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OBO&OII« EMRINW POTMT-DXIXICK I T Brynhyfryd, Aberavon, Glam., Jan. 31, 1887. DXAB SIB, Three years agi one of my little boys, who had been convulsed for about seven weeks, was twice given up by the doctor attending, when, as a last resource, I telegraphed for a supply of your Powders. The effect of gtving him one was indeed, vuurvellous, n less than twelve hours he was free from fits, anfi has never had one since. I needn't tell you I always keep a stock in hand, and should feel obliged by yonr sending me another packet. -stamps enclosed. If ours faithfully, K. W. LLOYD. Mr B A George, Ac. ,i t :iiiu■ OPINIONS or THE PRESS. 1 [. í BABIES IN HEREFOBMHJRZ.—The Begistrar- Genera), in his recently issued "Quarterly returns," refers to the fact that the number of deaths of in- fanta has been far less in Herefordshire than in any other county, being only 65 out of every 1,000 I births registered, while in other counties it ran from 154 tc 180 per thousand. This great local £ 1,000 REWARD a$" f f* r h ft: c. V« #>•"•» A AvNe •, i ( *'• V ». -vi 1 » k ■-« f w. S •' i » t t > s • .}■ Will be paid to any person that will prove the above Powders contain A Thousandth Part of a, Grain of Opium in a Ton of them. -1' Æ ->c'. <IIIJ/ .,1, The Proprietor guarantees them perfectly harmbss to the youngest babe, And that they are more active than any in the market, one faw and unprejudiced trial will convince the most sceptical. Read the remarkable and interesting testimonials around each packet. For Fits, Convulsions, Inflammation, Looseness of the Bowels, constant Vomitting, Bronchitis, Small Pox, Scarlatina, Measles, Fevers and all the troubles while Teething, they will be found invaluable if given according to the special directions around each Packet. PROPRIETOR & INVENTOR— » A. GEORGE Manufacturing and Dispensing Chemist, PENTRE and TON, Rhondda Valley. ,1 blessing is largely due to the general ouetom of Herefordshire mothers giving their 1 of ante "Georsp s infants Powders," or "Europa Life Preservers," of whioh one chemist alone in Here- fordshire (Mr P. Ralph) sells more than aU other babies' preparations put together.—Hertford Journal. 'P' MB B.GBORGK'SMXDICAL PiticrAuATILONL- With all the advantages of wide publioity, articles in them- selves worthloss can have no enduring hold on the pnblie-j last if they be of value, then it only requires to make them known in order to create and maintain for them the advantages of public demand. This has been the case pre-eminently with Mr George's Medical Preparations—notably his Europa's Infant Powders, which have found their way throughout the United Kingdom, the English Colonies, and the United States, and are appreciated by all heads of families who administer them to their little ones. Mr George, having found a remedy for the many ailments incidental to infante, deserves the acknowledgement of the public for his enterprise in making his preparations known, and we are glad to hear that in addition to the gratification be must feel by the many testi monials he receives of the efficacy of his Infants' Powders and Cough Balsam, his commercial re- ward is secured.—Merthyr Telepraqph, May 11,1887. i W E. VAUGEAN & CO. STEAl DIEIIG AID SCODBIHG IOUS, LLANDAFF ROAD, CARDIFF. Branch Establishments 77, CrookherbWwn, and 248, Bute-st., Cartiff. 52, Commercial-street, and 83, High-street, Newport. 27, C as tie-street, Swansea. Agtnf, frr the Rhondda Valley:- Mr. J. H. THOMAS, Tailor & Draper, Hannah-street, Porth. "V j: r i I LAW 01' DISTRESS AMENDMENT Aer 1388. IMPORTANT TO LANDLORDS. WILLIAM SPENCE, House Agent and Rent Collector, BEGS to inform the public generally, that ha has been appointed to Levy Distresses lor Rents in England and Wales. Forms for autho Tising a distress kept on hand. RESIDENCE-28, Mill Street, Pontypridd. HERNE BROTHERS. I ..DBAPERS' ■ ————————— '( '( 51l :'(\ > QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, :i/(! .ri ABE NOW SHOWING J; ilh; u A Grand Assortment of .1 i.¡ J:: 0 -S NEW Sprins* G-cods I JL Which for QUALITY and STYLE will compare favourably with any ether First-Class Drapery Establishment. Their Long- Experience in the Trade zn Enables them to offer their customers macy advantages. f,c .¡- Tile Patronage of those not already Customers Respectfully Solicited. PROMPT AND CAREFUL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL OELEES. PATTERNS POST FREE. TERMS—CASH. ( India Rubber! Waterproof! AN OILSKIN, WAREHOUSE. <j\3' Surplus Stock of Ladies' and Gentlemen's W aterproofs, Cons-isting of Ladies Dolmans, Princesses, and other styles of Newest Patterns, Gentlemen's Invernesses, Coats with Capes, Waterproof Leggings, Carriage Rugs, &c., &c. To be cleared d-tirincr the whole of this f. Month at Reduced Prices. An assortment of Children's Mantles Also Boys' and Youths' Coats at Cost Prices. SOUTHERN RUBBER CO., 80, High Street, Pontypridd. SPECIAL LO-VT- PRIOE LIST 4 OF OUR — Steam Engine and Hydraulic Paokings and Asbestos I Goods r, V: ;> -'— Hayelock Steam & Hydraulic Packing1 Co., HAVELOCK WORKS, COVENTRY. Soapstone or Chalk Packing (best) in quantities of I cwt. 61d per lb. ty under (Containing best Cotton and Chalk) HydraDlicPackiBg round 8d square 9d „ r ^T- Tu- • •• with Rabbei coie 104d, „ Is -this is an excellent Steam Packiag. Asbestos and Soapstone Packing Is 6d r" Asbestos Block Packing Od, Asbestos Rolled Cloth Packing 3s Od Asbestos and hubber Sheet and Tape "• 2s Sd » » with wire Q„ aj Asbestos Millboard 7*j j Core Packing (Tuck's) i8 Any other descriptions of Packings, &c., not stated in this List we shall be glad to quote for on receipt of Samples. For Durability and Strength our Packings are equal to the best in the Market, and our Prices are Lower than those of any other Manufacturer. TERMS-One Month, less 21 per cent. discount. PIease-compare onr prices with other Firms. j • ISSRS- Lloyd & Williams Beg respectfully to announce that they have OPENED BUSINESS AS AUCTIONEERS ■ Yalners, Accountants, &c. And they are now prepared to conduct sales of FARMING STOCK, PROPERTY, FURNITURE, &c. ;,0.' 'r. Further particulars obtained on application. Hawthorn, Pontypridd. PHILLIP -q. JAMES PONTYPRIDD AND RHONDDA VALLEY. Billposter and Town Crier RENTS ALL THE PRINCIPAL POSTING STATIONS IN PONTYPRIDD AND RHONDDA VALLEY. HORSES and TRAPS kept for Hire. PIANOFORTE ON HIRE. Offices Tyfica Road, Poatypridd. THE THIRTEENTH ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD AT SALEM, LLANTWIT FARDRE, Will take place on GOOD FRIDAY, 1 8 8 9. Adjudicators—Compositions and Recitations- Rsv. B. Evans (Telyufab), Gadlvs, Aberdare; Music—Mr Dan Davies, A.C., Dowlais. Accom- panist-Professor E. P. Mills. There will be a CONCERT in the evening. For furthur particulars apply to the Secretary, T. WILLIAMS, Maesyffynon, Llantwit Fardre, E' ft • cllieloai BeTartge »nd Tonio made from Port Win* i Extraoi ol Meat *.nd Exlraot of Malt; jiotrlUon? iteA&yiheaing, Stimalating, Flanh-formnn, H»allh n-iotina •uiubi* lor th« Ecbut in Health as «n u ivl »»•"»»» H OU X" fmmHt. t !mr-0rt&nt unsollolted. Teitlmbnlal fron; fc HOPKINS, Esq., L.R.C.P., L.F.P.S. tTandrf.<J« fciTcbMB t.iT.. frelll NTtdlca] M<t. SG., Alton ttoad, N., Birminfhaia, Daoambar lfth 1888. DRAX 81:&8,-1 beg to aokaowledga receipt of sample of Extract ol Meat and Malt Wiae," »i„ on A you MM I sherl time back. I bare now Quito Twantv Pattanta iiktng'it, and ai a flegh-lorming, and atrength prodaoing <M.t,.» ooMider It second to none, being eqHallj ai*fu! *i] form* ol dsbihty, Yours laithfuJly, EDWARD HOPKINS, I UeiKti. Coleman A Co, L.B.C.P., Ijf P S. ■old by all Draggiits, Wine Merchant*, an* Patent Medi fee vendor* m the Umtyd Kingdom, in Bottlae Sa M and t«. Od. aaoh. Ask for COLEMAN'S IJIEBIG'STEXTRACT 3F MKAT AND MALT WINE, and "tee that yon get it." 1 ik.r. it any difficulty ID ga«ins the Wine, mite Airact to the Manulacturert, whe witi forwui .1. Pint BotUe free by Post on receipt tf H Mmct. X)oxim r "Bail „ too. SOLS CO., St. rr Sold by D. ARNOTT, Chemist, Pontypridd. MADE WITH BOILING WATER, E P P S'S QRATEFUL-COMPORDNQ. COCOA MADE WITH BOILING MM*. v. Messrs JOHN THOMAS & MORGAN Auctioneers, Accountants, Valuers, Estate and Insurance Agents. STRICT ATTENTION TO BUSINESS. OFFICES > ;• Market Street, PONTYPRIDD. "Gone in the Twinkling of an Eye. WHAT'S GONE ? WHY THE PAIN. Try the new Chemioal Discovery— "Chloro Mentho Campbo Paint." A positive cure for all excruciating Nerve Pains. Try « Chloro. Mentho.Campho.PMnt. Instant Cnre for Toothache. Try "Chloro-Mentho- Campho-Paint." A Certain Cure for Neuralgia. The Best Remedy yet introduced for the above Complaints. The Proprietor respectfully Solicits a Trial of this Wonderful remedy by thoto who are sufferers. Immediate and positive cure is within the reach of all. TRY ONE BOTTLE. Sold in Bottles at 9id each, or direct from the Proprietor, Id extra. SOLE MAXEB- BEES, i Chemist (By examination), 21, CowbridgeRoad, (Opposite Sophia Gardens), CARDIFF. Sold by all respectable Chemists. THE PUBLIC HEALTH Is of the utmost importance. Nothing can pre. serve it like HUGHES' BLOOD PILLS. Try a box of them, and you will be convinced of their marvellous influence for all Blood, Skin, and Nerve diseases, nee Is. l^d, 2s. 9d.. and 4s. 6d. Of all medicine vendors. — » _J D- RICHTElt"a PAIfi -fXPELLER Tra(" "COMET" the (juickest & safest reintidy for RHEUMATISM, 60m J^mbago S^lgJCIIiTS, Has brought S C I,A TIC A., relief and cure even SPRAINS, in cases of old standing. COLDS, A trial will prove its unsur- .te. Passed effbacy. 1/lJ & 2/9, of all Chemists, or Post Free 1/3 & 3/ from London Depot, o5, Fenchurch-St., E.C. Wy# Beware of Substitutes bearlng, a similar Title. To* tka BLOOD a THN Ian. "-Clarke.. world, naiad Blood Mixture is warranted to cleanse the bloou from all impurities, from whatever cause aris- ing. For Scrofula, Scurvv, jBSczema, skin and blood diseases, and sores of all kinds, its effects are marvel- lous. Thonsands of testimonials. In bottles, 2s. 9d. and 11s. each, of all Ckemists. Proprietors,Lincoln and Midland Counties Drag Company, Lincoln. Ask for Clarke's Blood Mixtare, and do not be persuaded to take an imitation. I CURE FITS When I say cure, I do not mean merely to stop them for a time and then have them return again. I mean a radical cure. I have made the disease of FITS, EPILEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. Because others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a Treatise and a Free Bottle of my infallible remedy. Give Address in full. It costs you nothing for a trial and it will cure. Address- Du. H. G. ROOT, 73, Farringdon Street, London." CONSUMPTION; fjo iiave a positive remedy for the above disease f by its ue 'lousands of cases o-f the worst kind and ol long standu* >.«va been c-sd. Indeed, so strong is my faifl* its effictu*. trut I will send TV j BOTTLKS FREE, together witlit vALuABLE TllEATlSE on Btiis diseas# to any suffers. Give address in full DR. T. A. SLOCUH- •>. Warn "frl^OlL farrmgdon Street, Loudon. IF YOU WANT Posters, Circulars, Programmes, And all kinds of General Work WELL AND CHEAPLY PRINTED, Go to the OHRON IOLE" Office, PONTYPRIDD. I CORNS! CORNS! f; timj U VIRIDINE- (Registered Trade Mark No. 36996. A. Certain Cure for Corns. PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. CORNS II CORNS I CORNS! CORNS I CORNS t CORNS I CORNS CORNS! CORNS CORNS CORNS I CORNS 1 CORNS I CORNS I CORNS! CORNS I CORNS! CORNS! CORNS! CORNS CORNS! CORNS! This infallible remedy introduced by J. MUNDAY has obtained a world-wide reputation. The efficacy of YIRID1NB" may be jndged by its having Cured Corns of over 50 years' standing, wnich had resis- ttd all other remedies. It succeeds where all Plasters and Caustics have failed IN REMOVING BOTH HARD OR SOFT CORNS AND WARTS. IESTIMONIALS. From Mr C. LANE, Board Schools, Heb- burn Colliery, Newcastle-on-Tyne. One bottle of your Viridine entirely removed three corns of ten years' growth for me, and a friend of mine who has suffered a martyrdom for years, whom I got another bottle for from you, is now perfectly cured; one cannot help telling people about it, it is such a reliable remedy VICTOR DE LORE, Primo Tenore, Gaiety Theatre, London, witter :— I am pleased to confirm the advertised qualities of Munday's Viridine." In my case it certainly has succeeded where all caustics and plasters have failed in remov- ing corns. I shall deem it a duty to reoom- mend it to all sufferers, especially artistes, to whom plasters, &c., are inconvenient, and, to my experience, ineffective. I CAUTION.—As there are several imi- tations of this preparation, the public are requested to ASK FOR MUNDAY'S V I R I D I N E." And SEE THAT MY SIGNATURE is on the end of each package. By ordering Corn Cure' you may receive one of the many so-called rem- edies' which only give relief, or some worthless imitation of Viridine ;IN BOTTLES, PRICE Is.; BY POST, Is. 2d. PREPARED ONLY BY J. M U N DAY, CHEMIST, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. Sold by all Chemists. G U .ARDI.AN Plate Glass Insurance Company, Limited. Establised 1863. Capital £ 25,000. This Conpany insures all kinds of Plate and t. other Glass against malicious or accidental Breakage. Moderate Rates of Premium. Replacements promptly executed. Paid Losses Exceed £ 120,000. Prospectus, &c., on application to Local Agent, Mr John Fisher Seal, Bankruptcy Accountant, &c., 12, Middle Taff Street, Merthyr Tydfil. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. A- Of FLOWERS, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, Ac., will be held 1 AT PONTYPRIDD On the First MONDAY in August. Full Particulars in due course. .t.' "t ••'kk't M.Ki>lC\Ai. AimaKfc. f,'r t' Jr-i/tme/'t of Atrvoux ind /'uwc- tioixil ji!merits. ii tii,ce<r bo Overwork. Wnrry, v ana othere/u i-> atitig injtuenves. arid their ,4 liY "1 UK KV^ inc.ll, IKiiA 1M KV f. R" f\ s "A to all ueoritiK 'teli-cure' »uhoat J lbe Fal" voun(ro ji .rson writes thus.—" Youi iruitfe r n WaJS lias cured uiyseif and uiany parisiiioLcTi, *2 £ Tv- g Pi>st Free, with Sketches and Detail* fur$r?f-Oure \X- } tu ruler cov<rj, Six SUt -mj jte yrom J. WILLIAM*. Medical I'ubliMjtr No. 22, MARIsOH a L sjT ABkiWEEiv, EStoSiyi IMPORTANT. This brochure gives intact "The Guaianteed Treatment," as advocated by 400 distinguished medical and other authorities, and protected by Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, of dates 1857 aud 1872. Sufferers should procure this handy Referee on Nervous Ailments, and thus avoid doctors' fees and objectionable medicine.-Gazette. Vide MEDICAL ADVISER. CASBUBY'S COCOA is absolutely pure and untampered with. It has stood the keenest analytical tests, and consists solely of the concentrated extract of the Cocoa bean, the flavour being developed and the aroma improved by a special process of roasting. GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. For the Cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Hoarse- ness, Wheeling, Influenza, Spitting of Blood, Con- sumption, Bronchitis, Whooping Oough, Difficulty of Breathing, and all Affections of the Chest and Lungs. Extraordtoary Care of a Cough of Six Years' standing, declared before a Commis- sioner to Administer Oaths iu the Saprciae Court of Judicature, England. T HENRY JAMES GAM MAGE, of 116 & 117, J.9 Widemarsh-atreet, in the City of Hereford! Contractor & Decorator, do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:- 1. About 8 years ago I had asevere attack of rheu matio fever, from whioh, when I had recovered, I had a bad oough,and the medical man who atttendecl me, who is one of the Visiting Surgeons to the Hereford Infirmary, informed me that I never could be thoroughly cured from it. 2. From that timeuntil about two years ago I have suffered more or less from the same cough, whioh at times was worse than at others. I especially was affected by it in the mornings when I got up, when sometimes I coughed until I was almost suffocated and I thought I should be stifled. 3. During those years I consulted several medi- cal men, from following whose advice I obtained no relief, and I have taken various patent medicines -vith the same result, and I had given ap all hope of alleviating the cough. 4. About two years ago I was recommended by a friend to buy a bottle of George's Cough Balsam, a And although I had no faith in ita proving emoa. oious, I gave way to my friend's importunities, and purchased a bottle. 6. From the First Bottle of George's Cough Balsam, I took I felt greatly relieved, and I bought another bottle, whioh I took, and which effectually cared my oough, and since that time I have had no return of the cough. 6. If I find I have taken cold I take a dose ot the Balsam as a preventative, and I am now, and have been since I took George's Cough Balsam, As free from Cough as I ever was in my life. And I make a solemn declaration, conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of an Act made and passed in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of his late Majesty King William IV, intituled "An Act to repeal an Act of the present Session of Parliament, intituled An AFF! 6 more effectual Abolition of Oaths and ^Jncma JOU taken aad made in various departments of t e State, and to substitute Declarations in lieu thereof, and for the more entire suppression of voluntary and extrajndicial Oaths and Affirmations, and to make other provisions for the abolition of unnecessary Oaths." Taken and declaied at 16, Bedford-row, in the County of Middlesex, this 9th day of October, 1880, before me, C. LOCKE MOLES, a Commissioner to Administer Oaths, Supreme Court of Judicature. HY. SMITH GAMMAGE. Mr B. A. George.-Dear Sir,-Please send me three gross of Cou^h Balsam at once, as I shall be quite out in a few days. The sale doring the present winter has been the greatest I have yet had, as many as thirty bottles having been purchased ac my shop in a day. Tais has been caused entirely •f reoommendation of those who have tested *«« vmLtIKjjr • I am, dear sir, yours faithfully, PHILIP RALPH, I T v<' High Town, Hereford, January 17, 1886. î.1'\ CAUTION. The Public are particularly reouested to observe that the words "GEORGE'S OOUGH BALSAM" are stamped on each Bottle. None are Genuine without. The "COUGH BALSAM" will be found pecu. harly serviceable for liELIEVIiVG ALL PAD9S from whatever cause arising, such as TOOTH- ACHE, EARAOHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST 0& BOWELS, DIARBHCEA, &0., &0. Sold in Bottles, at lilt and 2/9 each, by most Chemists and Medicine Vendors in the World. No. 1, Ash-terrace, Pentre Ystrad, „ „ Bhagfyr 20, 1883.. Anw71 syr.—Y mae genyf yr hyfrydwoh tnawr o ddwyn tystiolaeth wirioneddol o werthfawrogrwydi eich COUGH BALSAM. Bum yn dioddef am lawer o amser oddiwrth anwyd yo fy mrest, fel yr oeddwn yn boenus i mi fy hunan gan y pesweh, byrdra anadl, crygni, poeri gwaed, methu gorwedd vn y gwely, methu cerdded, mewn gwirionedd, methu gwneyd dim ond eistedd yn y cornel, a hyny yn ddigon poenna lawer pryd. Ond trwy drugaredd, rhyw noawaith daeth oyfaill i edryoh am danaf, a gofynodd a oeddwn wedi treio George's Cough Bal- sam. Atebais na, a dywedodd wrthyf am wneyd prawf arno, ac y buasai yn sior o wneyd Iles i mi. Felly, penderfynais ei threio, ao y mae yn dda gonyf allu dweyd i mi gael esmwythad rhyfeddol trwyddo, ac yn ol fy marn i, nid oes dim gyffelyb iddo at yr ftnhwylderau uchod. Yr eiddoch, JOHN JONHS. Parotowyd yn unig gan B. A. George, "Medieal Hall," Pentre, ao ar werth yn mhob man mewa boteladPam lilt a 2/9 y hotel. B. A. GEORGE, I i'l 'M MEDICAL HALL. PENTRE, PONTYPRIDD, Glamorganshire* ( I