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ARRIVALS At the Belle Vue Royal Ifotel.-His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, K. G. Lord Robert Clinton; The Ladies Clinton Sir Robert and Lady Shaw; Sir Arthur Brooke, Bart. Right Hon. Frankland and Mrs. Lewis; Lady Mary Anne Sturt; Lieut.- Colonel Taynton Capt. Gwynne and Mr. Gwynne Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Collinson Rev. Thomas Wagget; Mr. and Mrs. Walters and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilton, and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. Phillips and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Green, and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, and Family Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, and Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cooke; Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont Swete Mr. H. Talbot, and Family Mr. and Mrs. Briggs; Mr. andMrs. Holder; Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hayes; Dr. and Mrs. Vare, and Miss Lees; Mr. and Mrs. Konck; Mr. V. Seally Mr. J. Sadler; Mr. Laurence Mrs. Bruce Pryce, and Family Mr. Laurence Miss T. Cookes. At the Gogerddan Arms Notel.-The Hon. Mrs. Stretton and Family Mrs. C. Stretton and Family Major Gordon; Mr. Meller Miss Jones; Mrs. Graham Mrs. Douglas Mr. Slater and Family Mr. Denman Mr. J. Sheppard Mr. Sandford; Mr. Bonsall; Mr. and Mrs. Mee Mr. Hartland and Fa- mily Mr. Foulkes Mr. and Mrs. Edwards and Fa- mily Mrs. Pendry and Family Mr. Lanwarne Mr. Watkins Mr. Russell Mr. Careless Mr. and Master Gardner; Mr. Ansell Mr. R. Bloxridge and Family; Major Bowen; Mrs. Bird; Mr. and Miss Edwards: Mr. Vaughan Mr. Lloyd Harris; Mr. Price Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Philipps Mr. Southall and Family Mr. Williams Mr. Vin- ings; Mr. and Miss Tench; Mr. Douglas; Mr. Ball Mr. Meredith Mr Hall; Mr. Hayden Mr. Thomas; Mr. and Mrs. Richards; Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lamb; Mr. Higgs Mr. Nicolls Mr. and Mrs. Wilson; Miss Wood; Mr. Charles Vinings and Family; Mr. Jennings and Family Mrs. Travers and Family Mr. Griffiths Mr. Calcot; Mr. and Miss Saunders Mr. White Mrs. Meredith Mrs. Starkie and Family Mr. Caldecott and Family; Mr. and Mrs, Powell: Mr, and Mrs. Richards. At Private Residences The Misses Phelp, from Cheltenham Dr. Allardyce, and Family, from Chel- tenham Mr. Humphreys, Jun.and Miss Humphreys, from Cheltenham Mrs. Walters, 53, Terrace Mr. Price, 34, Terrace Major Coyle, 6, Terrace Miss Wakefield, 31, Terrace; Mr. Lewis, 37, Terrace; Mr. Price, 16, Pier Street; Mrs. and Miss Walford, Cobourg House; Mr. Clift, Cobourg House; Mr. Bishop, 11, Terrace Capt. Foord 36, Terrace Rev Charles Tayleur; Mr. G. H. Banaster, 35, Terrace; Mrs. Edwards Dyson, 43, Terrace; Miss Lloyd, 30. Terrace; Mrs. W. Briggs, Cambridge House Mr. and Mrs. T. Hervey Elwes, 17, Terrace; Rev. G. H. Clifton, Moreland House; Mrs. Walters Philipps, and Family, 23, Terrace; Rev. D. Williams 33, Ter- raace; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Williams and Miss Williams, North Parade Rev. J. B. Collisson, 42 Terrace. Col. Powell, M. P. & Major Lewis, at Nanteos Pryse Pryse, Junr. Esq. & Family, at Lodge Park Mrs. Pryse,!at Gogerddan Capt. and Mrs. Lloyd and Miss Lewis at Gogerddan.


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