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For the Demetian.


For the Demetian. Mr. Headiter, A Jockey has a karacter to lose as well has a Hos, and therefore I trubble you with these few lines hoping you will be more haccurate in future, for the credit of your Noospaper, and that you will insurt this in your valuable kolums I dont say you done it wilfully, but you have made an huncommon great mistake about the vinin hos's at the Aberdovey Races; furst as to the Pony Race— the hos's were placed in this way by the Stewards, and not as you have done em on Saturday in your paper. Enquire off Squire Stephens and he will tell ye so. Fair play is a gewel. Mr. Powell's Mountain Lass, crimson, (rider, Hanonymus) 10 Mr. Hughes's Jlfiss PliTt, pink body, green sleeves, (Brodie,jun) 2 dr. Mr. E. Roberts, Victoria, gr. green, (Buckle.) 3 dr. Mr. Lloyd's Jenny Jones, blue stripe, (a Hammertoe.) bolted. Miss Flirt came in second and no mistake, leaving Mr. Roberts's Victoria half a mile behinder. There was no second eat, or valk over, cos the Stewards, werry sensibly, though it would give the Hannonimus rider of Mountain Lass too much trubble; the Gen'l'man happeared to have a bad edek, as he wore an hankidger round his fore-ed. The next race was for the LADIES' PURSE. The hos's was placed in this way :— Mr. Hughes's Miss Flirt, pink body, green sleeves, (Brodie, jun.) 1. 1. Mr. Evan Roberts's Victoria, green, (Buckle.) 2. 2. Mr. Lloyd's Jenny Jones, blue Stripes, (a Hammerture ) 3. 3. There was a false start the first eat., Mr. Lloyd's Jenny Jones bolted, follurd by Mr. Hughes's Miss Flirt-, wot a thing is a bad hesample. I could'nt stop her—the Stewards directed a fresh start ven Miss Flirt had it her own vay entirely, and vun both eats in a cantur, vithout whip or spur, leaving Victoria and Jenny Jones a long vay off a puffing and tug- ging for the second prize-the proof of the puddin is in the heating, as my gran mother said ven she bolted the dumplins. We got the stakes, and one thurd on em were given to sum von to make up for disap- pointments. I kerrect another mistake: i t was not Jenny Jones wot won the Silver Snuff Box, but Mr. Hughes's Miss Flirt, Brodie, jun. rider, Did'nt she fl Y-iiot a hare turned on er, and lots of vind to spare, vich Jenny Jones vonted but could not git: she never had no training, if she had, vould'nt she have given Mountain Lass a swetting, tho' she be reg'larly trained for Harlech and Ruthin Races, and any think else she can git. I am sorry to be hunder the disagreeable :1edces- sity of taking the shine off of Mr. E. Roberts's Biiekle-if so be, he be hisn—but has, I am a going to Noomarket, and your Noos may gallop there through the Bell's Life, I vish to point hout the hactual facts, as my skill and siense may he ingured if I (iont. I de-wote the remainder to vishin you sugcess and prosperity in your new line, and thankin you for the perlite manner in vich you have hallow'd me to explain myself. I tutches my At and says Your Sarvant to Command, BRODIE, Jun. Feather Weight. September 14th, 1840.

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SATURDAY, SEPT. 19, 1840.