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ARRIVALS. At Belle Vue Royal Ilotel.-Major Lewis Major and Mrs. Pugh, and Family Captain and Mrs. Fen- dall, and Family; Dr. and Mrs. Vose, and Miss Lees; Rev. T. C. and Mrs. Davenport; Mr. and Mrs. Heard; The Rev. Mostyn Pryce; Mr. and Mrs. Ashwell; Mr. G. B. Jones Mr. Price Jordan Captain Saunders The Rev. L. Slater; Mr. Cornelius Tongue; Captain Powell; Mr. Walsh Captain Lewes Mr. H. N. Powell; Mr. Kirkham Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard, and Family; Mr. and Miss Herrick; Mr. Thomas Bather; Mr. Maginnis; Mr. Pryce Lewes; Mr. Redwood; Mr. Lead ley; Mr. Peters; Mr. E. Watkin Edwards; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Adams Mr. Turner Mr. Jones; Mr. Goolden; Mr. Devereaux; Mr. Price Mr. Mor- ris; Mr. Griffiths; Mr. Sriitllwood Mr. Le Mar- chant, and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. T, Johnson Dr. D. Lewis; Mr' Pugh,Llanerchydol; At the Gogerddan Arms Hotel Mr. Walker, and Family: Mrs. W. S. P. Hughes, and Family Mr. Richard Johnson, and Family; Mr. Harding; Mr. R..Harding; Mr. Gardner; Mr. R. Wilding; Mr. and Mrs. Withers; The Rev. Mr. Browne Mr. Ro- gers Mr. Ellis; Mr. Wright; Mr. F. L. Harris; Mr. Mears Mr. and Mrs. Becke, and Family Miss Matthews; Mr. Blunden Mr. Hadlev; Mr. Turbett; Mr. Tongue; Captain B. Davies; Mr. Farmer; Mr. T. Powell; Sir John Edwards, Bart., &c. &c. As Private Residences.-Mr. Lewis, 37, Marine Terrace; The Rev. Edw. Wilson, 12, Terrace; Mr. Mill, 16, North Parade; Mr. Price, 13, Terrace Mr. Stedman, 42, Terrace Mrs. Bird, 13, Terrace; Mrs. Bruce Pryce, 43, Terrace; Mr. Knill, Terrace; Mr. John Pecke, 7, Terrace; Mrs. Jones, 24, Terrace- Road; Miss Philipps, 22, Portland Street; Mrs. Prothero, and Family, and Miss Jones, 15, Terrace Miss Allen, Holland House Major and Mrs. Coyle, 6, Terrace; Mr. Prothero Lewis, and Miss Lewis, 27, Terrace; Mrs. Taylor, Miss Ellen Taylor, and Mr, Theophilus Taylor, 5. Terrace; Mr. and Mrs. John- son, and Family, 7, Terrace Mrs; Mivat, and Miss Walsh, 7, Terrace; Miss Lewes, Waterloo House; Mr. Archdeacon Williams, Pier Street; Mr. G. Terry, Terrace Mr. G. D. Harrison, and Miss Griffiths Terrace; Mr. J. P. and Miss M. Parry, 7, Portland Street. William Jones, Esq. and Family, have arrived at their seat, Glandwr, near Barmouth, from Crosby Square, London.


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(From the Weekly Chronicle)