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PONTYPRIDD. JOHN EVANS AND CO, Have pleasure ia announcing that their showrooms are now Replete with the LATEST NOVELTIES FOR AUTUMN aad WINTER WEAR IN ZFZRJEnsraiH: AITJ3 ZE^O-LISIEI millijsteey Mantles, Jackets, and Capes, Mackintoshes and Cloaks. The Latest Productions in Dress Materials, SILKS, Velvets, and Velveteens. Ladies and Children's Outfitting. Tea Gowns, Skirts, &c. A Splendid Selection of Sealskin Mantles and Jackets, Fur Gapes, boas, &c, Umbrellas Gloves, Ribbons, Laces, and Trimmings, Down Quilts, Blankets, & Household Linens. DRESSMAKING UNDER MOST EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT. Newest Styles, Good Fit and Workmanship Guaranteed at Moderate Charges. W. WILLIAMS AND COMPANY (Established in 1872). General Drapers and Outfit ters ALWAYS HOLD A LARGE AND WELL-SELECTED STOCK, In TAFif STREET SHOPS are Shewn- t om ^ernof n?T??Z'™adl;made Clofcbin8" °f Superior Style and Finish, Hats ?nd Caps, Shirts, Ties, Gloves, &c. 20& M21, AKESQUAKE, Ground Floor— Linen, Cotten, and Woollen Goods, Dresses, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Laces, Trimmings, &c. SHOW ROOMS, First Floor- B 0 The Largest acd most select styles in the District of Mantles, Jackets, Machintoshes, Skirts, Furs, Corsets, Ladies' and Childrens Underclothing-, of every description. A Grand Show of English and French Millinery, Hats, and Bonnets. Dressmaking and Millinery Workrooms under most competent and Experienced Management. 20 & 21, Market Square, and TafF Street, PONTYPRIDD. •CHRISTMAS AND fifiW YEAR'S PRESENTS. MAYBERRY WILLIAMS, VICTORIA BUILDINGS, PONTYPRIDD, Is now showing a Choice and well-assorted Stock of Useful Present?, comprising Cambric, Linen, and Silk Hand- kerchiefs, Silk Scarves, Gloves. Silver Mounted Umbrellas, Wraps, Shawls, v Pinafores, &c., &c. Special Value in Heavy Goods suitable for Charitable Distribution. I TEI!MS—STPvICTLY CASH. NO CREDIT GIVEN. 2, Market Street, Pontypridd, (Corner of New Aroade) J. GOO MB S. BAKER, &c I MANUFACTURING AND WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER PONTYPRIDD NEW ARCADE J/: Ðr1 iøcrlIanto Uø. OFFICES to LET in Market Square, Ponty- pridd. A Suite of Two to Four Rooms or a Single Room. Possession may be had end of January. Any one taking a lease for Seven Years may have partitions and doors placed to suit them. For Plans, &c., Apply Jonea & Co., Drapers, Pontypridd. LOST, near Pontypridd Railway Station, Pony Loincloth.—Reward offered to finder for returning it or to anyose giving information con- cerning it, to Evan Davies, near Holly House Merthyr Road, Pontypridd, or Police Station. rox COUIHS 4s 13P,LSAIW o- I 'RADE I POWILES BALSAH OF AlVISEED far ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NIGHT COUCH, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, AND ALL L t LUNQ TROUBLES. SAFE AND RELIABLE. Established 70 Tears. See Trade Mark on Wrappers. Beware of Imitations. SOLD BY CHEMISTS EVERYWHERE. In Bottles, 1/li, 2/3, 4/G, and. 11/. WOOL A. ft I KA0NAU8HT0*, Weeun Mwrunuai, TOLOOUT, KJL -■ nmcuMid WmI Bwwmi wh» hava Weal far Ummu. — fcMtua into Twudt, Cattum* Ruft, IlinkvU I •fc, ar« rMomauM H aand U aew. f ■* £ Extr. «ar* i„ *r"* *f w#rk far th. yW «»• raturn af ga»4t j« •a»t cMa<, wltfcin tkraa waaka, V? ktaafta wfcia* Mwt P»rf*et Mutfn AppiUn* •ainr*. wWA W Mill toin, CWtey Watk aaTe" "M WOOI diarbs D"emooz us:-Extra #are in ti%s *R"utlon Of wash order, as the press of work far th. year •a»t cMa<, wltcfin tkraa waaka, the raturn of goods, Is CM". wltttin wgoiw. V? ktaafta wfcia* Mwt P»rf*et Mutfn AppiUn* •ainr*. wWA W Mill toin, CWtey Watk aaTe" jf_" _CU—IA— » w*t "fun jmjd auvua mr rnmm, 0 Popular Road to Happiness. druste: EVAN CULE'S TEAS. Rich, Pure, and tragrant. —— Good Sound Tea 1/- per lb Special Tea 1/4 per lb Choice Family Te&- 1/7 per lb EVAN CULE, 23, Market Square, Pontypridd, And at Treherbert and Treorky. MWtOi A OOa TA ILORS, HABIT and BREECHES MAKERS, Liveries, &0. Established 1865. Morning Coats and Tests from 45/- Lounge Suits 50/- Overcoats 42/- Trousers I 13/6 53, Queen Street, CARDIFF. J. E. WOOI), PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 4 CASTLE ARCADE, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. Maker of the Celebrated PERISCOPIC PEBBLE SPECTACLES. Sight Tested Free of Charge. HOPKIN MORGAN'S Christmas CAKE IS THE BEST to the Principality, |" OSIAH ORGAN AND B EVAN, Auctioneers and Valuers, CAMBRIAN CHAMBERS, pORTH. HOTEL VALUERS, ERTIFICATED BAILIFFS, ACCOUNTANTS, INSURANCE AGENTS. DIRECT FROM NOTTINGHAM. LACES. APRONS, J MPS.&o. I ManufiLeturerw' (perfoor fresh mado in I O-Ap piLroel- st 1(1, Od., Wa.. V:X gut- kind 4V -find o,,r 4 to ZS We §L"XJOIT -t-. MUSIC FOR THE MILLION There is now no reason why every cottage in the land should not have itsJMusical Instrument. The marvellously Low Prices at which they can be bought at SAMUEL HORSFIELD'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, THE AR CADE, PONTYPRIDD, Brings them within the reach of all classes. Always a Large Variety of PIANOS, ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, And every kind of Stringed and Wind Instrument in Stock. CALL AND INSPECT BEFORE DECIDING ELSEWHERE. Pianos Tuned, 14s a year, within Thirty Miles. Special Big Discount to Cash Purchasers for Christmas. l-ianos, Organs, Harmoniums, on Hire, Purchase System. ORSFIELDIS pIANO WAREHOUSE, ARCADE. PONTYPRIDD. ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex (acquired or constitutional Paina the back. Guaranteed free I pL Mercury. Sold in boxes 4s. tid. each, by al f Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, the Lincoln a»d Midland Counties Drug Co., Lincoln. Wholesale I houses. AEE Yo» DEAF ? An person suffering from deaf ness noises in the head, dtc, may learn of a new simple remedy, which is proving very suooessfulia csmpletely curing cases of all kinds. Full parties Iars, including many unsolicited testimonials and newspaper press notices, will be sent post free for two etamps. The treatment is without doubt tlu most successful aver brought before the public Address, Aura! Specialist, Albany Baildinw Yictoria Street, Westmineter, London, S.W. t 1 t MR& JONES, FAMILY BUTCHER, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, Intends providing a. SPLBNDID SUPPLY of BEEF, MUTI0NJ &c. For the CHRISTMAS SEASON. PARTICULARS NEXT WEEK. 2 he Best Melicine in the World. « I! n KERNICK'S YEGETA8LE PILLS FOR HEADACHES 71d. Is. 3d., and 2s. 9d. per box, at all Stores. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE > IN THE TRADE FOR Bread Tins, Troughs, Peels, Sac<f/ Trucks, Bread Barrows,Hawkers J Trucks, Weights, Weighin A /y Machines and all Baker and Grocers requisites. — T^aY SEND a> *y V w v /y (*/ 4* ° TMPNELL AND GANE 35 & 31 Queen-street CARDIFF, ALSO AT NEW.PORT AND BRISTOL; Are now showing their GUINEA BEDSTEAD, Fall Size, Brass Rails, and Mounts and WARRANTED FOR 1 YEAR We place an immense contract for these Bedsteads jast before the rise, and omf Retail Price Accuallv lower than present Wholesale Rates. Special Showroom for Bedsteads, CONTAINING OVER 50 DESIGNS. Send for Illustrated Catalogue and also for illustrations of the GUINEA BEDSTEAD FO^ DINING ROOM DRAWING ROOX, PARLOUR AND BEDROOM SUITES FENDERS, FIRE-IRONS. # SIDEBOARDS, 4 CARPETS, And every requisite for FURNISHING TRAPNEL AND GANE, 35, & 38, QUEEN-STREET, C A R D I F F .¡'