who were successful in the recent examination. The Mayor of Merthyr (Aid. A. Wileon), with whom was the Mayoress, occupied the chair, and he was supported by Dr Hughes, Mr. T. R. Nicholas (Lloyds Bank), Mr. D. J. Davies (Gellifaelog), and Mr Arthur Lucas (hon. secre- tary).—At the outsetj the Secretary read letters of apology regretting inability to attend from Mr. Howell Jones, Trewern, and Mr. J. Henry Jones, Graig House, the manager and deputy manager respectively of Messrs. Guest, Keen, and Nettlefolds' Collieries. The Mayor, in expressing the pleasure it gave the Mayoress and himself to visit Dowlaia that evening, declared their deep interest in ambul- ance work. He said the acquirement of "first- aid" knowledge was exceedingly valuable, inas- much as it enabled a person to render the necessary assistance in case of accident "until the doctor comes." As a miner himself, many instances had come under his notice, where the rendering of help to fellow-workmen in the manner indicated had proved the means of sav- ing life. On that account alone, such service should appeal forcibly to the large companies and all employers of labour, and receive their fullest appreciation and support (cheers). Mr. Lucas (hon. sec.), reporting upon the work of the classes and the brigade, mentioned the interesting fact that seventeen years had elapsed since Dr. Hughes started the classes, and during the intervening period a great num- ber of students had gained awards. Since the establishment of the Ambulance Brigade, the majority of the successful first year candidates had joined the ranks, whereby they kept up their knowledge, and by exercise and practise became more and more efficient. As a body of men, they were also at call in cases of disaster or serious accident, ready and willing to proceed immediately tc the spot and render every pos- sible help. Last year alone, 80 known ca^es had been treated—one member having attended to no fewer than 2whjlst the ambulance car had been used on 40 occasions (cheers). Among other instances, the speaker cited one in which Mr. W. Jeffries had applied his "first? aid" knowledge with excellent results. A patient suffering from a bleeding wound went to a surgery in the absence of both Dr. Hughes and his assistant, and the former declared that the man had been saved from certain death. As a small token of appreciation, the patient had purchased a silver medal* for Mr. (cheers). The brigade station was at the Dow- lais Police Station, and was fully equipped and in readiness to meet any emergency when the members were summoned to the post of duty (cheers). Altogether fifty awards in the various stages had been secured, and the distribution was kindly undertaken by the Mayoress, and as the recipients marched to the front they were cord- ially cheered. Appended Is the list:— First Year Certificates: Messrs. Thos. Bowen, James Collins, Daniel Davies, Morgan Davies. Isaao H. Davies. Chas. Henry Foster, David John James, Thomas Lewis, Richard Rees, William Thomas Rees, Thomas James Thomas, John Thomas Williams.—Second Year (vouch- ers): Messrs. John Collings, Richard R, Davies, Phillip Evans, Lewis Evans, Joseph Jonathan, Thomas R. Nicholas, William Pugh. George Stephens.—^Third Year Medallions: Messrs. E. W. Davies, Isaac H. Daries. Thomas pavie", W'i'liam Davies, Edwin C. Edwards, Silas M. Harris, William H. Harris, Albert Hunt, Thos. Johns, James Jones, Thomas Jones, William Morgan, Fred L. Newman, John Wooding, Wm. Jeffrie^.—Fourth Year (labels): Messrs. Thomas Jenkins, Samuel Jones. Ernest F. Hobbs, Ar- thur Lucas, WiHiaiji J. McMurray, Robert Hy. Parker, Ernest J. Sutton, Stephen Z. Watkins Edwin Withers. — Service Badges (given to members who have performed three years' effi cient service in the Ambulance Brigade): Messrs. Thomas Jenkins, Samuel Jone*, Wm. •T. McMurrav. Edward Morris, Stephen Z. Wat- kins, and Edwin Withers. DOWLAIS MAN'S BRAVERY. Another presentation of especial interest and merit followed, when the Mayor handed th- certificate of the Royal Humane Society to Mr Albert Victor Marriott; and tho Mayoress, amrd resounding applause, pinned to his breast the coveted bronze mo-da 1 of the Society for gallantry displayed in January last. As report ed in our columns at the time. Mr. Marriott. who is a baker, rushed from the heated pre mises of Mr. W. D. Thomas, grocer, x^nyweT,. where he was employed, and at the risk of his own life, plunged into the water and recovered a little boy named Willie Bowen, who ;d fallen into the Fish Pond, one of the Dowlas Ironworks' reservoirs, owing to the ico break ling. The Mayor referred in highly complimentary terms to Mr. Marriott's distinguished bravery, and further spoke of the good work the Royni Humane Society was doing in encouraging s-uch acts of gallantry. He also mentioned, ;n cci nection with the rescue effected bv Mr. Mar- riott, that although the child was brought oi t alive, it was unconscious, and succumbed in the course of three-quarters of an hour, notwith- standing tho efforts of Mrs. Isaac Davies, Pen- ywern, a member of the Ambulance Brigade, who endeavoured to restore animation by means of artificial respiration. During the evening, Mr. J. Collins rendered songs, and Master D. E. Jones gave recitations, and Mr. J. T. Jones, Dowlais Boys' School, presided at the pianoforte. A vote of thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress for attending wa-5 heartily accorded, on tho motion of Mr. T. R. Nicholas, seconded by Mr. D. J. Davies, who also tendered thanks on motion of Mr. T. R. Nicholas, seconded by Mr. D. J. Davies, who also tendered thanks on behalf of the Royal Humane Society; and like compliments having besn paid to the artistes and to Mr. Lucas (hon. secretary), the proceed- ings terminated with the singing of "Hen Wrlad fy Nhadau."



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