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NOTICE t it AND W. HILL, TAFF STREET, PONTIPB IlDjD'. Still carry on business as PRACTICAL MAKERS OF HAND-SEWN BOOTS AND SHOES. THE ONLY PLACE IN TOWN FOR REPAIRING. The best place for Boote requiring te be fitted with Corks, Steels, &0. "GET YOUR HAIR CUT." And then Buy one of p B A N K T H 0 mC s's V8 to Date Stylish Hats. You will be surprised what a differenee it will make in your appearance. PUT YOUR HEAD IN ONE OF FRANK THOMAS'S HATS and you will find Quality, Durability and Economy—three things that will commend themselves to all thrifty people requiring a strong serviceable Hat or Cap for the ensuing Winter Season. CAPS CAP ILL YOU EVER SAW, go Neat and Stylish, So Becoming, v j And yet so remarkly Cheap. "YOU MAY WINK THE OTHER EYE," „ But be sure and keep one on this:- §gc WHEN YOU WANT a Stylish Hat or Cap to Well, Wear Well, and Look Well Don't hesitate, but hurry up to FRANK THOMAS'S where your Head is Fitted, Pocket Suited, aud Taste Consulted. NOTE—For Smart Xmas Hosiery go to JpRANKlJHOMAS, MY HOSIER, MY HATTER, MY TAILOR. 90a, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Trapnell and Gane, CA RDIFF. The Oldest, The Largest, The Cheapest, The Most Reliable HOUSE FURNISHERS Possessing a Seventy Years Reputation Which placed them above the necessity of resorting to the many fictitious means now nsdd by third rate houses to attract Attention. They invite a visit to their Showrooms (over 500 feet in length) where all goods are MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES, go that the public may judge the truth ot the assertion that we hold a LARGER stock KJ- AT LO-WER prices THAN ANY OTHEfl FIRM. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE (The Largest in Wales), FREE ON application. TRAPNELL AID CANE, 85 & at;, Queen Street, r-. t, CARDIFF. ADu at, Newport and Bristol Are you Open to Buy in the Best Market? IF SO, We want a word with you. r HERE IS OUR CARD:— MASTERS & COMPANY, I Clothiers, Hatters, and Hosiers, (OF CARDIFF)—LOCAL BRANCHES:— 80 TAFF STREET & 24 MARKET SQUARE PONTYPRIDD. i Now, Sir, we want to bring before your notice the extraordinary value we offer in all departments. We have goods to suit all classes of the community, and are able to sell them at such prices as to defy competition. Being the largest buyers of clothing in Wales and the West of England, we can, and do sell at ridiculously low prices. All we ask you to do is to give us a trial, and then compare the value and judge for yourselves. If you will kindly favour us with a call we cannot fail to please you. Our establishments in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Merthyr, Pontypridd, Hereford, Aberdare, Pontypool, Ab ergavenny and Llanelly are well known, and it will pay you to give us a call at any of these places when you are open to purchase anything in the way of clothing. '¡J" *y .J \í' 1 — ————————————————— —————————————————————— CARDIFF. 4B Registered Trade Mark. I i I CARDIFF. JOHN JAMES AND CO, Opening of New Premises. We are now showing in our NEW SHOW ROOMS" a charming variety in All the Leading Novelties, for "Autumn and Winter Wear. Some great Bargains in the following Departments:- The Newest Cloth Jackets with Capes, at 8s lid, 10s lid, 12s lid, and 15s lid each Ditto, very rich Tailor-Made Jackets trimmed with For, latest models, at 15s lid, 21s lid, and 25s lid each; very special value, fit guaranteed. Ladies' Cloth Capes in Black and olours, very special, engaged models, at 15s lid, and 21s lid each. An enormous selection of Real Seal Jackets, the latest shapes. Every Garmen t guaranteed to be free from Moth and the finest-selected skin -first choice. Fur Boas, Capes, Collarettes, Muffs, &c. The new short fur-lined Cape, the latest novelty, at 49s lid and 59s lid each. Very special. The Largest and choicest assortment of French and English (trimmed and untrimmed) Millinery out ot London. Our Popular fancy dress department.-We shall show some very choice Fabrics at Is 6td and Is llfd per yard, double width. Engaged designs. Patterns cut. Special lines in the Silk Department, Black and Colours. Special offer in Blankets, Flannels, and Flannelettes, much below manufacturers prices I Lot 1. 10s 4d cloth blankets at 6s lid, 8s lid and 10s lid pair Lot 2. 10s 4d Witney Blankets at 6s lid, 8s lid, and 10s lid pair. A lot of Eider Down Quilts, at 15s lid, 21s lid, and 25s lid each, Real Welsh Flannel (White), (fd, 6td, 8fd, and 1W per yard. Our well-known Hand-loom Welsh Flannel at 15ld per yard. The best oth in the trade. A lot of long lace Curtains, at Is llfd, 2s llfd, 3s llid, and 4s lljd per pair. Yery I Special. A large stock of Flannelettes in Plain Colours and Fancies, at 2fd, 3d, & 4fd pr yard A very special line in Printed Flannelette for Dressing Gowns, Fast Colours 6#d per yard. Patterns cut Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloths, Rugs, Squares, etc. Several lots to be offered at a very low price. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS. Bvery article throughout the Stock marked in Plain Figures at the Lowest Price for Ready Money. An experienced Staff of Dressmakers on the Premises. OJHAJElGrES MODERATE.) JOHN JAMES & COMPANY, 28, 29 & 30, High Street, & 30, 32, & 34, Castle Arcade, Or rdiff. Reaowned for fashionable G-oods. The best artitie at the efwest price. FRED JUDD, Complete FUKSRAL Fwrnisher^ Evary requisite for Funerals of all clasmbJS Hearse, Shellibier, and Mourning Coa«hes smj plied, and every necessary equipment for P«a«3g .Price List en application. Please note the across— 20, PARK-ST., TREFOREST Near the T.V.R. Station. A ekoiee selection of artificial wreaths alwarf kept in 8beck, at reasonable prioes. CYCLES. 1893. CYCLBS. s. HILL, I I Plumber, Crank & Electric. Bellhanger, GAS AND WATER FITTER APPLY— BERt ROAD OR TAFF STREETJMTYPMDD. Repairs promptly attended to and Estimates Given. JJAILWAY HOTEL, STATION Â. PPROACII CARDIFF. i CESTKSL COFFEE TAVERI, sri IARY. ST. GOOD REFRESHMENT AT MODERATE PRICES. Diners torn 6d. Beds from is. Also MARINER," 106, BUTE ST., DOCKS in ANCHOR," 30, CUSTOM HOUSE ST. -Au- -A.- IBR^r^JBT PROPRIETOR. pONTYPRIDD JEJOUSE pROPERTY AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED, TOWN HALL CHAMBERS, PONTYPRIDD. DIRECTORS MR. JAMES ROBERTS, C.C., Taff Vale House, Treforest, Chairman. MR. GEORGE KNILL, Tonypandy, Vice- Chairman. J MR. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR.THOMAS JONES, Glenview, Pontywidd MR. RICHARD LEWIS, C.C., Tonypandv. MR. THOMAS THOMAS, Central Cottage Rhydfelen SouciroBs.—Messrs SPICKETT & SONS, I Court House, Pontypridd. ) Srcbexaet.—MR. H. S. DA VIES. OmcES.—Town Hall Chambers, Pontypridd. This Company is prepared to receive Deposits t of £ 10 and upwards, re-payable at Three Months j Noti<|fc and to bear Interest at the rata of Four „ Poanas per Centum per Annum, payable Half- i yearly. Apply to t is Secretary as above 1. 1 'i THE PONTYPRIDD J • i "Chronicle" HAS A LARGER CIROULATIOM Than any local paper serving the Diatnet. If Advertisers doubt this statement let fcheai mk an investigation for themselves The Chronicle is far and aw ty before any looa Mpe is the quantity and ▼&riet|r'of|ita|newg'aad Iho effectiveness of its advertising]