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J. COLE, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 31, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH, TAKES this opportunity of tendering his best thanks, and very grateful acknowledgements, for that distinguished share of patronage, which he has so liberally received and to inform those who have been pleased to intrust him with their orders, that it will ever be his most anxious endeavour to confirm their confidence, and to merit their continued ap- probation. Every article in his Establishment is of the most pure and genuine quality; and he warrants all preparations to be made according to the different formularies of the Royal College of Physicians. A constant personal attention is given to the Retail and Dispensing Department. J. C. having had the advantage of being brought up to the Medical Profession, and having attended Messrs. Brande and Faraday's Lectures on Chemistry, at the Royal Institu- tion, will, he trusts, be a sufficient guarantee for his capabi- lity in accurately dispensing all Prescriptions entrusted to his care. THE MASTER OF THE CEREMONIES Respectfully announces his ANNUAL BALL, For Friday next, the Twenty-first Instant. Tickets to be had of Mr. Rathill, No. 50, Upper Portland Street, the Public Rooms, and Cranston's Library. August 15 th, 1840. THE CAUVTBItZAEr A CHINA AND GLASS WAREHOUSE, ABERYSTWITH. CHARLES HACKNEY avails himself of the present C opportunity of returning his most grateful acknow- ledgements for the very liberal patronage he has received from the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and public generally, and also for the marked distinction which has been shown him by the Visitors of Aberystwith. He would also respectfully draw their attention to a very splendid assortment of ornamental and useful China and Earthenware, which he has just laid in under circumstances peculiarly fortunate, which enable him to offer them at from 30 to 40 per cent lower than the Manufacturer's prices. The present offers such an opportunity as may never again occur. The stock consists of Rich Dinner, Dessert, Tea, and Breakfast Services; Ornamental China of the most exquisite workmanship, and Bisque Figures by an artiste who stands unrivalled in the present day. ABERYSTWITH RACES. FSXtST DAY.-Wednesday August 19th, 1840. TheJOHNNY RAW STAKES ofFive Soverei gnseach, 3 ft. for Horses that have never started before the 1st of April, 1840: two-years olds to carry a feather; three. 7st. 101b. four,9st., five 9st. 91b., six, and aged, lOst. Mares and' Geldings allowed 31b. Two Miles. Thirteen Subscribers. (Closed 1 st of April.) Mr. It. D. Gough's b. m. by Bohadil or Trump- eter, out of Lady's Slipper, 4 years old. Mr. Bowen Davies's b. f. the Hoax, by Glencoe, out of sister to Romance, 3 years old. Mr. Alfred Stephens's b. c. Mansfield, by Abbas Mirza, out of Hybla,, by Rubens 3 years old. Mr. Pryse's ch. g. brother to Confusio'nee, 3 y. Mr. Grove's br. in. by Pilkington, dam by Ante- lope, out of a half-bred mare, 4 years old. Mr. Pryse's Jun. ch. f. by Cardinal Puil, out of Limner's dam, 3 years old. Capt Gwynne na. MMas, by Wamba, out of Manto, by Tiresias. Mr. W. T. R. Powell na. b. in. Gipsy, by Paul Potter, dani by Fitngzts, grand daiii by Bits- tard, out of Filching, 4 years old. The Earl of Lisburne na. b. c. by Saracen, dam by Orville, 2 years old. The Hon. W. Vaughan na. bl. h. Whalebone, half-bred, 5 years old. MATCH FOR TWENTY-FIVE SOVEREIGNS EACH. Mr. Boultbee's d. g. Paddy, aged, agst. Mr. Davies's bl. h. fFhalebone, 5 years. One mile. 12^ each. THE CARDIGANSHIRE STAKES of Twenty Sovereigns \}Oh, 10 ft. and only 5 if declared on or before the 15th of July. Two miles. Eight Subscrsbers. (Closed I st of July) 7st. 31b. Mr. Lloyd Philipps na. b. c. Mansfield, by Abbaz Mirza, out of Hybla, by Rubens, 3 years old. 8st. 111b. Mr. W. T. R. Powell na. b. m. the Imp, aged, dee. ft. 7th of July. 8st. ilb. Ali- A. L. Gwynne na. b. g. Physician, 6 years old. 7st. Olb. Mr. Pryse's ch. g. brother to Confu- sionee, 3 years old. 9st. Olb. Mr. B. Davies's b. m. Merry Lass, 6 years old. 8st. 71b. Mr. Pryse, Jun. na. gr. f. Fairy, by Fungus, dam by Rubens, out of Undine, 4 years old, 8st. 91b. Mr. Parr na, Young Forester, 6 years old, half-bi-ed- HURDLE RACE of Five Sovereigns each, 3 ft. for Horses that have been Hunted with the Gogerddan, Tivyside, or Pembrokeshire Hunts. Four Hurdles in the Race. 12steach. To be ridden by Members of the above Hunts. Two miles. Seventeen Subscribers. (Closed 6th of April.) Mr. Lloyd Philipps's gr. g. Evergreen, by Lau- rel,, aged. Mr. J. Davies's bl. h. Whalebone, 5years old. Mr. Alfred Stephens's ch. m. Caraguata, by Warnlia, 4 years old. Mi-. Pryse Pryse, Jun. eh. g. Limner. Mr. J. Philipps iia. br. g, the Stag, by Antelope, aged. Mr, Bradshawe na. b, m. Merry Lass, 6 years old. Capt. Gwynne na. bl. g. White foot. Mr. J. Pryse, b. g. Sallfish. HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of One Sovereign each, with a Purse added, for Horses that have been hunted with the Gogerddan Hounds. Heats, once round and a distance. To be handicapped the day before the Races. Gentlemen Riders, Present Subscribers.— ALFRED STEPHENS J. LEON J. H. LLOYD PHILIPPS F. DODD J. G. WALKER JAMES REES A. P. DAVIES J. R. PHILLIPS JOHN DAVIES W. WHEELER. THE TOWN PLATE of Twenty-five Pounds, added to a Sweepstakes of £5 each. Three year olds, 7st. 21b., four, 8st. 21b., five, 8st. 101b., six, and aged 9st. Mares and Geldings allowed 31b. Heats, One mile and a quarter. SECOND BAIT.- Thursday, August 20th, 1840. THE GOGERDDAN STAKES of Five Sovereigns each, with Tivcnty-fire Sovereigns added. Three-year olds. ist. four. 8st. 61b., five, 8st. 131b., six, and aged 9st. 41b. Mares and Geldings allowed 31b. Winner of the Cardiganshire or Johnny Raw Stakes, 51b. extra. Two miles. MATCH FOR TWENTY-FIVE SOVEREIGNS EACH Mr. Lloyd Philipps's br. g. The Stag, aged, agst. Mr. J Pryse's gr, m. Zillah, by the Malcolm Arabian. 12st each. One mile. THE MEMBERS PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, added. to a Sweepstakes of Three Sovereigns each. Three-year olds, to carry 7st. 21b., four, 8st. 51b., five, 9st., six, and aged, 9st. 6lb. Horses bred in the Principality allowed 41b. A Winner once in the present year, to carry 3lb. twice, 51b. extra. Horses having started twice this year, and not won, allowed 31b. Heats, Two miles. HUNTERS' STAKES of Ten Sovereigns each, 5 ft. for horses that have been regularly Hunted in the COIJnties of Hereford, Monmouth, Salop, and the Principality of Wales. Four Miles. 12st. each. Gentlemen Riders. Twenty Sov- ereigns added from the Fund. Present Subscribers.- PRYSE PRYSE BOWEN DAVIES HON. W, VAUGHAN W.T. R. POWELL PRYSE PRYSE, Jun. A. L. GWYNNE J. B. LLOYD PHILIPPS P. WALSH, Jun. HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of Three Sovereigns each' with a Purse added by the Ladies, forced for Winners, and free for any other Horses. To be handicapped by the Stew- ards on Wednesday Evening. Acceptances to be given in by 9 o'Clock on Thursday Morning, the 20th. Heats, one mile. All Horses to be entered on Tuesday Evening, the 18th of August, at the Gogerddau Arms Hotel, between the hours of Seven and Nine, except for the Johnny Raw, Cardigan- shire, and Hurdle Stakes, which are closed when all Subscriptions, Stakes, and Qualifications must be paid, unless Certificates of former payment are given. Five Shillings to be paid to the Secretary, for every Horse. &c. entered for the Members' Plate, and each day's Stakes. Stewards not answerable for unpaid Subscriptions. The Races will commence at 12 o'Clock precisely, and will be run in the order as directed by the Stewards. Winners of Stakes, Matches, &c. to pay One Sovereign to the Clerk of the Course for Weights and Scales. The Horses to stand at the house of a Subscriber of at least Ten Shillings to the Race Fund and no Horse, although a Winner, shall he entitled to the Stakes, unless plated by a Smith who subscribes Ten Shillings to the Fund, Jockeys to forfeit Ten Shillings, if not ready to start in Ten minutes after the Bell Rings. Colours of the Riders to be declared the uight before the Races. Regulations for Booths,$c. as last year. An Ordinary on Wednesday & Thursday. A Ball and Supper on Wednesday, under the Patron- age of the Stewards and the Master of the Ceremonies' Ball on Friday. RICHARD CLARIDGE, Clerk of the Course. W. T. R. POWELL, Eso. Nanteosl A. L. GWYNNE, Es2, Monachty.J Stewards. SHIjeatre, afierpsttuitf), OPEN EVERY EVENING DURING THE RACE WEEK. By Desire and under the immediate Patronage OF THE ILight Hon. the Countess of Lisburne. On Monday Evening, August 1 Jth 1840, Will be performed Sheridan's celebrated Comedy of 1)Ji] A variety of Singing, &c. &c. To conclude with a new and laughable Farce, called On Tuesday August 18th, will be acted (by particular Desire,) Sir E. L. Bulwer's play (received on Wednesday with loud applause,) THE IiADY OF LYONS. To which will be added the laughable Farce of CATCHING AN HEIRESS! On Wednesday, August 19th, Shakspeare's celebrated Tragedy of RICHARD THE THIRD. To be followed by the new and popular Farce of THE QUEER SUBJECT. On Thursday Evening, August 20th, will be performed, by Desire, and under the immediate Patronage of CAPTAIN POWELL, Nanteos, CAPTAIN GWYNNE, Monachty, Steteards of the Races. Will be performed the popular Comedy of m.A2æW 2m" To which will be added a new and laughable Farce, entitled HOBBS, DOBBS, & STUBBS. with a variety of other entertainments to be duly announced. On Friday, August 21st, will be acted for the last time, Mr. Bass's Drama of III iHOM (r, To conclude with the laughable Farce of You can't Marry your Grandmother. BOXES 3s. PIT 2s. GALLERY Is. Tickets to be had and places taken at Cox's Library. L. JEMON, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, & LAPIDARY, .Ammaz.'?Cg'faS BEGS respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, Visitors, and Inhabitants of Aberystwith and Neigh- bourhood, that he has now ready for their inspection, at No. 15, Pier Street, a new and fashionable assortment of JEWELLERY, SILVER AND PLATED GOODS, &c. of the very best quality and workmanship, also, an extensive stock of (&&XBQ £ WT CBID Consisting of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Writing Desks, and Dressing Cases, in Rosewood and Mahogany Ladies' Work- boxes, Netting and Jewel Cases, in ditto. L. L. at the same time begs to return his most grateful acknowledgements for the liberal support he has received since his commencement in business, and hopes he shall be honoured with a continuance of their patronage. N. B. Pebbles cut and mounted to any pattern in the newest style of execution Mosaic, Cameo, and Jet ornaments of beautiful design and excellent workmanship. Aberystwyth pebbles in seals, brooches, and pins. Printed by JOHN Cox, of No. 30, Pier Street, Aberyst- wyth, at the Office of him the said John Cox. 10, New Street; and Published by the said John Cox, at his Library, No. 30, Pier Street, Aberystwith aforesaid. Saturday, August 15th, 1840. I