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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. A rupture between France and England has been seriously calculated on, during the last week, upon what is termed the Eastern question. The unfortunate difference said to be likely to cause so untoward an event is as to the means adopted to settle this question, France insisting that Syria shall be permanent- ly annexed to Egypt, while England, Austria, Russia, and Prussia, have agreed that the Sultan's dominions shall be increased by the permanent annexation of Syria, on the death of Mehemet Ali. It appears, however, notwithstanding this expected rupture, that the commercial treaty between the two Countries is nearly matured the late differences and impediments to its conclusion, having been disposed of. The Times of Friday, in a second edition, says, We have just (half past one o'clock p. m.) received the following telegraphic dispatch :—' A perfect I panic was occasioned in Paris, on Wednesday, by "'a report that the ratification of the treaty of alli- ance by Prussia had been received. Numerous "'failures had occurred on the Bourse. A third edition of the Morning Post, issued on Friday last, says "we have just received by a spe- "cial Courier, the following important intelligence "of an event which appears to have taken place late "last night, in France." Boulogne, Thursday Morning, Aug. 6. Seven o'Clock. Last night, a Steamer arrived off Boulogne, and "landed within three miles of here, about 100 men Generals and Colonels, dressed in uniform. Some of them went to the barracks and cried" Vive "Louis Napoleon," and distributed money amongst the mob. This morning one of the Generals and "a Colonel, dressed in grand uniform, were arrested. On board the Steamer there are some horses. It is reported that Louis Napoleon also landed. All "is quiet at present. All the military are under arms. The drums are beaten to call out the Na- tional Guards. No more of the insurgents have been arrested." The Times of Saturday, says, a copy of the A n- notateur, a Boulogne Journal, dated the 6th, reached us last night with the Paris papers. The paper reckons, as the result of the tumult, one superior Officer diowned, a Sergeant Major killed, and 54 individuals of all classes, arrested. Among the latter, two were wounded, one of whom has had his arm amputated. Prince Louis Napoleon has been arrested and is confined in the Castle;—"the Ladies of Boulogne and especially the English ladies," says a corres- pondent of the Quotidienne on the 7th, "take great interest in the Prince and have gone in crowds to see the Castle where he is confined." The Times of Wednesday, August lltli, says The Constitutionnel observes that the explanation "given by Lord Palmerston, has proved that the French Nation was not insulted, and if any poli- "tical clouds still remain, it must be admitted that the present intentions of the English Minister are excellent, and that he regrets the misunderstand- ing which has taken place between the two Coun- tries." The Journal des Debats remarks that, as far as words go, Lord Palmerston's explanation in the "House of Commons was satisfactory, but that his "future actions must be strictly observed."