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SHIPS BUILDING. The Trafalgar, Woolwich, 120"j St. George, Plymouth 120 Vready for launching London, Chatham- 92J Guns. Guns. Victoria 110 Collossus 80 Prince Albert 90 Goliath- 80 St. George 120 Lion 80 Royal Frederick 110 Majestic 80 Algiers- 110 Mars so Albion 90 Superb -SO Hannibal 90 Hindostan 78 Exmouth 90 Cumberland 70 Centurion. 80 Boscawen 70 Collingwood- 80 Twenty-two sail of the line to be brought forward for launching in successive years." So much for our naval force. As the news from France will be looked for, daily, with increased interest, we extract from the Times, the following EXTRAORDINARY EXPRESS FROM PARIS. COMMENCEMENT OF COERCIVE MEASURES AGAINST MEHEMET ALI. The Paris Papers of yesterday contain matter of considerable importance. The Momteur publishes the following bulletin: 'Alexandria Aug. 20th. Commodore Napier, on the 14th, summoned the Egyptian authorities to evacuate Syria. He issued several proclamations, which he addressed to the Emir Bechir, which he sent to Mehemet Ali, with new pro- fessions of his devotedness!' Advices, dated Malta, September 1st, announce that the British steamer Alecto, which left Beyrout on the 24th, and Alexandria on the 27th, arrived in Malta on the 31st. On her departure from Beyrout, Commodore Na- pier, not having succeeded in obtaining the evacua- tion of that city by the Egyptians, had anchored further out with his four ships. The convoy of Turkish troops had not arrived. Syria continued tranquil. Admiral Stopford was before Alexandria with three ships of the line, one frigate, and two British steamers. with two Austrian frigates and a corvette." Mehemet Ali (whom the Morning Chroni- cle calls "the crafty old Pacha of Egypt" ) says "I am resolved to defend myself to the last extre- mity, for the defence of Islamism is concerned. It is possible that I may fall in the conflict, but I shall at least have the con oi uyuig uk the cause of religion and the Prophet." Fudge!—The appearance of a Russian fleet in the Bosphorus and the employment of a Russian army in the Ottoman capital, with the movements of other powers, including France, consequent thereon, would, we calculate, cause the Pacha to withdraw his high sounding resolution. SPAIN and PORTUGAL. These two unhappy nations are each on the brink of a revolution. Papers from the two capitals, Lisbon as well as Madrid, contain melancholy forebodings, height- ening the gloom already overshadowing the political horizon.