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PREPARATIONS FOR WAR. (From the Commerce of Sunday.) TOULON, SEPT. 8 An estafette arrived yesterday, with very urgent despatches for the steamer Castor, which the telegraph kept at its disposal for an impor- tant mission. The Castor proceeds to Constantinople' The dispatches were immediately taken on board the steamer, and she put to sea at ten o'clock, being the bearer of despatches for M. de Pontois and Kear-Ad- miral Ilugon. Another telegraphic despatch was addressed yester- day to Vice-Admiral Rosamel, commanding the re- serve squadron at Toulon. The report which was in circulation this morning is, that that despatch relates to the vessels which the Admiral has under his orders. Those vessels are ready and can leave immediately. It is positively stated that the frigate Melpomene the command of which has just been given to Captain Garibon, is not in condition to be armed. She is in a completely rotten state, and would require a total tho- rough repair. However, she had been represented as being enabled to put to sea, since the Minister of Ma- rine had ordered her to be immediately equipped. If she had been inspected with care, and properly attend- ed to, the Ministers would not experience such mis- takes, and this will not be the last which we will have to encounter. Nothing has been done to the Independante, ano- ther frigate whose armament is ordered. It is much feared that its state of decay from length of service, caused by the carelessness of those who have the su- perintendance and maintenance of the fleet, will cause it to be adjudged not seaworthy. At all events her repairs will take a length of time, and it will be impos- sible to get her ready by the period named by the Minister. Another mistake. The 82d company ot Marines, which were on board the corvette Victorieuse, stationed at the BeIcaric Islands, was landed to-day, in order to be transferred to the line-of-battle ship Ville de Marseille. It will be replaced on the Victorieuse by Marines that are inscribed. Great activity is displayed in the division of the crews of line-of-battle ships, formed from the 18 pro- visional companies in which the 2,500 men which the recruiting department furnishes this year to the navy are to be incorporated. The line-of-battle ship Ville de Marseille received her lower masts to-day. No mention has been made about bringing out of dock the three-decker Souverain. The vessels which are to be made use oi for the 4,000 and some hundred men who are intended to be sailors on board the line-of-battle ships, and for the 3d regiment of Marines, are in active preparation. To-day numerous detachments of recruits arrived which are intended for the crews of vessels of the line, for the 3d regiment of Marines, the 6th Leger, and the foreign Legion. The Minister of Marine, in a despatch of yesterday, wrote to the Prefect-Admiral to give orders to the superintendant of naval constructions to suspend im- mediately the works of the two frigates Poursuivante and Zenobie, which were to be launched for sea in a very short period. The Minister states in that des- patch that the number of frigates is more than suffici- ent to answer all contingencies. Consequently war will not take place. However, notwithstanding all those appearances of consolidated peace, marine assu- rances have continued to rise for some length of time. The levy of sailors of the different classes has not been very productive for more than a month. The exact number is 570,000 men all included. This levy is, however, going on, but produces little. It is the same with the workmen. In the beginning the result was pretty favourable, but at this moment none arrive but from a distance, and the business will be much delayed. The warehouses in the port receive daily supplies of provisions. Several contracts have been effected latterly, and the delivery thereof is to be made with the shortest possible delay. An inspector-general of artillery has been at Toulon for the last two days. He inspected yesterday the Marine establishments, in company with the Prefect- Admiral. Two hundred and seventy military were landed this morning. Of that number about twenty were conveyed upon stretchers in the most desperate state. One of these unfortunate men expired at the landing- place of the arsenal. A very great number were sup- ported by their comrades, and could hardly walk. This long file of soldiers in a dying state was dreadful to look at. The Marshal has issued orders to embark only convalescent men for France. The others, who are in a worse state, are to be sent to the Balearic Islands, in order to be taken care of in the French hospital which has just been constructed. How is it that the Governor's mandates, which are dictated hyrf praiseworthy sentiment of humanity, are not executed.