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SATURDAY, AUG. 22nd, 1840.


SATURDAY, AUG. 22nd, 1840. THE past week has been so wholly allotted to the votaries of pleasure, and the amusements Have been so numerous and diversified, that, for the time, all reflection on passing events, which are occupying the attention of the Country at large, has been deferred, and the majority of our friends and visitors have been occupied in participating in the enjoyments provided for them, by the caterers for public amusement according to their several tastes. First in order, and most important in results, have been the Races-those Sports of olden time, olden, indeed, for we never see an announcement of a race meeting without being carried back to the g "I Isthmian Games, when the racers, the Corin- thians, underwent as severe a system of training as the Horses of our day are submitted to. It is not our intention to discuss the pros and cons on the utility of keeping up races as a national sport ;-certes, our breed of horses, the envy and emulation of the world, would not have arrived at their present state of superiority, but for the encouragement and support rendered even by Kings, to the breeders of Blood Horses; the result of such support and encouragement being the pre-eminence attained by the British Cavalry, so evident throughout the Peninsular War. Next in excitement to the Races, comes the Cricket match. This is perhaps, one of the most manly games played, calling into action the human frame and developing its muscular power; while fashionable Assemblies and Balls, during the week, have offered the happy opportunity of bringing together the Ladies to unite in giving the proper tone and character to all elegent modes of recreation and amusement. The lover, too, of field sports, not fagging across the Moors, yet still anxious to get his hand in" by the First of September, has had oppor- tunities of enjoying good Snipe-shooting, with which the immediate neighbourhood of Aber- ystwith abounds and in the Evenings, the Theatre has been opened for the patrons of the histrionic art:—but although the week is draw- ing fast to its close, it would appear that the attractions of this seat of health, are not at an end, balls, suppers, concerts, and games are still in store, and the increasing numbers of Visitors enliven the scene, and give fair source of con- gratulation on the growing prosperity of the Town. Esto perpetua. Archery Society.-Tuesday last being so very unfa-

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