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TOWN HALL ABERYSTWITH. The attention of our worthy Mayor and his brother Magistrates has been occupied a good deal of late, by an enquiry into a case of bigamy, which termi- nated in the accused being sent before a Jury at Cardigan;—but scarcely had this Vagabond par excellence been disposed of, before another scamp, in the shape of a Sorcerer, forsooth, was brought before the Court to answer to a series of charges disgraceful in the present day, not only to the Impos- tor but also to the poor victims themselves. This fellow, who stiled himself a disciple of"Agrippa Cornelius," is known by the name of John Miles, and there were no less than four separate charges against him for having obtained divers sums of money under the pretence that he would charm away the diseasef, with which the parties, who appeared against him, were afflicted. The following is a specimen of the manner in which this picked scamp (himself a cripple) contrived to possess himself of the money of the poor ignorant creatures whom chance allowed to come in his way. It appeared from the statement of John Morris, who is a maker or mender of Umbrellas at Trefechan. in this Town, that he, Morris, had for some time past boon seriously unwell, that a few days ago the Prisoner called on him and said, I have one or two under my hands, and if I can do you any "good I shall be glad;" he then added, my books are at Llanbadarn but I will call on you to morrow" he did call on the morrow, when he told the poor fellow he was "bewitched", an elderly woman who had never been married had cast an evil eye upon him," he told Morris that if he would give him seven shillings he would let him see this woman who had been so kind towards him. Notwithstanding John Morris felt a desire to see this descendant of the house of Endor, still, seven shillings was more cash than he could muster, he had however one solitary sixpence which he handed over to Mr. Sorcerer. with a promise that the remaining 6s. 6d. should be paid on his suc- ceeding in introducing the Witch, and curing the bewitched of his disorder. The Sorcerer agreed to this stipulation, and then gave Morris apiece of paper which he desired him to pin as near as possible to his heart of all places in the world. He then desired him to cut off part of the nails of all his fingers and toes, and part of the hair from the back of his head, to which he was to add two spoonfuls of salt, this delectable olio was to be converted into powder, by the process of heating between two hot irons—the powder was to be sprinkled about the floor of the house and in front of the door, which would cause the wicked Hag to have no rest till she came to him and con- fessed her iniquity. He then gave poor Morris eight different sorts of weeds, which he was to boil in a quart of vinegar three table-spoonfuls of which were to be taken every three hours, and he Mr. Sorcerer would call again to-morrow to see his patient. To-morrow however never came, neither did the Witch nor the Sorcerer,—poor Morris added that the stuff he was foolish enough to take took away his stomach entirely and nearly killed him. The Mayor entered into three other cases of a similar nature for the purpose as he justly observed of ex- posing the nefarious arts practiced by such pests of society as empirics of all grades, and in the hope that all who heard him would take caution and not allow themselves to be imposed upon by such villainous arts. The fellow Miles confessed the charges and the Court sentenced him to three months imprisonment in the gaol at Cardigan. Fatal Accident-At Cardigan, on Thursday evening last, a young man 18 years of age, whose name was David Lewis, was unfortunately drowned at Pwllcastell near that town. It appears that he and another man had been rowing a party of Gentlemen, (Barristers we believe) down to the Bar, and on their return home, a brisk race took place between his boat and another in which there was also a party of Gentlemen, during the race the deceased evinced great prowess in rowing, and his boat won he was liberally treated and paid by the Gentlemen, and perhaps in the pride of the moment, and wishing to shew what he could do in the management of a Canoe, which had been presented him by a Captain of a Brig from America, he paddled down the river as far as Pwllcastell, where it is supposed the Canoe was upset, and the unfortunate young man lost his life. This happened in about ten minutes after he had landed from his former excursion. On Friday, James Bowen, Esq. Coroner, held an inquest on the body, Verdict, found drowned. It is but justice to add, that the Gentlemen evinced great kindness towards the family of the deceased, and appeared much hurt at the sudden and melan- choly event. We have it on the best authority that the Ministry and the Archbishop of Canterbury have given way on all points affecting the Welsh Church.


SATURDAY, AUG. 15th, 1840.