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THE LATE ATTEMPT TO FIRE SHEER- NESS DOCK YARD. "Sheerness, Oct. 24. On Friday morning Mr. Esse], the Judge Advocate, arrived here, and was for a considerable time closeted with the Commander-in- chief, Admiral Digby he then went on board the Ocean, and formally served Henty with a copy of the charges. You will perceive, that if found guilty of the first part of the charges which I subjoin, Henty must be sentenced to death, in accordance with the 22 Geo. 2. sec. 21. The charges are-" First charge, In having been guilty, on the 2d day of October, 1340, of a breach of his duty in collecting and placing in a locker in the Midshipmens' birth, on the lar- board side of the after Cockpit, and also in a rack in the Carpenters store room, in the fore part of H. M. Ship Camperdown, various combustible materials, consisting of oakum, pieces of birch wood, and lucifer matches, and placing or allowing to be placed some hay, in the Midshipmen's birth, to the imminent danger of the said ship Camperdown, and of other of if. M. Ships and stores thereunto adjacent—"Second charge: In having been guilty in disobedience of Z, orders on the same 2nd day of October, in not taking -are of the safety of H. M. Ship Camperdown, as it was his duty to do. Third charge For having on y 11 a the said 2d day of October, made a false report to his mzperior officer, Capt. Sir John Hill, on the extent of the fire which in the afternoon of that day had taken place on board the said ship Camperdown, and of the circumstances attending it.-(Signed) CHARLES ADAM, J. B. PECHELL. (By Order) R. M. O'FER- RALL." The Court ilfartial-At half-past nine o'clock on Tuesday morning, the members of the Court took their seats. The court was composed of Admiral the Hon. P. D. Bouverie, President and Admiral Superintendent of Portsmouth Dock Yard, and, pro tempore, second commanding officer of Her Majesty's ships in the Medway Captain Clavell, captain su- perintendent of Chatham Dockyard, Captain Hornby, captain superintendent of Woolwich Dockyard, and of Commanders, Webb and Douglas. The witnesses examined 'on Tuesday in support of the first charge were, Mr. George North, supernu- merary carpenter of the Ocean, Captain Sir John Hill, Lieutenant Wise, Director of Police of Sheer- ness Dock Yard, John Miller, storekeeper, and William Daniel Baines, foreman of the shipwrights in the Dockyard. Wednesday night,—The Court Martial is still sit- ting, hearing evidence in support of the first charge.

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