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ABERYSTWITH LITERARY AND PHILO- SOPHICAL INSTITUTION. We have to announce, and we do so with the greatest pleasure, that it is in contemplation imme- diately to form, at Aberystwith, a Literary and Phi- losophical Institution, for the general promotion of the Arts and Sciences. It isfproposed we understand, to vest the property of the Institution in Trustees chosen by the Owners of shares of five guineas each, such shares to be transferable. The payment of one guinea annually to constitute a member during pay- ment, and Visitors are to be eligible on payment of such a proportion of the annual subscription as the Council of the Society shall direct. It is intended to divide the Institution into three departments. 1 A PERMANENT LIBRARY upon miscellaneous subjects. 2 A MUSEUM of Natural History and works of Art, and 3 A LABORATORY containing an apparatus for faci- litating the progress of Science by Philosophical ex- periments, Lectures and Observations. The affairs of the Society are to be under the direction of a Council of twelve members chosen annually from the Shareholders and Subscribers, five of whom to form a quorum, who are annually at their first General Meeting, to appoint and elect the Officers for the year and in addition to the twelve elected Members of Council, the Patrons, 'Presidents, and Treasurer, are to be ex officio Members of the Council. The Secretary, who is also to act as Librarian, is to be a paid Officer, and is to give security for the due performance of his duties. To him is to be intrusted the correspondence with the Literati and Promoters of Science and all manuscripts and communications with the Society, are to be under his charge. He is also to have the sole care of all Periodicals and Books ordered by the Council, of which he is to keep a catalogue and he is to hold the keys of the Library. Such, we believe, is the general outline of the pro- posed Institution and we shall be happy to hear that a public meeting of the Gentry and Inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood, is appointed, to frame the rules and promote the success of such a valuable ac- quisition to the community as a LITERARY AND PHI- LOSOPHICAL INSTITUTION.



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