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THE TESTIMONIAL TO COL. LEWIS. COLONEL LEWIS was the recipient, on Friday evening, of a very handsome mark of public esteem, at the Drill Hall. Upon the initiative of Dr. Biddle, who acted as secretary, about a year ago,, a movement was set on foot to present him with a suitable acknowledgment of his long public services, and it culminated in the sub- scription of a considerable fund. The committee decided to present the gallant Colonel with a marble bust of himself, a congratulatory address and a piece of plate, and the gifts were handed over at a meeting of the subscribers on Friday night. It goes without saying, that a more popular gentleman for such an object than Colonel Lewis could not be singled out in the Borough, and the movement was worthy of the man and he of the purpose to be attained. Of few persons can it be said that they have created or incurred no enmities, yet Colonel Lewis is one of those rare individuals, his oharacter being a happy combination of those personal qualities and excellencies which compel respect and esteem from all with whom they come into contact. It is in his military capacity chiefly that Colonel Lewis has dis- tinguished himself, as a member of the old Volunteer force, in which he rose from the ranks to the commandership of the biggest battalion in South Wales. He was devoted heart and soul to the cause, and infused a degree of ardour and enthusiasm into it which degree of ardour and enthusiasm into it which we rarely find amongst officers. He was deeply attached to his men and they were devoted to him, and this mutual attachment was the secret of the extraordinary success of Volunteering in Merthyr. It was a thousand pities that Father Time and the Army regulations jointly decreed his retirement from active service, just before the new Territorial Army was called into being, because, as Colonel James, his successor in command, very well expressed it at the Drill Hall, Colonel Lewis really ought to have bad the organisation of the new force, and starting it well upon its career, before he finally relinquished the command. But things will not always shape themselves as we want them, and as the gallant Colonel was debarred from sharing in the honour and responsibility of creating and organising the local units of the new force, it was the most fitting thing to be done by his innumerable friends to publicly testify, in the way that has been done, their high appreciation of his invaluable services with the old one. It was characteristic of Colonel Lewis to make the graceful gift of his marble bust to the Corporation, and we are sure that it will be accepted with gratification and housed in a suitable portion of the Town Hall as a beautiful work of art by the most eminent living Welsh sculptor.

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