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SATURDAY, SEPT. 5, 1840.


SATURDAY, SEPT. 5, 1840. SEPTEMBER, the month pregnant with the fate of that beautiful species of the fluttering feathered tribe, the Partridge, has at length arrived and, although we hear from all quar- ters that there is no scarcity of birds in our neighbourhood, we confess we have not yet en- joyed the sight of any of them since they have been levelled and laid low: nevertheless, we heartily wish good shooting to our sporting friends, and hope their powder may prove straight enough to enable them to fill their game bags with many a brace. Hares, how- ever, not being considered exactly as legitimate objects for the fowling-piece, unless it is ad- mitted by long-prevailing custom that they have become so, we trust many of them may be spared for the enjoyment of those who love a Course, especially as we are favoured with so many splendid Coursing Meetings, throughout the season, so close at home. In this month, too, our rivers are abounding with Salmon and Sewin "fresh from the sea," affording plenty of sport to the fly-fisher, who, if he make his selection of flies in accordance with the wea- ther and water, cannot avoid filling his Criel. While these pleasures are occupying their re- spective votaries, we find much gratification in discussing matters more solid, perhaps, though less exciting; and in contemplating the nu- merous improvements and additions which we hope will, ere long, be effected in our highly- favored Town, we rejoice that the interests of our neighbours are not likely to be lost sight of, any more than the attractions for our vi- sitors. We have been frequently obliged to hear complaints, long and loud, of the serious inconvenience sustained by professional men, jurors, and witnesses, in their being compelled to travel to the Assizes at Cardigan, twice a