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will fancy it time to let the law take its course in that country. Railroad accidents have occurred plentifully dur- ing the week, but they have been accidents which might have occurred on any other roads, chiefly to fools who tried to run across, or sit down, or do some such absurdity on the rails-if a man likes to put his head in a rut on the King's highway, and let a heavy waggon squash it, the man is a jackass, and the wag- goner is not to blame. There has been a great Conservative meeting at Cheltenham, and we specially mention it here, because Mr. CODRINGTON, the son-in-law of the Duke of BEAUFORT, thought it right to deny and repudiate with scorn and indignation a report whieh has been disseminated of his Grace's defection from the Con- servative party, and even of his acceptance of high office under the present Ministry.. Some weeks since we casually noticed this absurd report, but as we find the DUKE'S son-in-law thinking it worth his while to make this public declaration, we feel it our duty to do all in our power to circulate the contra- diction of a calumny which, till now, we never thought sufficiently worthy of notice to refute.