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Saobionaf)le f40bement0. ARRIVALS. At the Belle Vue Royal Hotel.-The Right Hon. Lord Cottenham, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain; Col. Taynton Capt. Davies; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Smith; Mr. and Miss Boycott; Mr. and Mrs. Smallman; the Rev. John Williams and family; Mr. and Mrs. White Mr. Arkwright; Mr. Wilding; Mr. Staveley; Mr. Clarke; Mr. R. G. Panther; Mr. Tyler; Mr. Edwards and Mr. Locke the Misses Pratt; Sir David Davies, Physician to the Queen Dowager. At the Gogerddan Arms Hotel-Mr. Swithinbank; Mr. Thornthwaite Mr. Evans; Mr. and Mrs. Jen- nings; Mr. Mercers; Mr. Parry; Mrs. Binton; Mr. H. James; Mr. T. Thomas; Mr. Bannard; Mr. H- Lucy; Mr. Spozzi and Lady; Mr. Jones; Miss Burton Mr. Brookes; Mr. and Mrs. Jordan; Mr. Browne; Mr. Lovell; Mr. H. Thursfield; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel; Mr. Evans; Mr. J. Skinner; Mr. H. Jenkinson; Mr. W. Davies; Mr. Stephens; Mr. J. Horridge; The Rev. Mr. Evans; Mr. Fowler; Mr. Roberts and family; Mr. Whateley; Mr. Fosbrooke; Mr. Owens; Mr. Butler. At Private Residences.-Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett, 17, Terrace: Mrs. Cox, 17, Terrace Miss Smith, 6, Terrace; Major Roe, 49, Terrace; Mr. Richard Price, M. P. Castle house; Mr. Lucy, 7, Terrace; Mrs. Winnall, Cambrian House; Miss Magson, Terrace; Rev. W. Webster at 38, Terrace, from Shropshire; Mr. Walling, 19, Terrace Road; the Rev. S. Martin from Cheltenham; Capt. Hinde, at 39, Terrace, from the Moors, in Scotland.

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Sapping Intelligence.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1840.

(From the Weekly Chronicle.)