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To the Editor of the Demetian…


To the Editor of the Demetian Mirror. Sir, I read in your Paper of last week a very in teresting account of a Church Missionary Meeting, lately held in your Town; and I was much disappointed that not any of the Speakers, according to your Report, which I presume to be correct, proposed, or even alluded to the propriety of forming, a ladies auxiliary society, for the Town and neighbourhood. That this should have escaped the deputation, the Rev. Mr. Parry, I am indeed surprised, for he must be well aware what beneficial results have arisen from the formation of Ladies auxiliaries as well to the Bible Society, as to Missionary Societies: wherever, they have been formed a very great addition to the funds has been experienced; and when appeals to the public have been made over and over again, with comparatively little success, the zealous, though gentle entreaties of the ladies have proved irresistible. This, Mr. Editor, I assure you is well known to all who are in any way conversant with Missionary Societies in this Country; and as I suppose it escaped the notice of Mr Parry, through inadvertence, I have taken the liberty of calling attention in the proper quarters, to this, in my opinion, important subject, through the medium of the paper in which I read the report of the meeting. I am, Mr. Editor, An attached friend to Missions. near Carmarthen.

To the Editor of the Demetiam…


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SATURDAY, SEPT. 5, 1840.