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L. I.M A X. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURER, No. 34, High Street, Bristol, RESPECTFULLY solifcits attention to his following list of prices, every Article of which is warranted of the very best make, perfect in tone and materials and will be exchanged, free of expence if not approved of, after trial. £ g. d. Ophicleide, with 11 Keys 8 10 0 Bass Horn, 5 ditto 4 10 0 8 Key'd Bugle 1 16 0 G. Trombone 2 12 0 C. ditto 2 0 0 Alto ditto 1 15 0 Slide Trumpet, with 5 Crooks 2 0 0 Ditto French Horn, with 6 ditto 3 3 0 3 Valved ditto, with 10 ditto 8 10 o 3 ditto, Cornopean, with 5 ditto 4 10 0 3 ditto, Trumpet, with 5 ditto 4 10 0 8 Key'd B & C Clarionets, Ivory Tipp'd 1 8 0 10 ditto ditto ditto 1 12 0 8 ditto, E flat 1 5 0 8 ditto, patentFlute, German Silver Cap Keys 115 0 6 ditto 1 io 0 4 ditto -140 4 ditto, plain ditto 0 12 0 1 ditto 0 6 0 Octaves and Piccolos 0 4 0 Violoncello, a good toned Instrument 2 0 0 Ditto a superior ditto, and Pui fied 3 3 0 Violin, ditto ditto 0 12 0 Double Bass -12120 Harp Strings, the set 0 12 0 Every description of printed Music, bows, bridges, strings reeds, pegs, &c. constantly on sale. Orders for any of the above articles, enclosing a remittance or Post Office order for the amount, wtll be immediately attended to. Instruments of all kinds repaired in the best manner. Ojeatre, ftljerpgtltjitf). FOR THE BENEFIT OF MRS. BASS, Under Distinguished Patronage, On Friday Evening next, September 25th, 1840. Will be performed Mrs. Inchbald's popular and fashionable Comedy, entitled 3Bberg One fjas 1i ffauH. Sir Robert Ramble Mr. BUCKINGHAM. Capt. Irwin Mr. KING.-Harmony Mr. BASS. Solus Mr. SANDERS.—Placid Mr. MILES. Lady Eleanor Irwin Miss C. POOLE. Miss Wooburn Mrs. COOKE,-Mrs. Placid Mrs. BASS, Miss Spinter Mrs. PALMER, A variety of Popular Songs, Dances &e. &c. To conclude with the good old Farce, of The AGREEABLE SURPRIZE. Lingo the learned Butler Mr. BASS. Cowslip Mrs. BASS. Full particulars in the bills of the day. Tickets to be had of Mrs. Bass, Jasper House, and at the usual Places. NEW MEDICAL NEWSPAPER. Noio Publishing every Week, THE MEDICAL TIMES, containing all the Medical News-Valuable Lectures now in course of delivery, (including those of Lawrence, Bransby Cooper, Guthrie. Carmichael, Brodie, Valpeau, &c.)—Original, Scientific Papei-s-Hospital Repoi-ts-Medical Portraits of the most celebrated living Professional Characters-Scenes and Stories of Hospital Management-Critiques on the Coroner-Caustic Commentaries on passing events-Reviews of New Works -All the best Papers from the German, French and .Italian Joiirnals-Pi-ovincial Intelligence-Scientific Societies- Notes, Notices, Promotions and appointments, & c.&c. STAMPED EDITION OF THE MEDICAL TIMES. WE have much pleasure in announcing to our Supporters that our STAMPED EDITION is now ready. The Stamped Copies will be charged the price of the Stamp extra, and thus for fourpence the Journal may be sent to any part of the Kingdom, the Colonies, and France, POST-FREE. The ordinary edition will continue as before, Price THREE- PENCE. The Stamped Copies may be ordered of any Bookseller or Newsman, or may be obtained direct from the Office, by forwarding the Subscription in advance. FOR A YEAR 18 4 HALF-YEAR 8 8 QUARTER 4 4 A Half-Sovereign (which may be sent for a single postage) will be Thirty Weeks' Subscription, or any Gentleman wishing to be supplied, may deposit in the nearest post office the amount of Subscription for what period he thinks proper, and ask of tbe Postmaster an order on the London Post Office in favour of the Proprietors of the I Medical Times.' This order will cost sixpence, which may be de- ducted from all Subscriptions of six months and upwards. It will he furnished upon a sheet of letter paper, in which the Subscriber can write his name, address, and post-town. He has then only to fold it into the form of a letter, direct it "Medical Times, 10, Wellington Street North, Strand, London," and return it into the hands of the Postmaster. The order will be complied with by return of post. Orders, Communications, and Books for Review, to be sent, post free, to the OFFICE, Wellington Street North, Strand, London. For the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign I5 arts. A §llSI@iS WILL be preached at St. Michael's, on Sunday the 27th instant, by the Rev. Professor Jones, of St. David's College Lampeter, in aid of the funds of the above Society. Divine Service will commence at eleven o'clock. A Collection will be made at the dooi's rlfter the Sermon. September 18th, 1810. Cardiganshire &. County Town ofCardigan. SALE OF A VALUABLE FAFJillfOLl) FAStM, In the parish of Llangrannog; ALSO, A BSAIffSION HOUSE AND PREMISES, In the Town of Cardigan. ED fcc Sxiifr tJ1 Ettrtton, BY MR. GEORGE GOODE, On SATURDAY the 26th day of SEPTEMBER, 1840, at the BLACK LION INN, in the Town of Cardigan, between the hours ofTwo and Four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of Sale to be then and there produced, IN TWO LOTS, LOT 1. ALL that Capital FARM, with the newly erected Farm House and Buildings thereon, CORNGAM, situate in the parish of Llangrannog, in the said county containing by admeasurement 113 Acres, be the same more or less, of cap- ital Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, in the occupation of Mr. James Griffiths, held under an agreement for a Lease for 21 years granted in 1837, at the low yearly rent of -142 per annum. N. B. The buildings on this farm are new; and there is a Grove of about 10 aeres of thriving young Oak, Larch, and Spruce, which will be Sold with the farm. In the County Town of Cardigan. LOT II. All that desirable and most convenient Mansion House, situate jn Pendre-street, in the Town of Cardigan, late in the occupation of James Bowen, Esq,, at the low yearly rent of £36. The house is situate in the most respectable part of the Town of Cardigan, is replete with every convenience, and contains in the basement, cellars of excellent temperature on the ground floor, a spacious entrance hall, dining room, large kitchen, scullery, with other offices and on the first floor, an excellent drawing-room, bed-room with dressing- room; and on the second floor, suitable bedrooms and ser- vants' apartments likewise, a three-stalled stable and sad- dle-room, with a garden attached and the exclusive right to two good pews in Cardigan chnrch. trff For further particulars enquire of Charles Arthur Prichard, Esq., Tyllwyd, near Newcastle- Eiiilyn John Walters Phillipps, Esq., Aberglasney, near Llandilo D. P. Lucas, Esq., solicitor Cardigan or of Mr. Geo. Goode, Land Agnet and Auctioneer, at his Office, Lower Market- street, Carmarthen, where a map of the Farm may be seen. Croft Cottage, near Carmarthen, Sep. 11, 1840. NOTICE. I DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that unless the several articles of wearing apparel, &c. left at my house, the XETEr, SffE&B. GOCHNAN, On the 20th day of August last, by JOHN THOMAS and BENJAMIN GERRANCE, be fetched away on or before the 19th of October next, the same will be sold for the pur- pose of defraying the debts due from them to me. Dated this 18th day of September, 1840. JOHN SAYER.

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