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SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 1849.


SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 1849. IT is exceedingly grateful to the minds of any but those who are content to be classed amongst the passive and inanimate portions of society, to renect, that any endeavour, in however small and unpretending a form it may present itself, if directed to the accomplishment of a fair and probable end, may be the means if not alto- gether of producing the desired object, yet by suggestions thrown out in proper season, so far to arrest the attention of those in whose power alone the consummation of such object may be placed, as to be the indirect cause of doing good. We last week endeavoured to draw attention generally to the very important and pleasing circumstance of the probability of the Spring Assizes for the County of Cardigan being re- moved in a short time to Aberystwith. We pointed out the grand objection, as it appeared to us, to such removal, and endeavoured to shew how that objection could be removed. The result of our endeavours, has, we are happy to find, by the observations produced from persons in every respect competent, and the most fit, indeed, to discuss this matter,—hadthetendency to refresh the minds of some who in time past had thought seriously of the subject, as well as to draw the attention of others to a matter affecting in no trifling degree their pecuniary interests. So far the reflection Is gratifying to us; but we should be indeed sorry that any supineness, any lukewarmness on the part of those whose Interests are really so immediately concerned, should occasion any delay in the united endeavours of the Owners of Property in the neighbourhood towards the attainment of this important object, thereby rending us fit subjects for comparison with the Manin the Fable calling to Jupiter for help. We hope better things however. We have before remarked that observations had been provoked in consequence of our last week's notice of this matter and we are glad that although these observations have in some instances been chiefly composed of suggestions of dimculties not alluded to by us, such obsta- cles have been mentioned, because an opportu- nity is thereby offered of considering the best way of satisfactorily overcoming them. To instance one, the most formidable, perhaps, that can be urged, viz. the increased distance of the route of the Judges and the consequent addi- tional length of time consumed on the Circuit. It appears that a part of one day would be all the extra time required the Judges, it is pre- sumed, would proceed from Haverfordwest to Aberystwith, and thence to Brecon, instead of, as at present, from Cardigan to Brecon while surely the excellence of the roads and the com- plete state of the posting appointments through- out the line from Aberystwyth to Brecon, will bear comparison, as to the facility of travelling, with the line from Cardigan. In short the dimculties to be surmounted, will, we think, on looking at them fairly, appear so easily to be overcome that they are scarcely worth alludin"- to except for the purpose of disposing of them. In addition to the Increased importance which Aberystwith would derive by the remo- val of the Spring Assizes from Cardigan; another most excellent project has been much discussed of late: we allude to the establish- ment of a Packet Station here. The advan- tages to be derived by a Steam communication between this port, and Bristol, Liverpool, &c. are self-evident; but they are also too import- ant to be only thus slightly noticed, and we now allude to the subject for the sole purpose of saying that we shall endeavour next week to consider it at length. t)