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LEMON'S NEW .PATENT Chaff Cutters Should be seen by all Buyers before purchasing any other. No Jointed Spindles, no complicated parts, one quarter of the gearing, twice the strength, takes less power, impossible to choke, and sold at the same prices as old complicated machines. A large stock of Second-hand Chaff Cotters, very cheap. Portable and Vertical Engines, New and Second-hand, and every ImpleBcent and Machine in the Market. £ T LEMON & SONS The Hayes Engteeering forks, Ui gm CARDIFF. —J Pontypridd Ladies' School FRONOLEU HOUSE, GELLTWASTAD ROAD. Principals. Tit Misses REES. Highest Beferencee. Prospectus on Appli- cation. Vacancy for two Weekly Boarders. i r.t Private Lessens given in any of the Accomulishmen t,R. Next Term commences January 21st, 1889. Trapnell and Gane, THE COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, v; AT,. .1 35 A 38, QUEEN STREET, O A R D I F F, Whose businecs has developed to an un- exampled extent during the past year. Are now showing a greatly increased stock of COTTAGE FURNITURE AT panSTREET.C ARDIFF QUEEN STRUTI which is conveniently placed EXACTLY OPPOSITE their extensive Show- I room for v ARTISTIC, MIDDLE & HIGH (LASS FURNITURE I »t J«. 38. ripmrr QUEEN STREET, VJnttLrir I This arrangement enables TRAPNELL A GANE to meet the requirements of all classes, and to display a stock which for VARIE MAGNITUDE, ARTISTIC EFFECT, AND SUBSTANTIAL MAKE IS UNEQUALLED IN SOUTH WALES. 1 We invite purchasers to walk through our extensive Showrooms, and compare OUR PRICES with those of other firms. To facilitate this comparison ALL GOODS ARE MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES See advertisement on inside page for fuller particulars. TRAPNELL AND CANE, The old establised House Furnishers, 35 & 38, Queen Street, 6 CARDIFF. And at Bristol. Established 70 years • i' NEVER BREAK YOUR WORD TO YOUR BOY! #.i: it-wrl. r. 4, < .(tifta.' ViO 1^ .■ £ c .■ *••• ./• .i v..• »> ••• • .1, rój.htl' 4 i-\ • — 4 i-\ • — ■«. «.,a IF ?OU PROMISE HIM A GOOD DRESSING, TAKE HIM TO i i i ♦ f'ttf'/v.' v. S*. rf.A f *,0' ►. u 1. I ■iHi '••> 1 & *;♦' | M .A ST E KrS &> CO., 'V J 'V J •».JC f :ik» ntt ••• » >1 n: VI. «•; Xuj., # r .And he is Suri? to S&t well-dressed. ,11 r,>K ,'p^il *• T"- ——— ■ ——————, — — 1 i -0" ;,¡ .1;!111«-. :to. "-LIVli ——-MASTERS AND CO."g -,Fos' Suits are cut so as to fit Boys with Comfort, and yet adapted for growth, without having that awkward oppearanoe often observed in Boys' Suite. MASTERS and CO. have a tremendous Stock < ? all kinli of Suits for the Spring and Summer. SPECIAL LINES IN BOYS' SUITS, is Ilid, 2a lid, 49 lld, 5s lid, 6a lid, 7s lid, 8s m, 9s lid. Favoured by the Local and Country Gentry Throughont the Year. —: • j •; Bays' and Youths' Suits kept in Stook to Suit All Classes. 1 • i ) A X J- "V* MEN'S READr-MADE DEPARTMENT. L In this Department they hold an Enormous Stock, made from Cloths SPECIALLY SELECTED, and in Quality, Finish, &c., are in every way equal to these Made to Order. >. t ■ I i i Reid/adf tTrousers, Thonnnds of Pairs dways on Hand, ready for immediate wear 2It lid, as lld, 48 lid, 58 lid, 6s lId,88 9d, 10s 6d, 13s, 15s 6d, 188 6d, 21s 6d. Suits, Coloured Tweeds and Blaok Worsteds, 12s lid, 15s lid, 18s 6d, 21s 6d, 25s 6d, 29i 9d, 868 6d, 42s, 40s 6d, 598 6d. 4^ 'r*'H BESPOKE DEPARTMENT. ? K f » MASTERS and CO. are always adding NIW AND SEASONABLE MATERIALS of Ep^liab, Seoloh, and Irish Ifanufaotare for GENTLEMEN'S TAILORING, all of which are gftaratteed to be FASHIONABLE, DURABLE, and EJONCMIJAL. All Goods thoroughly well-shrunk. Trousedl^to Order 10s 6d, 13", 15a 6d, 188 61, Ile 6i, 24a 6d, 29a 6d. Suits to Ordar: 42s, 49a 6d, 59s 61, 69a 6d, 79i 6d, 89s 6d, 99s 6d. Perfeot fit guaranteed. v' vs. 1 1 f. 1 I I- > »** I f l, f • r>T: ni' y>. :<.[&.?.■ ■-? *v I, .« >n, V • MASTEXiS Jte COMPAlffX, # ) l .THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, ,r. ,J4 F' '# .1; 80, TAFF StIeET, FU5TV It I D D- '.1 "1'\ Also, at 29 & 30, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; 292, Bute-street, Cardiff; 18 & 19, Castle-street, Swansea 39 & 40, High-street, Newport; 124, High-street, Mertbyr 11, High-street, Hereford 11, Canon-street, Aberdare George-street, Pontypool; and 70, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. 'f- v ? V". dU*» £ -Y. 1,.< JOHN JAMES S C OMPANY. ,r ■ 0>' r f '■ -4 < j, v f i -« V 1. 28, 29, & 30, HIGH ST., v. i V )' Registered Trade Mark. '( \1 CVVROIKK. > ,1' J l- I We are now showing the Newest Fashions for Spring and Summer Wear. The largest collection of FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY j OUT OF LONDON. THE LATEST MODELS IN JACKETS, MANTLES, MANTILLAS, v JERSEYS, ETC. A GRAND RANGE OF FAITCY DRESS F .AERIOS The exclusive sale of some of the beat designs is confined to 111 for the Season. A large assortment of all Wool French EMBROIDERED ROBES, In all the new summer tints. Also Blaok. I 'Xjt W* I 1t; THE BEST MAKES IN Black and Coloured Silks, Wear guaranteed. It Special Value in "W ASHING ZEPHYRS, Printed Sateens and Oxfords at 3fd, 4fd and 6fd. Patterns cat and sent post free for comparison. HOUSEHOLD LINENS, jI Long Cloths, etc., at Manufacturer's list prices. Special Valae in J ■> LONG LACE CURTAINS In Eorn and White, at in Ilid, 2s Uld, 88 lljd per pair. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS, IAll goods marked in plain figures, the lowest prices for ready money. Any article bought and not approved will be exchanged or money returned. Experienced Mantle Makers, Dressmakers and Milliners,on the premises. .;w", m JOHN JAMES & Co., THE RENOWNED HOUSE FOR FASHIONABLE GOODS. ,i ) '• THE BEST ARTICLES AT THE LOWEST. PBICES. ',? ■ ,-fX. Q 'yj U.^ ■ .v H'f *■ -N.Y:Vfc •• ♦ — Pontypridd, Llaatrisant, and Rhondda TaOeji pasmirEN: smsfis SUILDiNG SOCIETY. Mtiabluked 1866. IncorporvUd 1874. I DIRECTORS:- ] Stt. THOMAS MORGAN, Y Froa, Pontypridd. (Huratn. { liB. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest, Tifi ohafi* man. 0-7'" MR. JOHN MORGAN, Llaatrisant, > • 1IB. WM. GRIFFITHS, Park House, Oardif liB. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Glaafryn, PontjpridA MR. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR. RICHARD LEWIS, Boot Depdt. Tonyym^h KEV. WM. PARRY, Tag Street, Pontypridd, ^unwyor—MR. T. ROWLAND, PontyprMd. Advancet made en Mortgage in turns corytM v from £ 100 to £ 10,000, Tepuyable in viontMi or quarterly i/.stalment* j MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID B1 THE 80CIBTY. 1 Advance! made on the Shortest Notice. For farther particulars apply to the Seeretacy. I MR H, S. DAVIES, v OLD POST OFFIOE CHAMBERS, r" Pontypridd. PONTYPRIDD HOUSE PROPERTY AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED. OLD POST OFFICE CHAMBERS* PONTYPRIDD. DIRECRORS- MR JAMES ROBERTS, Taff V..Ie House, Tre forest, Chairman- MR GEORGE KNILL, Tonypandy, Viae- hairman. MR RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. MR THOMAS JONES, GHanely, Pontypridd. MR EDWIS PHILLIPS, Pontypridd. MR THOMAS THOMAS, Gwarnyjerwo, Tre- forest Secretary—MR H. S. DA. VIES. Offices—Old Post Oifioe Chambers, Pontypridd. This Company i3 prepared to receive Deposits of i510 and upwards, repayable M Three Mentha* Notice, and to bear Interest at the rate of Four Pounds per Centum per Aaaa n, payalrfe H4f :-i :r Apply to the Secretary as above. *— — ONGERY ïtør CROSS BROTHERS, # FURNISHING A GENERAL IRONMONGERS SEEDSMEN", &c.. • —i- a First Class Good. at Lowest Prices, V FIRBANX KXUC3- Contractor, Undertaker, and Timber Merchant, BEGS to inform the Publio that he has a good jLF Assortment of COFFIN BOARDS AND BUILDING REQUISITES kept in Stock. Jobbing Work punctually attended to. ADDRESS— UNION-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. Cadbcry's absolutely pare Cocoa is mauafactnrecl bv a special process, retaining in a concentrated for at all the flesh-forming constituents and invigorating qualities for which the Cocoa-bean is famed.