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THE EISTEDDFOD OF THE YEAR at I ABERGAVENNY, EASTER MONDAY. Gorsedd Ceremonv. 10 Choral and Orchestral Competitions. I Over 60 Choirs and Bands from all parts Competing. I Chairing Ceremony, in which several Bards of note willtakepart. Band of Triple Artistes. SPLENDID, FEif AT THE CASl?IiEr Secretary: Mr. R. H. JACKSON, Abergavenny. THEATRE /MMI ROYAL, MERTHYR. J I Leseea THE SOUTH WALES ENTERTAINMENrs Co. I MONDAY, APRIL 12th. AND DURING THE WEEK. I _—— ( SPECIAL MATINEE, EASTER MONDAY, ¡ Doors Open 2. Commence 2.30. ■ — I THB PLAT THAT DREW ALt. LONDON. THB PLAY THAT SET NEW YORK TALKING. Miss MARY AUSTIN and Mr. E. VIVIAN EDMONDS' i CHIEF COMPANY IN THE POWERFUL PLAY- m iL WOMAN & WINE Written by ARTHUR SHIRLEY and BEN LANDECK. Doors Open 7.15. Commence 7 45. Circle, 2s. Stalls, Is. 6d. Pit, Is. Gallery, 6d. THEATRE ROYAL, MERTHYftl 1 SUNDAY, April llth, 1909. Jdder tbe distinguished patronage of The Mayor, who will attend. A C C[]P Jr"Jt. 4C PROFESSOR DAN PRICE, the Famous Baritone. MISS RACHEL THOMAS. MR. TOM BRYANT, the Celebrated Harpist. MISS MANDER FOX. And numerous other Artistes, The whole of the proceeds, without any deduction whatever, will be handed to the Distress Fund. THE BAND OF 25 PERFORMERS. The Seats at 2/6, 2/ 1/ and 6d. are rapidly being secured at the Theatre Booking Office. Merthyr and District May Horse Show and Parade. PENYDARREN PARK, MERTHYR, I THURSDAY, MAY 20th, 1909. 4clo JiaraL 4a le-s OPEN DRIVING, SADDLE, JUMPING, TROTTING vravi and GALL0PING CLASSES. Schedules may be obtained from Secretary, W. T. JONES, 50, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER SEASON: The PENYDARREN C.E.M.S. will hold a GARDEN PARTY in the COLLEGE FIELD, on THURSDAY, JUNE 24th, 1909. KEEP THIS DATE OPEN. LOOK-OUT FOR FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS. PRELIMIN ARY A NNOTJNCEMENT. THE ABERDARE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW WILL BE HELD ON AT THE TUESDAY, AUGUST 3rd, ABERNANT PARK, X ABERDARE. Schedules will be ready in a few day., and may be obtained of the becretary- T n WILLIAMS, 10, Canon Street, Aberdare. Fnane—Nat. 0126- 1 ■ — The Chair Eisteddfod of Wales At Mountain Ash on Easter Monday. 1 61 CHOIRS AND BANDS 30 W W 10,51, r- rp I HARP SOLOS BY NOTABLE HARPISTS. The following World-Famous Choirs have entered for- CHIEF CHORAL :-Rbymnev, Newport, Treborth, Shrewsbury, North Staffordshire, Cwmavon, MALE VOIUE ^CO MPE T IT I^—Birmingham, Maesteg. Morriston, Merthyr Vale, Aberdare, MALE M?d.RhoSa,^ Gar., Kenfig Hill. Trebarm, Mountam Ash. ftirpnvn PKORAL—Trecynon, Rhondda Fa-ch. Ogniore a e. 'choirs from Bristol, Liverpool, and other towns for the various Choral Conditions. 21 OF THE MOST FAMOUS WELSH AND ENGLISH BANDS. NEARLY 700 ENTRIES FROM ALL PARTS OF THE KINGDOM. For full particulars apply to— D. T. EVANS. MOPVTATN ASH. (5WENT CHAIR EISTEDDFOD BHYMNJSY, MON. WHIT-TUfiSDAY, JUNE 1st, 1909. fa} "All Men. all Things," £ fOO Chief Choral -$••<*«. ™»«. «- Second Choral "Da,break" Male Voices "Voice of U.e Torrents £ 45 Ladies' Clioirs "Yr Hat" Juvenile Choirs "Haste not, Rost not" iiol Boys' Choirs Tig*r, Tiger" • Pnddeat « Anian" £ 5 a Clvadair Gwent Prif Draetliavrd "Dyfodol rymru" ±3 3 O. SOLOS, TWO GUJNAS EAOH. Quartette, Duet, CJywydd, Cm, Knsiyn,Tru KecitatioDS, Mining, Ambulance, Wand Drill*, &c. Full particulars in Programme, THE ^TERRACE, RHYMNEY. FOCHRIW | CHAIR EISTEDDFOD Easter Tuesday, April 13th, 1909. Presidents-Dr E. DAVIKS, J.P., Fochriw, a.nd Rev T. Rpits, B A., Vicar of Pontlnttyn, Adjudicators—Music: JOSEPH BOWEN. Esq., Inter Mus. Bach.. Porth literary and Recit- ation Rev. J. JKMVIN'^) B. A., (Gwili), 12, Glynrhondda-strreet, Cardiff. ChixF CHORAL, Efe [I ddaw" (English or Welsh) T. Price, G. and L. INVKNILE CHOIRS, "Mark the Merry Elves' (Caldicott). Solos, £ 1 la. Timbering and Splicing Com- petitions, Recitations, &c. Programmes Id. each, by post Ijd., to be had of •to Secretary, T. H. LLEWELLYN, 10. Martin-street. Fochriw. via Cardiff. MARKET HALL, POHIYPOOL. GRAND CHAIR EISTEDDFOD EASTER TUESDAY, APRIL 13th, igog. TO COMMENCE at 10 a.m. and 2 pjn. 0ver £ 90 in Prizes P rand Promenade Concert at 7-45. Ar-tlntes' Eisteddfod Prize Winners, assisted by MADAME MAUD LOVELESS (double winner National Eisteddfod, 1908). Last date of Entry March 30th. Programmes may be obtained from the Secretary: MR. JAMES BEES, 22. NICHOLAS STBKBT, PONTWQOU NELSON. T HIRD ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Will be held in a QDacious Marquee at NELSON, 0:1. EASTER TUESDAY, APRIL 13TH, 1909. In a FIELD kindly lent by Dr. W. W. Leigh. 0HIEF ITEMS. MALR VOICE: "The Reveille," 120 and a Gold Medal. Not Ie«s than 60 voices MIXKP CHOIR •' (Jentle come the breath of evening." Tawel chwyth awelon Hwvrddydd." Not less than 60 voices. po and a valuable Metronome. AMBULANCE: First, £ 2 and a Silver Medal; Second, £ 1. SOLO, RKCITATION AND PIANOFORTK, tl ls. each Novice Solo, 10s. 6d. each. Further particulars see Programme, 2d. each. post free Secretaries: E. MORGAN, Langsyne T. MORGAN Bryn Derwen, Nelson, near Cardiff. J3 ARG-OBP. FIFTH ANNUAL Chair EISTEDDFOD MONDAY, MAY 10th, 1909. MnsrcAt ADJUDICATORS :—D. R. LEWIS, Esq., F.T.S.C., Brynaman and T. HUGHES, Esc., F.T.S.C., Llwynhendy. LITKBART ADJUDICATORS :—" Dyfnallt," Ponty- pridd, and Rev. T. DAVIES, Bargoed. PRINCIPAL ITEMS MALK VOICES, The Reveille" (Elgar) £ 21 • MIXED CHOIRS, "Hallelujah Chorus" (Handel) £ 2" CONGREGATIONAL CHOIRS £ 5 JOVKNILK CHOIRS • £ 6 BOYS' CHOIFLB JB6 AMBULANCE £ 5 PRYDDEST- £ 2, and a valuable Chair, and num- erous other competitions. erous other competitions. All Entries must reach Secretary by April 26th, f. 1909. Furt-her particulars see Programme, lid. post free.—W. WILLIAMS, Secretary, 5, West-street, Bargoed. Dowlais Chamber of Trade. FIRST GRAND EISTEDDFOD Will be held In a SPACIOUS MARQUEE, In the DOWLAIS SCHOOLS' PLAYGROUND. WHIT-MONDAY, 1909. Musical Adjiidicator.-Profer-sor DAN PRICE, A.R.C M., London DAVID THOMAS, Esq., M.A., Mus. Bac., Swansea. CHIEF CHORAL EVENTS. MALE VOICE. — "O Peaceful Night" (German), The Word went forth (Mendelssohn). First Prize, £ 40. Second Price, 25. CON(;ItEGATrONAL. Cenweh j'r Arglwydd" (E T. Davies). First Prize, j320. Second Prize, £ 5. JUVICNILIC. Who is Sylvia?" (D. T. Evans). First Prize, 27 Second Prize, £ 3. BOYS.—" Faint not, Fear not, God is near thee." (Smart). JE2. VOCAL SOLOS — £ 2 2s. Substantial prizes also for instrumental Solos, Penillion Singing, Musical Composition, Ambu- lance, Timbering and other contests. Programmes ready shortly, 2d each, post free, of the General Secretary, Mr. DAVID RERS, Ormonde House, Dowlais. MEMORIAL HALL, SEYMOUR STREET, ABERI) ARE. A BAZAAR (In connection with Tabernacle Congregational Church) will be held at the above place ON THURSDAY, APRIL 22nd, 1909. The Bazaar will be opened at 3 p.m. by MRS. D. A. THOMAS, Llanwcrn. There will be special attractionp, including Dramatic Entertainments and Stalls for Plain and Fancy Goods, Dairy Produce, Wood Carving, China, Home-made Sweets. Dry Goods, Ferns and Flowers, &c. Tickets for Lancheon & Bazaar, 2/•; Tea & Bazaar, 1/ PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, THE WALK, MERTHYR. PMACHSR NlSXT StJKBAT— REV. J. LLOYD WILLIAMS (PASTOR) Services at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Spiritualist Couqcil of Wales opened permanently at BENTLEY'S HALL, MERTHYR, SUNDAY NEXT, APRIL llth, 1909, At 3 o'clock and 6 30 p.m. Mr. Dan Llewellyn, of Cardiff, Trance Speaker, Mr. Jack Richards, Mountain Ash, Clairvoyant. Developement Circle 11 o'clock a.m. No Monday Service this week. Abfiraman Horse Show WAY 24th, 1909. EIGHTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION At the Aberaman Park. PRESIDENT • DR. FINNEY. Z200 In Cash Prizes. Classes for Driving, Riding, Jumping, Trotting, Gallopingi and Yeomanry Turn-out SCHEDULES READY. REES, Secretary, Broad Oak, Aberaman. BARGOED & DISTRICT FOURTH ANNUAL may-DAY SHOW & PARADEI I d. including Fire Brigades' Tournament will take place on MONDAY, MAY 10th, 1909, At BARGOED. I SCHEDULES READY. | E. G. STAPLETON, Sec., j 48, Cardiff Road, Merthyr; or 1 ALF. THOMAS, Assist. Sec., 56, McDonnell Road. Bargoed. EASTER MONDAY AT CARMARTHEN PARK. BRASS BAND CONTESTS. Class A—8 Entries. Class B -5 Entries. Class C-5 Entries. CYCLE "REVENGE" MATCH BETWEEN VIC. JOHNSON, World's Champion, 190S ) BERT ANDREWS (Re-appearance of this favourite after his accident at the Stadium last year); W. J. BAILEY, World's Record Holder. I Amateur Cycle Races N.C.U, Rules). j Professional Foot Races.' First; appearance of the DAYTON FAMILY (12 Pei former*). The MILFORD BROTHERS in their incom- parable Traptze Act. Concluding at dusk with a j Display of FIREWORKS. | THE EVENT OF THE SEASON, i A Sight in a Lifeo Time. < SOSTOCK-ANt. WOMBWBCL'D Royal No. 1 Menagerie (with a Complete Show) WILL VISIT MERTHYR, EASTER SATURDAY, APRIL 10th. EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 12th. And stand on THOMAS'S YARD (AWE THEATRE ROYAL). You ca.n.not have enough of a good thing, so be sure and visit the greatest Collection 01 1 rained and Untrained Wild Animals ever col- lected under One roof. BEE THE LION AND LEOPARD CUBS living to- gether. Baby Pumas, the prettiest of all the reline Species. Never before seen in Merthyr. LITTER OF YOUNG PORCUPINES, never before seen in any Travelling Exhibition. Young ■rorcupines axe very funny. Do see them—A coiossai amalgamation of Strajige and Curious Animals from the uttermost parts of the Uni- verse.-All roads lead to Wombwell's, and no expense has been spared to add new living specimens of the animal creation.—Remember this is the only Show travelling, worthy the name of Zoo or Menagerie. The whole colleo tion IS undoubtedly the last word in Men. •*«««. We try to please the Merthyr people, and hope we do so, and give more genuine value for money than any other travelling Show. The only Show of its kind now touring. Name itself is a guarantee. Established in 1805. Nçver has the whole collection been so complete as at present, making this a. Record Visit. A visit to Wombwell's is Instructive, Mucational, Inspiring, and Entertaining, be- sides being. money well spent. A single visit proves this. BABY BOSTOCK AND HER Ax MATES—A Record-Litter of Lion Cubs. UGL Y.-NOT THE UNEExA, OR THE BONASSUS, BUT THE MELURSUS. Absolutely the most weird creature over dis- covered. Once seen-never forgotten. You should really see him. A Hideous Animal, yet attractive. SPLENDID MILITARY BAND. Prices as usual. WILL ALSO VISIT RHYMNEY, APRIL 13TH, AND BRYNMAWR, APRIL 14TH. ?I^S0N TO BREEDERS OF HIGH-CLASS i909. COBS AND HARNESS HORSES. If yon want the RIGHT SORT, use the DOUBLE CHAMPION BRKD HACKNEY BTALUONS— MYRTLE DAN LENO 5 years old, 16 hands high. Volume 5, W.S.B. ?.lre AGILITY. 2,799 H S.B. Dam Sire TRUSTFUL, 2,741 H.S.B. or the 3 year old Colt. 15 hands high- TRUSTFUL RECRUIT 10.849 H.S B.. Volume 2R Sire, CHAMPION TRUSTKUL, 2,741 H,S.B. Dam. 14.775, TATTKRS, H.S.B. By the CHAMPION CASSIUS, 2,397 H.S.B. For Stud Cards and Particulars apply to Owner- TOM JONES, GALON UCHAF STUD, MERTHYR. RATS'SINS ARE MANY BUT RODINE RAT POISON slaughters millions of Rats. Certain death. Extermination sure. Acst like magic. Never fails. prices -6d„ is., 2s., 3s., 5s.; post 2d. — HARLEY Chemist, Perth. Agent :-T. JENKINS, Chemist, Fontroorlais, Mestbyr. f HR ARCHER*^ SI GOLDEMSCTUBMSl ;& £ i=3 £ C—•' ¡- 'IØJiiii J ö. Facsimile ej One-Ounce I-achct. Archer's Golden Returns 2'11. Perfection of Pip* Tobacco, p:¡ Coot.. FfwJr. D Jl'JltA8JlA" — Merthyr Express" Diary. -_f"o-o- A II fixtures advertised in the "Express" will bt included in the diary free of charge. Saturday, APRIL 10. Thomas's Yard, Merthyr-Bostock and Womb. well's Menagerie. Eisteddfod at Ton Pentre. Sunday, APRIL 11. Theatre RoTal, Merthyr—Grand Concert. Bentley's Hall, Merthyr-Spirituajisttl. Easter Monday, APRIL 12. Theatre Royal, Merthyr—"Woman and Wine." Thomas's Yard, Merthyr-Bostock and Womb- well's Menagerie. New Theatre, Aberdare—"The Dishonoured Wife." Palace of Varieties, Ebbw Vale—Variety. Carmarthen Park-Brass Band Contest, etc. Chair Eisteddfod at Abergavenny. Cottage Hospital Eisteddfod. Mountain Amb. County School, Trodegar-Re-upion. Tuesday, APRIL 13. Athletic Sports. Abergavenny. Eisteddfod at Market Hall, JPontypooL Chair Eisteddfod at Fochriw. Eisteddfod at Nelson. Friday, APRIL 16. Aberdare Cattle, Pleasure, and Flannel Fair; aLso April 17. Tuesday, APRIL 20. Shiloh Church, Merthyr—Rev. David Pughe's Lecture on "Riches and Poverty." Thursday, APRIL 22. Memorial Hall, Aberdare—Bazaar. Monday, MAY 10. Chair Eisteddfod at Bargoed. Tabernacle, Merthyr-Solo Compehtion & Tea. Bargoed and District May Day Show Thursday, MAY 20. Penydarren Park, Merthyr-Merthyr and Dis. tnct May Day Horse Show and Parade. Monday, MAY 24. Aber&man Horse Fair. Whit-Monday, MAY 31. Chamber of Trade Eisteddfod at Dowlais. Monday, JUNE 1. Rhymney-—Gwent Chair Eisteddfod. Thursday, JUNE 24. College Field, Merthyr—Penydarren C.E.M.S. Garden Party. Monday, JULY 5. Bedweilty Park, Tredegar—I" ete and Gala. Tuesday. AUGUST 3. Aberdare Annual Flower Show. Thursday. NOVEMBER 4. l Salt of W ork.-Pa.ri-w Gburriu Do-I^;& TABERNACLE, MERTHYR. 1 Champion Solo Competition I And ANNUAL ) MONSTRE TEA ON MONDAY, MAY 10th, 1909. Open Solo Competition for Male or Female. Competitor to choose own solo First Prize, 10/6; Second Prize, 5/ The namea of the competitors must lie sent to J. DVRlN PRICK, 108. 13recon Road, Merthvr. on or before May 6th. 1909. I 1 -nip j V Notice to Subscribers^ i Three editions of the f'Merthyr Express" are printed every week — one for the Aberdare IV ley from llirwain to Abercynon; one for the Ro? ough of Merthyr Tydfil and East Glamorgan; and one for West Monmouth, inclusive of the Rhymney Valley. Subscribers in one district desirous of obtainino the edition in another district can be supplied with it iltrough their regular agents by sending a post card to the publisher, Glebeland- street. Merthyr, intimating their wishes and nam- ing the agent. I L.. ■. TT



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Bostock and Wombwell's -


The Ynysfach Murder.