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BURGLARY AT TYNLLWYN, IN THE PARISH OF LLANRHYSTID. James Davies, who stated himself to be a native of Carmarthenshire, was placed at the bar on sus- picion of having in the afternoon of Tuesday the 27th instant, broken into the dwelling-house of Thomas Morgan at Tynllwyn, and stolen therefrom a fustian jacket the property of John Morgan. Thomas Morgan stated that on Tuesday last, about three o'clock in the afternoon, his daughter locked the door of his dwelling-house and went away from' the premises. On returning with her mother at four o'clock they discovered that the door was not fasten- ed, and on going into the house they immediately missed the jacket. On going to bed between eight and nine o'olock in the evening, they found that the staple of the lock had been forced off the door, and on the following day, in consequence of information he received, he proceeded to Aberystwith and applied for the assistance of the Police. Jones the Officer immediately went in search of the prisoner and cap- tured him as he was walking out of the Town at the bottom of the North Parade, Prisoner had then the jacket on his back, which Jones produced. John Morgan, son of Thomas Morgan identified the jacket as his property, and the Magistrates then committed the prisoner to Cardigan for trial at the next General Quarter Sessions for Larceny, and bound the Witnesses jn recognizances to appear against him. TARDY SIGNS OF WAR The Dover correspondent of the Courier says, An order has arrived from Government to place all the fortifications at Dover in a state of immediate defence, in consequence of which His Grace the Duke of Wellington, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, accompanied by Mr. Jenkinson, the Deputy-Governor, Colonel Munro, Commandant of the Garrison, Colonel Thomson, commanding the Royal Engineers, Lord Marybo- rough, Lord Fitzroy Somerset, &c. made an inspection of the Castle, batteries, &c. and selected the most appropriate places for the placing of cannon. The citadel and other parts of the heights will also be fortified as soon as possible. The barracks have also been directed to be prepared for the reception of infantry and artillery to the amount of 1,400 men. The 34th Regiment (the depot of which is already here) and the 66th Regiment have received directions to proceed on their route for this place. THF ENGLISH RUN-A-WAYS—The following is an extract from a letter received by a gentleman in the neighbourhood of Devizes from his son :—. BOULOGNE-SUR-MER, Oct. 17 The inhabitants here say little on the subject of the war, for fear of driving away the English, who are the chief support of the place the packet boats that leave this port have been completely filled for the last fortnight. It is amusing to see the fortifications raising round Bou- logne there are about 100 men and 20 women em- ployed—the latter do more work than the men, who are the laziest fellows I ever saw and a few cannon shot would soon batter the whole down. They are