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e. *»ayf ] ||g|g Ad. ti&Iet i A Why no^ff? | Sg|» IUOMAS, Bf»?T0L f.§ SHOPPING BY POST. I "WT7 T? "K" T V will secure ore of our X/ TV _Tli Xi< X*l-i JL Special 10s. 6d. or 21s. BALES containing Blankets. Sheets, Quilts, Flannel, Flannelettes. Towels Curtains. Jackets Skirts, Furs. Boots, Clothing. &e. Write for Bar, pin Lists.—WHOLKSALK & EXPORT SUPPLY Ho., 79. Knisrhtrider-street, London, E.C. ( I \f A PRESERVATIVE OIL. yjk k I Dressing for Boots, W i M%k 4c- W ■ SNOW AND KAIN PROOF. fINS- 4id..AIJd 9d. The 3d. size contains pint and is opplied with brush. From all Dealers or of — H. M. LLOYD, 28, Viciorla-st., Merthyr. •ole Makers: VIX OIL Co., Basinghall-sr. London, E.C 1 LADIES SHOULD KNOW | Blaackd's Apial & Steel Fills 1 W have ahu»'ned the lar^-st shI* «.f anj- toi Eg S Women. Merit alone made thi" record possible. Bg 1/1.} per tx?.r from nil rhrmi*h, or posifr^c m Leslie Martyn.Ltd.34Dalsion-iane,LondonJK INVALUABLE .< £ ? fyjr f0R +? £ > I or ALL 4 f £ ETBS0f | CHEHISTSFB>I.-U I IhMnMMKMMMBMuni '-L -E'- ■<*■11 IH«I SOLD li .— D. WILLIAM EVANS. Chemist. 46, North-stret, Dowlais. W. PARRY WILLIAMS. Chemist. Bargoed T. DOUGALL, Cash Chemist IleUicar-street, Ebbw T. DAVIDS and SON, 35 High-street. Rhymney Hid Caerphilly. ■ will immediately arrest the course of the M fuMC HEAliwl ■ disease and jiuard against all ill effects, It HB ■ possesses marvellous healing and tonic prop* H H erties. and gives instant relief to B R Golds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Pitti- ra ■ culty of Breathing, etc. It is very H B beneficial, and has proved for many years a Eh| H boon and blessing to thousands of sufferers, gj ■ REMEMBER 1 Neglected Coughs and g D Colds frequently turn to Bronchitis, A^hma, RH H etc., and are often the forerunner or that Kg ■ dreadful disease-Consumption. H Prices 1/14 and 23, of ail Chemists and Store*. EB H iftori't from the sale proprietors and Inventors Kg B ° G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. « H THE INFLAMMATION REMEDIES CO.. fflj marnftVOM- MON. jgBtofCTftffi The proof the pudding is in gravy, and a most Yf luscious flavour and aroma are added to steak puddings and pies. by the use of Gravosal the new nutrient a,gravy maker;! flEESl,' X' *'• s S™ Sold in id. Packets and W'ts » 4id. Glass Jars. Sam fit fret on mentiantxg name and address of Grocer to THADINC CO Cardiff, ———————————————-—— I LADIES! LADIES* Mrs. E. SHAFFER-BHNYON. the Eminent Lady Specialist, has much|pleasuro in an. nouncing that her itKMU->Y HITHOUT MEDICINE is the only Positive. Sare Cer- tain, and Speedy one known. It acts almost immediately, and does not interfere with household duties. Send at once stamped-ad. dressed envelope for full particulars arid most convincing Testimonials (guaranteed genuine under a penalty of £ LOpo> to-Mtb E. ShafferBenyon, Catford, London 3.E, fEstablished 10 .ve31,8 ln IJolt">rn-' KURrn KURIT!! KURIT! Why be a martyr and suffer so from INDIGESTION accompanied hy its long train of Stomach and Liver Disorders, Heartburn, Fiatuience, Flush- ing, Feeling of Fuiness ar. Pain after eating, Loss of Appetite, Enery ad Interest in Business, Irritability and Depression, Consti- j pation, Piles, and ugiy Blotches on the Skm ? wbec KURIT I rets to the bottom of the evil, and by clearing the system of all its impurities makes YOUR LIFE WORTH LIVING It has worked wonders in cases of the worst type, when scores of ctfcer remedies and ioctors have failed* As a SPRING MEDICINE, it excels all others; IN 2/6, 4/6, and 11/ post free. iVrite for Free sample, enclosing 3d. in stamps. If your Chemist hasn't it in stock write to p S. HILL & Co., SOLE PKOPRIETORS, 19, Melrose Avenue, Wimbledon Park, LONDON, S.W. The remarkable new black Enamel, ei far superior to ordinary g Brunswick Black for CRATES R BICYCl ES, SEWINC MACHINES B RAILINGS, DOOR KNOCKlhs, B | and evnfj variety of ornamental ironwork. B I STOVO dries absolutely hard with a B B v.agnificent glossy black surface like that of B K newly stoved bicycle. Obtainable in tins k at 2d.. 4d., and 6d. each from all iron- H fc mongers, colormen and large stores. » Please ask for STOVO and see that it is in a 1 ff decorated til).—Wholesale only from the Manu- H » ^U'rer—JAMES RUDMAN, Cambrian Color |


Fisons' (Ipswich) Fertilizers.




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Dowlais Chamber of Trade.