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TO OUR READERS. Only two weeks have elapsed since ive issued the first number of our unpretending publica- tion, and we cannot refrain from offering to our numerous friends, thus early, the assurance of our sincere feeling of esteeln and respect, for the countenance with which we have already been favored, as well as for the promises of future support we have received: support, in truth, which is essential, even, to our very exist- ence for, as we stated in our first address, and again repeat,-without such support "the efforts of the Projector cannot be expected to succeed." We must, however, intreat our very .hind friends, not to lose sight of this fact; that we did not enter upon the present task, as Competitors with any other Newspaper, but, as we distinctly stated, for the purpose of offering a medium for diffusing information as to our Town and Neighbourhood, which might be bene- ficial to the place; no other public Vehicle for information beingpitblished in the County, and the nearest being distant 50 miles, while but few are within the circuit of 100 miles ;-and wefeel convinced they will not estimate the intrinsic value of the Mirror, "in comparison with other Newspapers which may be obtained of double or treble the size, for only a penny or two more." In especially thanking our advertising friends for their favors, which have fully equalled our most sanguine expectations, we beg to remind them that, independently of the circulation of the Mirror in the immediate Neighbourhood, it is supplied without any charge, to the libraries and public places in BATH, CLIFTON, CLEVEDON, CHELTENHAM, LEAMINGTON, GLOUCESTER, SOUTHAMPTON, LYMINGTON, WORCESTER, SHREWSBURY, HEREFORD, and places through- out the principality generally. It is also filed in LONDON, at PEEL'S COFFEE-HOUSE; at MESSRS. NEWTON, AND CO'S. 5, WARWICK SQUARE, NEWGATE STREET; AND AT MR. REYNELL'S, GAZETTE ADVERTISEMENT OF- FICE, 42, CHANCERY LANE by whom orders and advertisements will be received, as also by MR. H. HUGHES, BOOKSELLER, ST. MARTIN'S LE GRAND; AND MR. DANIEL WILLIAMS, BOOKSELLER, HOLYWELL STREET, STRAND. 'III3i "'W' rlE :j <f)\) DEVXL'S ERZOGE, irouH) FRANCIS NORRISON IN returning his heartfelt thanks to those Ladies, Noble- men, and Gentlemmen, who so kindly put up with the inconvenience attendant upon the dilapidated condition of the House on his entry; takes leave now to inform the Public at large, that the Noble Proprietor has, atanimmense expence, so enlarged and improved the Hotel, as to render it capable of entertaining any number of Families. The most eminent Tourists of the day, pronounce The Scenery the finest in the World The Sleeping department is inferior to none in the Principality. Admission to view the Hafod Grounds, the Domain of HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, K. G. AND THE GREAT WATERFALLS AT THE DEVIL'S BRIDGE, can be obtained, only by Ticket from the Hafod Arms. F. N. has also the pleasure to state that the liberal Pro- prietors of the great Lisburne Mining Company, have granted permission to his Visitors to explore their extensive Lead Mines, on producing a Note bearing his Signature. POSTING DISTANCES. MILES. MILES. Aberystwyth 121 Lianidloes 20 Rhayader (old road) 19 Rhayader (thro' Hafod Grounds 23 Ditto (new road 25 Lampeter (thro'Hafod Grounds) 30 Ladies and Gentlemen who wish Recreation, Study, and to employ their Pen and Pencil, will find such an amazing variety of Scenery, and so wide a scope for the display of Talent, as cannot fail to delight them. Families or Single Ladies and Gentlemen, wishing to sojourn for a time, will be Boarded, &e. on reasonable terms. A Commodious Coffee Room Augustus, 1840. J. FOSTER, WATCH AND CLOCK WEAKER, No. 2, Pier Street, .£ rn rn )]1 ')f 1r "&Y IT 1r rn s> BEGS to return his most sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Visitors, and Iiihal itaiits of Aberyst- with, and the surrounding Neighbourhood, for the liberal support he has received since his commencement in busi- ness, and, by a strict personal attention. to the repairing of Musical, Geneva, Repeating, Duplex, Lever, and all Watches of a particular construction, (J. F. having had considerable experience in London in that particular branch of his profession,) and also all kinds of French Clocks, Musical Pictures and Boxes, and in every other department of the above business, hopes to merit a continuance of that support and patronage. J. F. at the same time begs to inform the public in general, that in consequence of the inexperience of many in the profession, and the great difficulty Noblemen and Gentlemen have in getting their French and Ornamental Clocks repaired and cleaned, he will attend them in any part of the Principality if required. August 28th, 1840. ABERYSTWITH. AIR. WILLIAMS, Organist of St. Michael's, RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the public JH that his FAREWELL CONCERT, will take plaee at the PUBLIC ROOMS, On Tuesday evening, the 1st of September next, under the immediate patronage of fflol. lotoell, itf. p. Lord Lieutenant of the County; and frgsc |hnsr. iEsq. itt. JJ. rERFORMEIVS: Miss ANNE WILLIAMS: Miss M. WILLIAMS; AND MISS WILLIAMS; MR. H. HAY WARD, MB. E. J. HOPKINS, AND MR. WILLIAMS. Assisted by the Gentlemen (Amateurs) who kindly rendered their services on Friday. On which occasion Mr. Hayward, whom Mr. Williams has succeeded in engaging at a con- siderable expence, will perform PACTALFLLFFL'G celebrated Fantasia on the air "Nel cor plu," as performed by Mr. H. at the London Concerts, last season, with unparalleld success. Tickets, 5s. each. Programmes, with particulars, to be had of Mr. Williams, 51, Portland Street; Mr. Cox's Library; or at the Assembly Rooms. Aug. 29th, 1840. LAURA PLACE, ABERYSTWITH. TO BE LET, furnished or unfurnished, and entered upon immediately, those two handsome and commodious Family Residences, being Nos. 1 and 2, Laura Place, un- questionably the most genteel part of the Town. The houses have been erected with every attention to comfort and con- venience, and if not Let, they will be to be Zolti tJ Utiuatt Contract; and the Purchaser may have the option of taking the whole or any part of the Furniture, at a valuation. For particulars enquire of Mr. E. Morris, the proprietor, on the premises. August 25th, 1840. ABERYSTWITH INFIRMARY. A SEILIWON IN aid of the funds of this Institution, wife be pysashed a St. Michael's in this Town, on Sunday ii-eClij of September next, (D. V.) *•» f- Divine service will commence at 11 o'Clqfi.f" A collodion will be made at the doors ajVe/K&g Sermon. Aug. 26th, 1840. £ V )