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Fisons' (Ipswich) Fertilizers.




PAUPER'S OUTING TO PONTSTICILL. James JenkinSj a native of the town, was chargad with being drunk at the Workhouse and with assaulting the labour master.—The Master of the Houso said the man went out for the day, and returned under the influence of drink. He' would not go to bed, and threatened to smash every window in the place.—The Sti- pendiary (to the Master): Did you g-ive him half a sovereign pocket money? (laughter).—Defend- ant said he went for a walk round Pontsticiil. and had a pint of beer at the Abergla.s. j £ e was fined 53. and costs for being drunk, or seven days, and sent to prison for sevan days for the assault TCESDAY.—Before Alderman Wilson (Mayor). Messrs. S. Sandbrook, Rhys Davies, and Arthur Daniel. TRANSFERS.—-On the application of Mr. F. P. Charles the licence of the Three Salmons Inn, Merthyr wa<3 transferred from Mr. Loveridge to Mr. Wm. Jones, of Porth. The licence of the Victoria Inn, Dowlais, was transferred to Mr. Loveridge, Mr. Davies (the present holder of the licence) going to Carmarthen to take charge of another house. REMANDED.—Joseph Huzzey, standing over 6ft. in height, was charged with stealing a youth's coat and vest. He was seen m P<?ny- darren with the clothes under his arm. He he bought them on the road, but he was locked up. The owners of the clothes had not bMn found, and accused was remanded for a *MAN AND WIFE.—David Rees, collier, of Blaina who did not appear, was charged with deserting his wife, Janet, three months ago- Complainant said her husband had been work- ing at Tredegar, Abercanij and Blaina, where he" had lived with his sister. She thought he had gone back to Abercarn again.—An order was mede for the payment of 12s. a week and ^PROVOCATION—William Winkworth and John Archer were charged with fighting in Castle- I street, Merthyr, on Monday night.—Mrs. Win- ford said that Archer came to the in Castle-street. She showed him where he had to sleep. Defendant made indecent overtures to her, and struck her a blow Sne called her husband, who put Archer out of the house.- Archer was fined 20s. and costs, the case against Winkworth being dismissed. His IDEA OF THE WORKHOUSE -John Smith and Patrick Kelly were found by P.S. Clinch sleeping at the Rhydycar boilers on Monday nierht.—The Mayor asked Smith, an elderly and feeble man whv he did not go into the V ork- house.—Smith: It's Just the same as going to saol, sir isn't it?—Kelly was to prison for 14 days; Smith was discharged. THE RULING PASSION.—Several boys were summoned for playing football in Cardlff-rod, Merthyr Vale, and wore fined 2s. 6d. each. IMPUDENT ROBBERY AT MERTHYR. John Donohue, a dirty looking fellow, wdh: only one arm, was charged with stealing spec tacles, value £3" from. the shop of FredericA. Williams, optician, High-street Merthyr, on Friday —Mr Williams raid that defendant came into the. shop. As witness came downstairs he saw defendant, step from behind the counter He said he wanted to beg a penny and walked away. Witness afterwards missed three pairs of spectacles. The sam0 evenmg he missed five pairs of steel frames.—Evan J. Hughes, an as- sistant in the shop, said the defendant cam? into the shop, came round the counter, struck witness to the floor, and broke his glasses. Wit- ness was rendered unconscious, and when he came to himself the spectacles were all about the floor-Thomas Davies, Rainbow Inn, said that on Ftridav evening defendant came to his howe selling spectacles -David Davies, Ivy Bush, gave similar evidence.-P.C. W Rees arrested defendant in Castle street, and he was identified from am on git other-men by the prev- ious witnesees.-Pleading guilty, Donohue was sent'to prison for three months. 4


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Dowlais Chamber of Trade.