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BRILLIANT RUN, LAST THURSDAY, WITH MR. PRYSE PRYSE'S FOX-HOUNDS. On Thursday last the Gogerddan Fox-hounds met at Nanteos, the seat of Col. Powell, M.P. a favorite meet, where we are always sure to find a fox, the Co- lonel being nothing less than an out-and-out Preser- ver. Immediately after being thrown into cover, the hounds found a brace of Foxes one of them made for the keeper's house at Nanteos, and the other for Cwmrheidol. The hounds divided, but they were got together as quickly as possible, and laid on to the Fox that had taken a fancy to the Cwmrheidol coun- try. And now the work commenced. We ran, swift as the wind," and without the slightest check, to the Mo.iach, close to the Devil's bridge. Reynard, instead of crossing the Monach took the Rheidol, and preferred two or three turns in the Rock, by which he thought to baffle his game pursuers, but although he tried it on pretty strong it was no go the gallant pack were too near him. They got him out of the rock and ran him down the side of the Rheidol by Tyn- llwyn, turning through Melindwr, he passed near the Druid, making straight for Alltywern. The hounds ran into him at Glanrheidol, close by Mr. Hughes's house where they killed him after a most brilliant run over at least twenty miles of country as trying to the wind-office as mortal could desire. In proof of this, although a very large field mustered in the morning, only three were up at the death, viz., Mr. John Pugh Pryse, Mr. Powell Davies, and the Huntsman. Lucky for them their nags were all right, that day—Condition will tell. Mr. Goldie Walker came up immediately after the fox was killed, and Mr. Wall; as for the rest why they were anywhere and everywhere, consoling themselves no doubt, as well as they could. And now Mr. Demetian, I should like to know after such splendid runs as these hounds show us, who can com- plain of want of sport at Aberystwith in the winter. "TALLY HO."

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