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ion against profaneness and immorality having been read by the clerk, the following gentlemen were sworn of the Grand Jury:- Colonel Powell, M,P. Foreman. P. A. S. Davies, Esq. W. O. Brigstocke, Esq. Thomas Davies, Esq. Chas. T. Freeman, Esq. Thomas Davies, Esq. Chas. T. Freeman, Esq. G. Wool gar Griffith, Esq. John Griffiths, Esq. John Hughes, Esq. John Lloyd, Esq. Thos. R. P. WagnerEsq. Thomas Lloyd, Isq. W. Price Lewes, Esq. Thomas G. Nugent, Esq. W. H. Webley Pai-iv, Esq. J. B. Lloyd Phiiipps, Esq. Chas. A. Pritcbard, Esq. R. O. Powell, Esq. Alfred Stephens. Esq. Herbert Vaughan, Esq. Edw. Lloyd Williams, Esq. Caulfield T. Williams, Esq. Heni-y W. tiowell, Esq. His lordship, in charging the Grand Jury, observed, that although he was not able to offer them his congratulations as his learned Brothers had done for the last three years yet a view of the calendar afforded proper grounds for rejoicing. Notwithstanding no sessions had been recently held in the borough, there were only two cases for their con- sideration, an obvious feature of good conduct amongst the lower classes. His lordship expressed himself glad that the same spirit did not extend thus far, which has occupied the attention of the court in a neighbouring county and stated his firm conviction that nothing had a stronger tendency to the improvement of the moral behaviour of the lower classes than a sound religious education his lordship concluded this part of his observations by stating that the calendar proved great attention had been paid to religious instruction in this county. Of the two cases which would be brought before the Grand Jury, his lordship observed one of them was for larceny, the other for bigamy: he then briefly entered into the particulars of the cases, and remarked that any statements made by the prisoners, ought to be received with caution. The Grand Jury then retired to consider the bills, during which the first cause at nisi prius was called on. Jones, and another, v. Edwards. This action was brought to recover the sum of XIOO on a joint note of the Defendant. The Jury after a long consultation returned a verdict for the Defendant. Counsel for Plaintiff, Mr. Chilton & Mr. Nicoll, Attorney, Mr, Jenkins. Counsel for Defendant, Mr. Vaughan Williams, and Mr. Hall, Attorney, Mr. Vaughan Newcastle-Emlyn. I The Jury having returned into Court with true Bills against David Davies, for larceny, and Lewis William Lewis, otherwise, Llewellyn William Lewis, for bigamy; David Davies, was then arraigned at the bar; he was indicted for stealing at Llangurig, certain articles of woollen cloth whilst in process and progress of manufacture, the property of David Morris. The case being fully established against the prisoner, the Jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and hard labour. Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. V. Williams, and Mr. Hall, Attornies, Messrs. Parry and Atwood. The prisoner was undefended. Lewis William Lewis, otherwise, Llewellin William Lewis, was then placed at the bar, charged with having in 1839, married Catherine Jane Hughes, his first wife, late Mary Daniel, Spinster, to whom the prisoner was married in 1827, being then and still living. Evidence was given which proved the first marriage in 1827, at Holywell, and also that the wife of this marriage was still alive; but the second marriage was not proved save by statements made by the prisoner and proofs that he and Mrs. Hughes, had lived together as man and wife. The Jury acquitted the prisoner. Counsel for the prosecution, Mr. Chilton, Q. C. and Mr. Vaughan Williams, Attornies, Messrs. Parry and Atwood, Counsel for the prisoner, Mr. Hall, Attornies, Messrs. Lloyd and Davies, Cardigan. NISI PRIUS—THURSDAY. Doe on the demise of John Ilughes, and others, plt. 4- Edward Evans, deft. This was an action of ejectment, to recover possess- ion ofa piece of land, formerly a mountain, which had been enclosed many years ago, and sold to a Mr. Claughton, under the Mevenydd inclosure Act, The Jury returned a verdict for Defendant, upon which the Judge observed to them, that the verdict was not of the least use to the Defendant, as it would only put the parties to the expence of coming down again. The Jury were then discharged, and a new Jury were impanelled. Doe on the demise of John Hughes, and others pit. 4- David Rees, deft. This also was an action of ejectment, similar in all points to the last case, the Jury found a verdict for the Plaintiff, with immediate possession and execution granted. Counsel for the Plaintiff, in both cases, Mr. J. Evans, Q,. C. and Mr. V. Williams, Attornies, Messrs. John and Hugh Hughes, Aberystwyth, Counsel for Defendant, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Richards. Attorney, Mr. Amlot, of Cardigan. Mr. Justice Erskine left Cardigan at 12 o'Clock on Friday for Brecon, where the Commission was to be opened on the following day.