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i&Qetts. THE WISH. GIVE me a cottage on some Cambrian wild, Where, far from cities, I may spend my days, And, by tlie beauties of the scene beguiled, May pity man's pursuits, and shun his ways. While on the rock I marked the browsing goat, List to the mountain-torrent's distant noise, Or the hoarse bittern's solitary note, I shall not want the world's delusive joys; But with my little scrip, my book, my lyre, Shall think my lot complete, nor covet more; And when, with time, shall wane the vital fire, I'll raise my pillow on the desert shore, And lay me down to rest where the wild wave Shall make sweet music o'er my lonely grave. KIRKE WHITE. ANAGRAMS. From the Worcester Herald. An anagram is the dissolution of any word or sentence into lettersas its element, and then making some other word or sentence of it, applicable to persons or things named in such original word or sentence. There are words of this description, both of ancient and modern application, which exhibit coincidences that are truly surprising, and afford a very peculiar fund of amuse- ment. The following is a selection of some of the best transpositions:— Astronomers Moon starers Democratical Comical trade. Encyclopedia A nice cold pie; Gallantries All great sins. Lawyers Sly ware. Misanthrope Sparc him not. Monarch March on Old England Golden Land. Presbyterian Best in prayer. Punishment Nine thumps. Penitentiary Nay 1 repeat it. Radical Reform Rare mad frolic. Revolution To love Ruin. Telegraphs Great Helps.

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