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NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. We beg to remind our Correspondents and ad- vertising friends that their favors should be sent to the Mirror-office, by Thursday at latest. Orders will be received in LONDON by MESSRS. NEWTON AND Co., 5, Warwick Square, Newgate Street; MR. R. BARKER, 33, Fleet Street; MR. REYNELL, 42, Chancery Lane; MR. H. HUGHES, Bookseller, St. Martin's le Grand; MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Bookseller, Holywell Street, Strand. Also at BRISTOL, by MR. GEORGE MAGGS, 12, Christmas Street. Our Advertising friends are referred to the under-mentioned scale for Advertisements. Orders for the paper, per post, will be promptly attended to. To H. M. S. We have received a letter inclosing "Adventures of a portable writing deskit is written in a very racy style, and is full of good points, but it is rather too long for our columns. SCALE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS, I Including the duty to Government. £ s. d. Not exceeding 4 lines 0 3 0 Exceeding 4 lines and not exceeding 6 0 3 6 Exceeding 6 and not 10 0 4 6 Exceeding 10- and not 15 0 5 6 Exceeding 15- and not 20 0 6 6 Half a column 0 8 0 A column 0 15 0


Sapping Intelligence.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1840.

(From the Weekly Chronicle.)