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SATURDAY, AUG. 15th, 1840.


Grace's visit:—he also inspected another buoy, with its mooring chain, now ready to be laid down. His Grace then examined the Cast-iron Capstan, which has subsequently been fixed in the place appointed for it on the Pier, for the facility of the transit of vessels entering and departing from the Harbour. Altogether, His Grace spent about two hours in the inspection of the works in which, from their com- mencement, he has taken so lively an interest. Aberystwith National Schools We perceive by advertisement that these Schools which are supported by voluntary contributions, are to be advocated in St. Michael's, on Sunday next Aug. 23. The impor- tant advantages derived by the Children of the Poor from the establishment of these schools are too appar- ent and self-evident to need any comment. Church Missionary Society The Anniversary of the Aberystwith auxiliary of this Society was holden on Tuesday the 28th ult. and though we have given a report of the proceedings in another page, we regret our utter inability to do anything like justice to the Speakers on the occasion, and we can scarcely say whether the quiet, unassuming manner of the Rev. Professor Jones,—the eloquence of the Rev. Mr. Latham, lately a Missionary in Calcutta,—or the very interesting details given to the meeting by the deputation from the parent society, The Rev. Mr. Parry, most rivetted our attention. We were sorry to learn that a domestic bereavement prevented the attendance of our estimable Vicar, and we cannot refrain from remarking that although there were 150 of our respectable Inhabitants present, as well as visiters, we felt disapointed that the number was not larger. Seeing how well filled our Church is on every succeeding Sabbath, we are at a loss to account for the absence of so many from so interesting a meeting as a Missionary meeting. Hafod and the Devil's Bridge A paragraph, under this Title has appeared in one or two Provin- cial Newspapers to the effect that this Property was expected shortly to be again offered for public com- petition. We are at a loss to account for this invention, we have every reason to believe there is not the slightest foundation for it: on the contrary, the Noble Owner with the Ladies Clinton, and Lord Robert are now sojourning at Hafod, where they will shortly entertain some distinguished Visiters, amongst them, we understand, Mr. Gaily Knight, M. P. and his Lady. The Harvest.-Reaping has commenced generally in the Vales, new barley in excellent condition was sold in Aberystwith Market, on Monday, the 27th ultimo.