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of apology, for the disappointment and incon- venience experienced by a number of our sub- scribers in the non receipt, by post, of last week's Mirror. We jelt a delicacy in sending them, unstamped through the Post Office, lest on their being charged according to weight, our subscribers should complain of the tax. liVe beg to repeat tlzat we shall be glad for the future to receive advertisements, communications fyc. by Thursday evenings at latest, as the publication will take' place early on Saturday mornings, when it is sent by Mail to all the neighbouring Counties, as well as Hereford, Chester, Salop, Gloucester, Worcester, Hants, Somerset, Sjc. &;c. Orders for the paper in London, will be received by Messrs. Newton, 8j Co. 5 Warwick Square, Newgate Street, and by Mr. Reynell, 42 Chancery Lane.