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To the Editor of the Demetian…

To the Editor of the Demetiam…


To the Editor of the Demetiam Mirror. Sir, If the accompanying attempt at Epigram is worthy of a place in your paper, you will oblige one who has been interested in your efforts, if you will give it insertion. Your obedient Servant, G. W. R. Terrace ,September 2nd, 1840. EPIGRAM, It chanc'd in conversations round, Domestic matters hearing found:- Quoth Ned,—they say our neighbour A. Is dwindling fast his lands away,— That whilst each day his body fares, He liquidates the hopes of heirs. Then I should think, cry'd Dick, he must Each day in heav'n have better trust, If charity, as Scriptures say, Can speed him on its narrow way For each successive day I am sure- If Ned speaks truth—he feeds MORE POOR, G. W. R.


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SATURDAY, SEPT. 5, 1840.