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ABERAERON. CD he bJ1 Eurtion, By Mr. JAMES THOMAS, AT An-C, ui-:c, nox ITCM A' On Friday the 4th day of September, 1840, the Stock and Crop on the said Farm, the property of the Rev. J. Lewis Consisting of 8 Cows and a Bull; 9 barren Cattle 3 draught Horses 1 beautiful Saddle Mare; 1 Filly, four-years old; I ditto, three-years old; I yearling Colt; 2 Ponies; 1 Sow, in pig; 4 Pigs; Sheep, &c. 55 Mows of Barley 10 ditto of White Oats; 10 ditto of Wheat; 100 rows of Potatoes 3 Carts 2 Iron Ploughs 2 tiari-ows I Cast-iron Roller, in two parts; I Wooden ditto Winnowing Machine a Corn Skreen a Malt Mill; 4 sets of horse gearing, Saddles, and Bridles; Dairy Utensils; Household Furniture, &e. &c. The Sale will commence precisely at 11 o'Clock in the forenoon, as it is intended to sell the whole in one day. Long Credit will be given on approved Security. Aberaeron August 27th, 1840. MEDICAL HALL, HABERYST ITH. HENRY HUMPHREYS, 19tarmaccutical anir iSispcnstng (-Tfjcmtst, Great Dark Gate Street, "TT7TTH great respect acknowledges the extensive patron. VV age with which he has been favored for the last five years; and assures his numerous friends that the same per- sonal attention will continue to be given to the preparation and dispensing departments, as well as to the selection of the Medicines used, which have obtained for him such a kind preference. N. B. Sylva and Havannah Cigars; Fancy Snuffs; Schweppe's Soda Water and Lemonade; Wax and Sperm Candles; Pickles; Sauces; Preserved Fruit, &c. &c. An assortment of British Wines at 21s. per dozen. August 20th, 1840. JACOB LEON, Jetodlcr anD irilbersmiti), FRANKFORT HOUSE, Nos. 23 and 10, PIER STREET ABERYSTWITH, IN departing in some measure from the plan lie laid down for himself on commencing business, and which he has, as is well known, hitherto strictly observed, viz. that of abstaining from the common practice of puffing his Goods in any shape, feeling confident that the quality of them requires no such adventitious aid, avails himself of the estab- lishment of a Newspaper in Aberystwyth thus publicly to return thanks to the Nobility, and Gentry residents, as well asVisitors, for the support with which he has been fa- voured for the last eighteen years and he trusts that as his endeavour will always be to oblige, he shall experience a continuance of their patronage. He has laid in a SSMXBS <E>» <B<E»<E>3S>8 which he feels assured his friends and patrons will, on inspection, pronounce the most splendid he has ever had the good fortune to submit to their notice, and which he fear- lessly asserts, will stand the test of comparison, in point of quality and cheapness, with any other that may be intro- duced, from whatever quarter, or with however high pre- tensions. The Stock embraces, besides the usual articles, a vast variety of the most elegant NOVELTIES, in Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Lapis-lazuli, and Opal Rings and Brooches; Ladies' Hair Pins; Platina enamelled Brooches, of the most exquisite workmanship; Gentlemen's Cravat Pins, of various devices, in massive gold; Pebble Snuff Boxes, in Gold and Silver mountings; Musical Boxes, from one Guinea to twenty-five Pounds; Ladies' and Gen- tlemen's Cylinder Gold Watches, by Le Roy. A large stock of Silver Plate, new and second-hand best Sheffield Cut- lery; Dresden China, &c. &c. &c. AN EXPERIENCED WORKMAN ALWAYS EMPLOYED. Ears de Cologne, direct from Jean Marie Farina, at Cologne. RICHARD JAMES, & Co. Mille & ISrantm iHrrrijants, Great Dark Gate Street, Aberystwith, TENDER their grateful acknowledgements to their num- erous friends and patrons for their esteemed pi-efereiie e andtakethis opportunity of assuring them, as well as the Visitants of Aberystwyth, that they have laid in for the Sea- son a Stock of Wines of the finest vintages and growth, which they can with the fullest confidence recommend. Their Stock of Spirits, Foreign and British, will be found to be genuine. They have also imported a selection of curious Liqueurs. Guinness's Dublin Porter in Casks and Bottles. August 21st, 1840. ROBINS' PATENT FILTERS. J. COX, Bookseller and Stationer, begs to announce that he has just received from the Patentee, a supply of his celebrated Patent Filters, varying in size from 2 to 6 gal- lons. It is almost superfluous to point out the numerous advan- tages of this invention of Filters, for it has been declared by the highest practical authorities (including Sir HenryHalford) that water, however apparently pure and transparent it may appear, oupht not to be used as a beverage, until it has undergone the process of filtration. Amongst the peculiar advantages of Robins' Patent Filters may be named,—the rapidity of the process, the simplicity of action and manage- ment, and self-cleansing properties they are also supplied at a price which places them within the reach of every family; and printed directions for keeping the filter in order, will be given to purchasers. August 18th, 1840. m J1mm2 CHINA AND GLASS WAREHOUSE, ABERYSTWITH. THE great sale of useful and ornamental China, laid in under the very advantageous circumstances before spe- cified, is now going on at No. 3, Great Dark-Gate Street, and CHARLES HACKNEY, with deference begs to express his anxious desire that his best friends will embrace an op- portunity which may never again occur. The remaining stock consists of splendid Pot Pourri Jars; Table and Chimney-piece Ornaments, in various patterns and shapes; richly burnished Bisqe Figures, of the most illus- trious characters by an Artist who has not yet been equalled. Table, Dessert, Tea, and Breakfast Services, richly gilt and otherwise; with an endless variety of Articles connected with the Trade. Aberystwith, August 28th, 1840. Lately published, Price 2s. 6d, Cloth Boards, RUTH AND HER KINDRED Being a delineation of their characters, with an explanation and practical improvement, of the various incidents which befel them. by the REV. JOHN HUGHES, Incumbent Curate of Aberystwith and Vicar of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire. ALSO PREPARING FOR THE PRESS, BY THE SAME AUTHOR ESTHER AND HER PEOPLE; London: published by Seeley and Sons, Fleet Street, and sold by J. Cox, and T. Cranston, Aberystwith. August 21st 1840. AN EXTENSIVE CONSIGNMENT OF BOOKS, Comprising 3,000 Volumes for Sale )1 lublíc Eviction, By Mr. R.J. SALTER, This present Saturday, and every evening during the fol- lowing week, till the whole are disposed of. Removed for convenience to a Shop in Great Dark-Gate Street, Aber- ystwith.—To commence each evening at 6 o'Clock. Ojfatre, Sttmrpettuitlj. On Monday Evening next, the 31st day of August, 1840, By Desire and under the Patronage of COLONEL POWELL, M, P, Nanteos, Lord Lieutenant of the County, Will be presented Vanbrugh and Cibber's highly popular Comedy of the PBOTOKED HVSBOB; Or, A Journey to London. Lord Townly Mr. KING. Lady Townly Msss C. POOLE. To conclude with the celebrated and fashionable Farce of Lrbe M, tilizireti Uounn ISIete. Billy Black, the Boots, with" a bundle of Conundrums," Mr. BASS. On Wednesday Evening next, September 2nd, and on Friday, the 4th of September, the Theatre will be opened, when a variety of entertainments will be produced, which will be announced in the Bills of the day. Boxes 2s.-Plt 2s.-Gallery Is.—Doors open at 6. Per- onnances to commence at 7 precisely. J. COLE, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 31, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH, TAKES this opportunity of tendering his best thanks, and JL very grateful acknowledgements, for that distinguished share of patronage, which he has so liberally received and to inform those who have been pleased to intrust him with their orders, that it will ever be his most anxious endeavour to confirm their confidence, and to merit their continued ap- probation. J. C. has on sale the following select articles. Mahogany medicine-chests, of various kinds Seidlitz Powders in neat ma. hogany cases Sal Volatile bottles in mo- rocco-leather and wooden cases Creosote bottles in small turned wood cases Hair and nail brushes Ivory tooth brushes Perfumery of every descrip- tion Scotch orange marmalade Jellies Fish-sauces and pickles Wax and Sperm Candles Havatiali Cigars Soda Water and Lemonade Fine Teas, Cocoa, & Coffee Cole's celebratcd Gwyniie Sauce. J. C. having had the advantage of being brought up to the Medical Profession, and having attended Professors Brande and Faraday's Lectures on Chemistry, at the Royai Institution, will, he trusts, be a sufficient guarantee for his capability in accurately dispensing all Prescriptions en- trusted to his care. No. 12 Pier Street, ABEll YSTFrITll. THOMAS JEFFRIES, WORKING JEWELLER, YERY respectfully offers his sincere thanks to the Nobility and Gentry, Residents, and Visitors of Aberystwith, for the liberal and kind patronage, with which they have ho- noured him during the last seven years. T. J. avails himself of this opportunity, to assure his friends and the Public generally, that he will continue to give the same prompt attention which he trusts he has hitherto done, to the execution of any orders with which he may be favoured, and by which he hopes to merit a continuance of their patronage August, 24th 1840. ABERDOVEY BEOATTA & KACES WILL take place on Wednesday, the 9th ofSeptember a Ball and Supper in the evening, at the Corbet Arms, under the patronage of the Stewards, Alfred Ste- phens, Esq. of Aberystwith and William Wynne, Esq. of Peniartb. Particulars will appear in a future Advertisement. August 17th, 1840. Printed by JOHST Cox, of No. 30, Pier Street, Aberyst- with, at the Office of him the said John Cox, 10, New Street; and Published by the said John Cox, at his Library, No. 30, Pier Street, Aberystwith aforesaid. Saturday, August 29th, 1840.