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PONTYPRIDD LLANTRISANT, AND RHONDDA VALLEYS PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1861. INCORPORATED 1874. I DIRECTORS:— COUNCILLOR RICHARD LEWIS, Tony- pandv, Chairman. MR JOHN MORGAN, Llantrisant. MR JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest. MR RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR WILLIAM GRIFFIHS, Cardiff. REV W P H RY. Taff-street, Pontypridd. MR ARTHUR O. EVANS, Architect, Ponty- pridd. Solicitors—Messrs SPICKETT & SONS, Court Bouse. Pontypridd. Surrey or—MR T. ROWLAND, Pontypridd. The Society is now prepared to issue single pay ment Shares for terms of 5, 10 or 15 years, bear- ing Compound Interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, and a share of the profits, repayable at one months notice according to rules. I Deposits recived at 4 per cent. per annum, repayable at three months notice. Advances made on Mortgage in sums varying from I jElOO to £ 1,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly instalments. I MORTAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID BY THE SOCIETY. Advances inade on the shortest Notice Ber fnrthei particulars apply to the Secretary MR H. S. DA.VIES, TOvvN HALL CHAMBEES. J-ONTYIRIDD. LIFE: LIFEY: LIFE! SAVEYOUR CfyLDHEN FROM i v DEATH BY THAT TERRIBLE DISEASE GH0UP I I. r v- I lany Thousands I Die | Annually, ALL MAT BE SAVED BY GIVING THEM J.W:ORTJ::J.W:ER'S j GROUP & COUGH MIXTURE j IN TIME. Also a valuable remedy for Coughs, WHOOPING COUGH, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Influenza, Sore Throats, Hoarseness, Diphtheria, Fever, and all Affections of the Chest aad Lungs, both in Adults and Children. Read the following Testimonials.—From the Ri¡;;ht llev. the Lord Bishop of Swansea. Dear Sir, Our children frequently suffer from attacks of Croup, and we have always found Mor- timer's Mixture a sure and safe remedy. My wife says that she would not for anything I without it in the house. Having had experience of its grt at beneficial effects upon our children, we gladly take every opportunity of recommending it to our fri( nds.— Yours truly, — J., SWANSEA. From Doctor P. W. Hushes, Gellingham House, Carmarthen. Knowing the ingre'l.tuts of Mortimer's Croup & Cough Mixture. I have no hesitation in pronounc- ing it a. r.afe, effi :acion", and valuable remedy. I have known it to be administered with beneticial results in several cases. P. WALTER HUGHE il Bold in bottles, 1/U and 2/9 each sent c any address, for 3d. extra. Prepared the sole proprietors.- MORTIMER, LIMITED, Carmarthen, South Wali-s. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Ven- dors.—Wholesale AgCllt.-button & Co., London. —Y;rFtVEfi ro/n; to p^l. x Everybody who has tried lewis's RteiiMic Essence tdmitathatHtistheonivSAFE and CERTAIN R E M E D Y For Rliematism, Gout. Sciatica, Lumbago,Swollen Limb; i-tlrf Joints, etc. Sttfferers, give it a. trial, only 2/9 per bottle. Solrt Everywhere. Ateo LEWIS'S VEGETABLE BITTERS is the only specific for Neuralgia, Tic-doloreaux, Tooth-ache, Face-ache, Indigestion, Influenza, Fits, etc., only 2/9 per bottle. To be obtained everywhere. Ask your Chemist for above, and everywhere. Ask your Chemist for a.bove. and take nothing else. The s-eles are increasing r\ leaps and bounds, ins proving beyond a doubt that they excel every king yet discovered. FOR P E I TING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Co to the Chronicle Office r HILL, 63, & Ci, PARK-STREET, TREFOREST I G, ncra Dealer and w h:O L E s A l E C ON f ECT i o EE -0 F. HILL wishes to cail special attention to his large and vasied Stock of CONFECTIONERY. 3'rom ail the best and leading manufactmWs kept in Slock. l' 1, T p' Please Note.—All ,re s./xl ac the Lowest Prices The Largest and mo^t varied Stock in the District HERBAL PILLS. I tOVGK, UVER W TOOTHACHE. PER IKWEESTIW, HEAD & STOMACH. COMPOUND RHUBARB, B&aWWND CASTOR Oil, 1 N NERVE, UI "W APERIENT, BOX. ANTIBILIOUS, WINCAND WATER, PURIFYING BLOOD, I COMPOUND CAMOMILE, COMPOUND DANDELION. prepared fwm th? purest ingredients. the liirs'est sale. sSu'.d by Greeks, J (rgiwim! Dealers, Jko. Ask your own shopkeeper for tnem. ■ Wholesale of I w. TRIMKEI.l, MEDICAL HERBALIST • I CARDIFF. I sits, and Counter Bills supplied. J GFORGES PILE AND GRAVET, PILLS j MARVELLOUS REMEDY. WHAT WILL IT 1:0? IT IS MORE THAN GOLD TO MEt-IT SAVED MY LIFE." WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHA T WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? I WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? II WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT Do? I WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL 7T DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL I r DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WJLL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL I I' DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? v WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO ? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? WHAT WILL IT DO? If you. auffer Pain in the Back and Loins, or between the Shoulders, thi3 remedy will effectually remove them. If you are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppression and Retention of the water, Stone or Gravel, the Only Safe and effectual Remedy ever offered to the World is GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. If the water is High Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment, lose no time, procure a box of GEORGE'S PILLS, and you will soon be Right again. If your Kidney and Liver are sluggish and out of order, this Remedy will gently Stimulate these important organs, open up their Clogged Passages, and promote the secretion of healthy Bile and other Vital Fluid. If you are a martyr to Indigestion, Biliousness, and Consti- pation you have a Sure Remedy in George's Pills. If you suffer from any Bowel Disorder, such as Piles, Const- pation, Flatulence, Colic, you have a Remedy you can always rely upon. If you suffer from PALPITATION, and are afraid that your HEART is affected, you will find these Pills an EFFICACIOUS REMEDY. If you suffer from HEADACHE and GIDDINESS, George s Pills will remove these Panis sooner than any other known Medicine. If you have PAIN AFTER BATHING and feel DROWSY and LISTLESS, one aose of George's Pills will act like a charm. If your FOOD TURNS SOUR and rises into the mouth, a few doses of thts Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel NERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and Low SPIRITED a perfect Antidote will qe found in George's Pills. If you have a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the mouth, a Single Dose of George's Pile and Gravel Pills at bed time will clean the tongue before the dawn of another day. IF SLEEP fails to give you REST, try George's Pills. They will make your bed eaby, sleep refreshing, and Revive your Strength. 11 If you feel unfit for EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, this Remedy will restore pour Energy and Strength, and will make Labour and Exercise the Enjoyment of Life. If you are troubled with NAUSEA and VOMITING at the thought of eating, a box of .,ge's Pills will make your meat and drink both SAVOURY and FLEA^NT. If your BLOOD is impure, it will keep open all the important eutlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all GROSS HUMORS, and no more BLOOD IMPURITIES will be seen burs-ingthrough the Skin in PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, SORES, and BOILS. In thousands of cases it has removed from the Blood, root and branch, RHEUMATIC. SCORBOTIC, SCROFULOUS Taints that had defied all other Remedies. If you have a tendency to DROPSICAL SWELLINGS, this Remedy, by its action upon the Kidneys and Skin, will bring Relief. If you have DIFFICULTY of BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the hour of need. It will change your constant ailing tofreedom from pain. It will change the sallow complexion to the bloom of health. It will change your sickliness to vigour; your languor to activity; your general debibilitv to firmness of sinew and muscle. It is APERIENT, and therefore will remove CONSTI- PATION. It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will therefore correct all irregularities of the liver. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open the water passages. It is TONIC, and will, therefore, give tone and vigour to the Digestive Organs. It is BLOOD PURIFYING and NERVE-STRENGTHENING; it is therefore, ALL YOU WANT. These World-renowned Pills are sold Everywhere in Box 1/1-1 and 1/9 each. I For all kinds of ? R I N T I N G' Go to v I M,W%, DAVIES BROTHERS, Chronicle Office. 23, & 24, Mill-Street, P 0 NTY P RID D. — Cheapest. Most Prompt Largest Plant & Machinery, A Real Christmas Treat. .r.. IMPORTANT NOTICE. THE SOUTHERN RUBBER CO., Are now exhibiting the Largest Assortment of WATERPROOF CLOTHING Ever seen in Wales. The Stock consists of LADIES & CHILDREN'S MANTLES Made up in the latest styles, and are offered at such prices as will command a sale. The Gentlemen's Waterproof Scarbord's, Etc, • v Are made from best selected Patters to suit all buyers. WATEEPROOF LEGGINS, GAITERS, OVERALLS, CARRIAGE AND TRAVELLING I RUGS, Etc., in large variety. Wholsale and Retail. An Inspection Solicited. PLEASE NOTE THE ONLY ADDRESS— I fVV The Southern Rubber Company 80, HIGH STREET, PONTYPRIDD. X >4 «.V' 7='" ,a. PIANOFORTES! GREAT REDUCTION IN pRICES FOR THE COMING SEASON. BEVAN & CO., LIMITED, u r CARDIFF FURNISHIERS, Having made special arrangements with the Manufacturers for a oontinuous supply of the CELEBRATED THIRTY GUINEA IRON FRAMED, BRASS PIN-PLATE WALNUT AND GOLD PIANOFORTE (Ten Years' Warranty) WILL SELL THIS SPLENDID INSTRU MENT At the Remarkably Low Price of TWENTY FIVE GUINEAS. « The Magnificent Overstrung 'King of All Pianofortes,' FORTY GUINEAS. This grand instrument is fully equal to those often sold at Sixty Guineas each. FURN!TURE!FURN!TURE As the Largest Furnishers in this part of the Kingdom, B. and Co. supply every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, &c., At prices far and away below those of their competitors i ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS. jQELIVERY F R E E l BEVAN & CO I If'< I Cardiff, Newport and Ponlypool. .J ESTABLISHED 37 YEARS IN CARDIFF qpHE JjOUBLE gECRET "^JETHOD OF ^ITTING rJlEETH By R.JB. Boulton, Dental Surgeon, 8, Newport-road, Cardiff; 664, Harrow-road, London and High- street, Merthyr, Greatly surpass all other systems, the greatest advancement ever made in dentistry. Cannot be obtained elsewhere. Misfitted sets re-fi|ted. No advanoe n pri s. Teeth from 6s; Sets, £ 2 10s to £ 20. Have no'others. R B. BOULTON. ENGLISH ANDJA MERICAN DENTAL SURGEON, ACTON HOUSE ROATH ROAD, (OPPOSITE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE), Having b&.d great experience both in English and American systems of Dental practice, is enabled to give to his patients the benefit of such .experience in a manner which but very few Dentists can offer; and being the Inventor of the PiAent Composition, by which only a perfect impression of the mouth can be obtained he is enabled &0 supply beautifully fitting Artificial Teeth of Guaranteed Workmanship, of natural appearance, and which defy detection. No Rubbish of any kind. 3R. T±! iLiI .A. BLE TEETH- PARTIAL SETS •«» From 5s. to 30s. each. LETS UPPER OR LOWER From 50s. to 20 iuineas. Invention of the Al Amalgam Stopping as usual by the best Denti" n Europe and America, .a- TEET^ SAVED BY FILLINGS WHICH LAST FROM 10 to 50 S AT MODERATE FEES. Nitrous Oxide Gas Administered daily at Cardiff by the Best and Safest Method. REPAIRS EXECUTED PROMPTLY ON OUR OWN, OR UPON WORK MADE BY OTHER DENTISTS. Extract From the Chronicle," December 24th. The work of the well-known Dental Surgeon, Mr. R. B. Boulton, of Acton House, Cardiff, is very highly finished, and is the best work we have ever seen." HOME ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM 10 TO 5. 13 EECHAM'S PILLS. D 0EKCHAM'S PILLS. SEECHAM'S PILLS. 3 Worth a Guinea a úX. 4BECHAMS PILLS. 9 For Bilious Attacks. :>EECHAM'S PILLS 3 For Nervous Disorders. C ts BEECHAM'S PILLS B For Indigestion in all its forms. BtfiECHAM'S PILLS For Wind and Pains in the Stomach. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Sick Headache. PILLS BEECHAM'S PILLS Have saved "the lives of Thousands. BEECHAM'S PILLS For Giddiness. BEECHAM'S PILLS B For Fulnessrand Swellings after meala. BEECHAM'S PILLS B Are Worth a Guinea a Box. BEECHAM'S PILLS! jD A Wonderful Medicine for Females of all Ages. BEECHAM'S PILLS B Are adapted for Old and Young. OEECHAM'S PILLS For Dizziness and Drowsiness. DEECHAM'S PILLS For Colds, Chills, Flushings of Heat. BEECHAM'S PILLS Will restore the Rosebud of Health to all who uRe them. 1DEECHAMT PILL D For CopMyeaess and Scurvy. DEECHAM'S PILLS — For Blotches on the Skin. DEI.CHA'MS PILLS For Disturbed Sleep and Frightful Dreams. BEECHAM'S PILLS B Are the Best Medicine for Female Complaints. IDEECHAM'S PILLS The First Dose gives Belief in T wenty Minutes. B EECBAM'S PILLS Are the Finest Medicine in the World OEECHAM'S PILLS For Siok Headache. OEECHAM'T PILLS B Are recommended by Medical Men. BEECHAM'S PILLS Q Have the Largest Sale of any Patent Medicine in the World. OEECHAM'S PILLS B Are sold by all Patent Medicine Dealers. BEECHAM'S PILLS gEF-CHAMS PILLS BEECHAM'S *TOOTH PASTE Will Reoommend Itself. IDEECHAM'S TOOTH PASTE B Is efficacious and economical. OEECHAM'S TOOTH PASTE. B Cleanses the teeth and parfamesthe breath OEECHAM'S TOOTH PASTE — In Collapsible Tubes, Is each. 'J jgEECHAM'S PILLS V BEECHAM'S TOOTH PASTE Sold Everywhere. Prepared only bv the Prcprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St Helens, Lancashire THE PUBLIC HEALTH to of the utmost importance. Nothing can pre serve it like HXJQHKS' E JOOD PILLS. Try a box B hem, and you will beo< nvinced of their marvellou influence for all Blood, Skin, and Nerve diseases Pnoe Is. lid, %). Pd-jand 4s..6d Of all madidn renuora THE "CHRONICLE -1' -.r: IS THE 0 2sT L IT FA-npy R i "I Containing FULL REPORTS of LOCAL EVENTS Small Prepaid Advertisements. > I > Words. Once. Three Six times, times. 20 Words 0 6 1 0 1 6 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 0 40 Words 1 0 0 3 3 Each extra 10 words 0 3 6 9 These charges apply only to the classes of advertisement specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for consecu- tive insertion, and paid for previous to insertion. If either of these conditions is not complied with the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale:— APAKTMENTS WANTED APARTMENTS TO LET ARTICLES LOST ARTICLES FOUND BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL BUSINESSES WANTED HOUSES TO LET HOUSES WANTED I HOUSES TO BE SOLD | MISCELLANEOUS WANTS MISCELLANEOUS SALES PARTNERSHIP WANTED SITUATION WANTED SITUATIONS VACANT. ;5 FOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."—Clarke's world famed Blood Mixture is warranted to cleansethe blood from all impurites, from wl atever oauce rising. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, akin, and bloed diseases, pimples aad soras of all kinds, its effects are marvellous. 1 hoasands of testimon. ials. In bottles 2s 9d and lid e&ch, of all cbemititB Proprietors Lincoln and Midland Counties x/rag Co., Lincolu Ask for Clarke's Blood Mixture nd do not e persuaded to take an imitation