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SATURDAY, SEPT. 19, 1840.

(Prom the John Bull.)


principal points and headlands round the coast:— St. Abb's-head, Flamborough, North Foreland, the en- trances to the Bristol Channel and the Clyde, and on the south coast of Ireland. The Trinity Company have so far countenanced this undertaking as to grant per- mission to erect telegraphs on the sites of their lands occupied by the lighthouses at Flamborough Head and the North Foreland, where the proper stations have in fact, been commenced. The reduction of postage, it is obvious, will prove an important element in the completion of these arrangements, which could hardly have gone on at all under the heavy tax which the old rates imposed, and they will thus add another to the numerous benefits derived, in spite even of imper- fect management, from that measure. A small sub- scription annually from each vessel which is to connect itself with these arrangements, with the purchase of a set of flags, make up the whole expence to be incur- red and the system is already in use to some extent, as it is said, but more particularly in the United States.