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Aberystwith Market on Monday last was not so fully supplied with corn as in the week preceding. The following may be considered an average quota- tion of the prices Best Wheat, 9s. 9d., Seconds, 7s. 9d., Barley, 4s. to 5s., and Oats, 2s. 6d. to 3s. per imperial bushel. We have had some herrings in the fish market during the week but they have not been, by any means, plentiful. GENERAL THANKSGIVING FOR THE LATE ABUNDANT HARVEST—On Wednesday last, being the day ap- pointed for offering a public thanksgiving to Almigh- ty God, for the late bountiful and productive harvest throughout this kingdom, two full Services were per- formed in St. Michael's, Aberystwith, at eleven and six. The sermon in the morning was preached by the Rev. Bird, brother of the Lord Bishop of Chester. The Rev. Gentleman selected as his text the 26th verse of the 2nd chapter of the book of the prophet JOEL And ye shall eat in plenty, and he satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your GOD, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed." In this discourse the Preacher dwelt forcibly on the abundant mercies of the Almighty, and his sermon was throughout lucid and erudite. In the evening the service was in Welsh, and the sermon was preached by the Rev. John Morgan. At the parish church also, Llan- badarn fawr, there was also a Welsh service at six in the evening. An awful instance of sudden death, in the person of Mr. David Williams, late of Lledrod, in this County, and upwards of thirty years the principal Traveller to the firm of Messrs. Jackson, and Co. Distillers, London, occurred at the King's Head Hotel, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, on the 24th instant. On the chambermaid knocking at the door of his bedroom, about nine o'clock, he attempted to ask for a jug of hot water, and had faintly articulated "a jug" when she heard him fall heavily on the floor. The door was speedily forced open, and he was found, partially dressed, lying flat on his face, a lifeless corpse. A surgeon was instantly in attend- ance but of no avail. It was evident that a blood vessel had burst internally, as he had vomited a quantity of blood. An Inquest was held on the fol- lowing day, and the verdict returned Died by the visitation'of God." OLD SALMON.-At a period when old or unwhole- some Salmon is not unfrequently vended to the great detriment of the health of the public, and in defiance of the existing laws, it may not be amiss as a caution, to publish the following extract from the Act for, the preventing the destruction of the breed of Salmon, that no person may plead ignorance of the penalties enforced by that act:—58, Geo. 3. c. 43. s. 4. Every person at anytime after 1st September, 1818, who shall take, kill, or destroy, or knowingly have in his or her possession, either in the water or on the shore or shall bring to shore, or cry, or carry about, sell, oiler, or expose, to or for sale, or shall exchange for any goods, matter or thing, any Spawn, Fry, or Brood of Fish, or any unsizable Fish, or any Kepper or Shed- tier Salmon, being unseasonable Salmon, commonly called Old Salmon," or any Salmon caught in any River during the periods when fishing for Salmon is prohibited under the provisions of any law now in force, or when the same shall be prohibited by any order to be made by Justices at their Sessions, &c. 'hall forfeit all such fish, &c. with the baskets and packages in which the same shall be found, IN ADDI- J; to a penalty not exceeding £10, nor less than £ 5 for every such offence. INCENDIARISM A most diabolical act of incendia- rism is stated to have been committed at an early hour on Tuesday morning, the 20th instant, at Caer- heen, by which the Schooner La Jolie Fille, known also as the Pride of Wales, the property of H. D. Griffiths, Esquire, of that town, was totally destroyed. We understand that a reward of XIOO has been offered for the discovery of the incendiaries.